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How to Properly Read Food Labels

Sometimes food labels can be difficult to interpret. Here's how to be sure you are picking a healthy option for you and your family, from Treepple Health News.

Food Safety While Cooking at Home

Food Safety is becoming more important than ever as we start cooking at home more often. Here are some smart practices for keeping your meals safe, from Treepple Health News.

Surviving Allergy Season at Home

Advice from Treepple Personalized Health News for keeping allergies under control while staying at home during quarantine.

Strain of common cold virus could treat cancer cells in bladder

Strain of common cold virus could treat cancer cells in bladder

Seasonal Allergies Are At an All-Time Highâ€"End the Suffering with These Tricks

It’s not just youâ€"seasonal allergies are at an all-time high. But that doesn’t mean your nose is doomed to run forever.

Climate change and natural disasters contributing to rise in allergy, asthma cases

Asthma and allergy cases have risen 12 percent in the last decade, as well as food allergies and other sensitivities. Researchers are still determining the exact reason, but climate change and natural disasters have contributed to the rise.

Why Certain Fruits and Vegetables Can Make Your Throat Scratchy

The Doctors field a question from a viewer who says certain fruits and veggies irate her throat. Find out the possible reason why.

Do Wet Wipes Contribute to Allergies?

The Doctors discuss a new study which found that using wet wipes may affect the skin and cause allergies in children. Find out how parents still keep their kids clean on the go without possibly contributing to allergies.

Can Food Allergies Be Reversed?

A new study found some food allergies can be reversed with immunotherapy and gradual exposure to foods. The Doctors are joined by mom Kristen whose son Josh was part of the study and has had amazing results.

What is a water allergy?

Having allergies to nature and weather are common, but being allergic to water is so rare that fewer than 100 cases have been reported. How can someone be allergic to it when our bodies are more than 60% water?

Why is this year’s allergy season so bad?

Every spring, between 30 and 60 million people are effected by allergies like tree pollen and mold, but this year it’s affecting people more so than usual.

Has your city made the list for the 10 worst 'spring allergy capitals'?

The asthma and allergy foundation of America has released the list of the top 10 cities where its most challenging to live in for spring allergies.

Allergy Week: Tips for 24-Hour Protection

For Allergy Week, The Doctors welcome allergist Dr. Neeta Ogden, an Allegra spokesperson, to share her allergy tips.

It’s Time To Talk About Mental Health At Work

Talking about mental health at work can make you happier and healthier. If you’re worried about a colleague, follow these mental health first aid tips to start a conversation…

What Is Anxiety?

Occasional anxiety is a normal part of life, but for someone with an anxiety disorder the feeling does not go away over time. Find out more.

Ten Surprising Ways To Combat Anxiety

We all get anxious from time to time, but there are surprising things you can do to reduce feelings of anxiety and feel calm. Here are ten quick and simple ways to feel calm every day.

How to Prevent Peanut Allergies

The pros have some ideas.

Ten Surprising Ways To Combat Anxiety

We all get anxious from time to time, but there are surprising things you can do to reduce feelings of anxiety and feel calm. Here are ten quick and simple ways to feel calm every day.

Minnesota Woman with Rare Syndrome Develops Allergies to Everything - Including Her Husband: ‘It’s Been Painful,’ He Says

When Scott Watkins met his future wife Johanna, it felt like fate.

Makers of EpiPen Offer a Discount

The controversy over the price of the EpiPen has reached a fever pitch as prices have risen by more than 400% and costing up to $600 for two of the pens.

Hidden Allergens in Your Home

Interior designer Robin Wilson, author of “Clean Design,” joins The Doctors to reveal some surprising places that allergens can hide in your home.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Is It a Cold or Allergies?

If you tend to get colds that develop suddenly and occur at the same time every year, you could have seasonal allergies. Although colds and allergies share some symptoms, such as sneezing and feeling run-down, they are different afflictions. In this Mayo Clinic Minute, allergist Dr. Arveen Bhasin explains what she looks for in patients to determine if it’s a cold or an allergy. Jeff Olsen reports.

Hair Dye Nightmare!

Chemise joins The Doctors to discuss her alarming allergic reaction to PPD, a common chemical in hair dye.

Having Allergies Is Easier When We all Help Those Who Have Them

It's Allergy Awareness Week.

Sarah Jessica Parker Shares about Her Son’s Life-Threatening Allergy

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker opens up about her son James Wilkie’s life-threatening allergy, and the terrifying day that he went into anaphylactic shock. She also shares her passion for the non-profit “Anaphylaxis for Reel.”

Everyone Should Own an EpiPen?

After the tragic death of a 7-year-old who went into anaphylactic shock, The Doctors discuss the importance of knowing how to spot and help someone suffering from an allergic reaction, and discuss whether or not we should all own an EpiPen.

How Are Food Allergies Diagnosed?

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How to Do the Hip Dip & Extend for Toned Legs

In this video, celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson shows you how to do the Hip Dip & Extend, a powerful move that strengthens your legs, lifts your butt, and increases flexibility. You’ll be well on your way super-toned legs and a tight tush in no time.

Tone Your Legs with the Inverted Twist & Kick

Watch this video to learn how to do the Inverted Twist & Kick with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. This exercise will chisel your lower body for strong legs without any extra bulk. Bonus: You’ll feel this move in your biceps and triceps, too.