If You Need to Give Up a Pet Due to Allergies

No one wants to give up a pet, but if you're at risk for having a life-threatening allergic reaction, this decision may be inevitable. It's difficult to make this sacrifice, but you can take some of the bite out of the situation by finding the best new environment your animal will thrive.

1. Spread the Word

A good way to find a home for your pet is by spreading the word to family, friends, and coworkers about his availability. Your veterinarian can also be a good resource to connect you with other families who may be interested in adopting a new pet.

2. Advertise Widely

Place an ad in your local newspaper and on area bulletin boards letting others know you have pet allergies and are trying to find a new home for your dog or cat. Include a photo of your pet and add some descriptions of the traits you love the most about her to appeal to potential owners. Consider charging a fee for the animal rather than giving her away. Requiring payment can help to screen out people who aren't ready to make a serious commitment to pet ownership.

3. Contact Local Shelters

If you have a pure bred dog, contact the local rescue organization for your animal's breed and explain that you have to give up a pet because of allergies. Ask if they could help you find a new owner who is qualified to care for him and his needs. If you can't find any breed-specific options or you have an animal that isn't a pure bred, you can also contact local animal shelters or your humane society. Just be sure to pay attention to how well the staff treats their other animals and learn their protocol for finding new homes for their pets. You'll also want to make sure potential new owners are well screened to ensure your pet's well being.

4. Be Proactive

Make the effort to provide neutering, vaccinations, and obedience training for your animal before you give him up, since this can make him easier to place in a new home and can help the transition go more smoothly.

5. Trust Your Intuition

Keep in mind that many people will genuinely love your pet, but there are also those who don't have such good intentions and may not live up to your expectations. Therefore, always follow your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable with a possible owner, don't relinquish the animal into that person's care. If the seriousness of your pet allergies makes it essential to give up your pet immediately, try to convince a friend or relative whom you trust to keep him temporarily. This will buy you some extra time you need to find the best permanent home for him.




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