Black Currant Breathing Benefits

Researchers have recently discovered that black currant berries bring a multitude of health benefits, including improving asthma symptoms.

The Benefits of Black Currant

You're probably got at least one or two things in your cupboard that contain black currant berries. This fruit is commonly used in many teas, jams and juices because of its appealing flavor and its anti-oxidant properties.

Now scientists from New Zealand have found that it's not only appealing to the senses and to the health of your body, but it also helps your respiratory system to work better. That's because of a compound contained in black currants can actually fight the inflammation that triggers asthma.

How Black Currant Works to Fight Inflammation

The key to this anti-inflammatory action is something in the berries that's called epigallocatechin. While the name may sound confusing, the benefits of this compound are anything but. In fact, the researchers found that the compound brings down the lung inflammation that's common with asthma and then also helps your body to control it as well, offering a comprehensive and effective form of relief from the symptoms that typically come with an asthma attack.

This discovery is particularly significant because it sheds new light on how the chemicals contained in fruit work in conjunction with the body's own natural chemicals. This information may ultimately help to change the way chronic conditions such as asthma are treated in the future.

The Future Role of Fruit

These findings, which were published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research in March of 2010, reinforces the idea that eating fruits and vegetables as a regular part of your diet can be essential to helping to control a number of chronic health conditions, including asthma. Black currants are just a new addition to the existing list, and although they do hold great hope for helping asthmatics to feel better, the researchers warn that more studies are needed to better understand how patients can get the full benefits.  With more research, though, there's hope that such information will help them develop new foods to enhance the body's reaction to allergens and other asthma triggers. This may help them to supplement conventional asthma treatments or perhaps even replace them in coming years.

Eat Up

What this means for you is that eating black currants and other fruits as a regular part of your diet can be essential to your health on many levels. However, keep in mind that you shouldn't use these foods in place of your asthma medication. But if you follow your asthma action plan as directed, including avoiding your biggest triggers and monitoring your symptoms, then eating black currants can be a great way to add a little extra protection into your day. Better yet, they taste great and also bring antioxidant properties and a host of other important health benefits.


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