Allergy Control Products for Your Home

Allergy Control Products

A main source of allergies can often be found in the everyday items that people use to eat, sleep and play.  But if you think the things you use on a regular basis, such as your bedding, your pillows, your carpets and even your cleaners may be causing your most troublesome symptoms, you can learn more about some of the latest alternatives, which many users say makes a big difference in how they feel on a daily basis. Here is a tour of some of the most popular products to make your house allergy-proof.


Want to fight back against allergens? A good recommendation is to start in the bedroom, where you likely spend a great deal of time. There are a number of trigger points right in your bed that can be quick and easy to address. Here are some allergy control products to consider that will help prevent dust mites from sharing your bed:

  • Mattress casing to keep dust mites away
  • Sheet and pillow covers
  • Dry foam pillow
  • Hypoallergenic sheets and blankets
  • Allergy-resistant curtains
  • Filters for the air vents in your room (if your home has a forced air system)

Living Room

The living room is also an important place where you are apt to spend extended lengths of time. Here are some ways to keep the biggest triggers away so you can enjoy this common space:

  • Vacuum with a HEPA filter
  • Use a vapor steam cleaner for extra power to reduce unwanted offenders
  • Opt for hardwood floors (instead of carpeting)
  • Or, use allergy-removing carpet cleaner if your rugs must stay
  • Use an air purifier to strip out allergens (for best results, this should be in an enclosed area and should be large enough to cover the entire space)

Kitchen, Bathroom and Other Areas

Your kitchen, bathroom, furnace and other areas of your home are places where allergens can breed. Therefore, it is important not to overlook these strategic locations but to incorporate them as part of your allergy-free plan. Here are some things you can use:

  • Environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Humidity gauge to measure dampness in your house
  • Dehumidifier to counteract such damp air and prevent mold
  • Washable furnace filter to help clean air

Shop Smart

You can do a search online to find a variety of allergy control product suppliers.  You can also often find a smaller selection of these types of products in some grocery stores and discount houses. With so many choices available, it can be difficult to select the best fit for your needs. Your allergist will likely be able to provide some recommendations that can help guide your shopping trip. In addition, the experts suggest starting with a few of the most basic items and seeing if these make a difference. You can always upgrade from there. 

Do Your Part

While investing in some basic allergy control products can benefit your health, it is important to point out these tools are a small part of a broader strategy--not a replacement for keeping your home clean but. In addition to taking these extra steps to protect the areas where you live and sleep, you will still need to dust, vacuum, and wash your sheets in very hot water on a regular basis to keep yourself allergy free.