Allergies - Management

Fibromyalgia and Allergies: Are They Related?

Perhaps you've tried all of the time and your body aches, but your doctor can't find anything specificly wrong with you. If this sounds all too familiar, you could have a chronic condition called fibromyalgia.

Spice it Up for Allergy Relief

Many allergy sufferers are spicing up their treatment by turning to their cupboard for symptom relief.

4 Unusual Allergies

Not all allergies are created equal. Some are a bit weirder than others.

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis: A Deadly Allergy

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis syndrome is a rare allergic reaction that affects a small number of people every year and in some cases, may even be fatal.

Allergy Misdiagnosis: A Very Real Risk

So you have a food allergy. Or at least, that's what you think. But did you know that food allergy misdiagnosis is an extremely common occurrence today? Unfortunately, misdiagnosis possibilities can create confusion when deciding what you can, and cannot, safely eat.

A Real Solution to Sinus and Allergy Misery

World renowned sinus surgeon and Director of New York's prestigious Nasal and Sinus Center, Dr. Jordan Josephson, answers a desperate reader's question about how he can relieve his chronic sinus pain.

Autism and Food Allergies: Is There a Link?

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism and also suffers from food allergies, you may wonder if there s any relationship between these two serious conditions.

Do You Have a Book Allergy?

Reading is a great way to familiarize yourself with a wide range of people and places without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. But if you suffer from allergies, your favorite books may contain mold that can interrupt your mental journey by causing you to cough and sneeze.

Unusual Allergy Facts

Have you ever wondered who discovered allergies or why they only affect certain people? While lots of information is in circulation today about allergies and how and why they're caused, a host of less-known information about this topic also exists and can be quite interesting to explore.

Wake Up to Your Caffeine Allergy

Is a steaming cup of fresh coffee the first thing you reach for every morning? If so, you're certainly in good company. But according to some researchers, if you suffer from a caffeine allergy, your java habit could actually be causing you harm.

Could You Have a Citrus Allergy?

Do you often find yourself feeling ill when you eat certain fruits, vegetables or other foods that are extremely acidic? If so, there could be one of several different culprits to blame. You could have an allergy to citrus or to citric acid, or even to foods that have a high level of acidity.

How to Get Allergy Eye Relief

If your allergies cause your eyes to be red, itchy, and uncomfortable, have no fear. We have tips on how you can get relief.

Top 5 Allergy Myths

With all of the available health information, it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused about what is fact—and what isn't. We've tried to help.

When Summer Allergies Stay All Year Long

If you love the long, warm days of summer, you may wish they would last all year long. But while you can't stop time from moving forward and you can't hold on to the 80 degree temperatures in the dead of February, you may find yourself grappling with your summer allergies long after August has come and gone.

Are You Allergic to the Cold?

Few people enjoy the cold, but for some, it can be downright dangerous. There is actually a condition that causes individuals to have allergic reactions when the temperatures drop—could you have it?

Protecting Kids with Nut Allergies

If your child is allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, even the slightest exposure can put him at risk for a potentially life-threatening reaction—making the safety of his environment critical.

Winter and Indoor Allergies

Allergies don't just happen in the spring and summer, so being prepared for indoor allergies that are common in the winter can help ease your symptoms.

Allergies and Chronic Cough: How Are They Connected?

If you can't shake your cough, allergies may be to blame. Find out how these two conditions are related.

Share Your Story. Become a Health Hero.

Have you or a loved one survived a life-threatening disease? Are you currently struggling with depression, chronic pain, heart disease, or other health-related condition? Have you gone to extraordinary lengths to help someone in a health crisis? If so, we want to hear from you!

Can Food Allergies Lead to Weight Gain?

If you've got a few extra pounds that won't seem to bulge no matter how much you diet and exercise, food allergies could be to blame.

Managing Food Allergies Over the Holidays

Holidays parties are an ideal time to splurge on delicious food--but if you suffer from food allergies, you need to proceed with caution.

Allergies and Sleep: How to Get the Winks You Need

If allergies are impacting your sleep, you can fight back.

Looking Your Best with Nasal Allergies

Manage symptoms so you can show your best face.

Can Eating Rice Keep Allergies at Bay?

A new form of rice may be able to fight allergies and improve your health state at the same time.

Can Allergies Weaken Your Immune System?

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you could be more prone to illness. Find out how to fight back against infection.

Have Food Allergies? Your Cooking Guide

Cooking when you have food allergies is difficult, but our tips help make it easier.

Fast Food Allergies: A Dangerous Reality

If you suffer from fast food allergies, this meal option could serve up more than convenience.

Can Spicy Foods Provide Natural Allergy Relief?

If you're a fan of hot and spicy, your tastes in food might be easing your allergies.

Allergy-Proof Your Bedroom

If your allergies get worse at night--your bedroom may be to blame.

Does Stress Make Your Allergies Worse?

Stress is detrimental to most critical bodily functions--but it could be making your allergies flare as well.