Teen Asthma

If you have a child who is dealing with this chronic health condition, you know that it can affect him or her on so many levels. As a result, teen asthma can be a real cause for concern, and not just for your teen, but also for you as the parent. But there are some easy things you can do to help provide better peace of mind for both of you.

Help Your Teen Take Control

You don't have to let teen asthma keep your youngster from having a normal life. You just may have to provide some reassurance and support to help him or her get through the tough times. For instance:

  • Teach your youth that along with having this chronic disease comes a responsibility to take steps to help head off an attack. Stress the importance of taking medication even when the symptoms seem well controlled.
  • Empower your teen to monitor breathing using an easy-to-use device called a peak flow meter that can provide an early warning symptoms kick in.
  • Make sure your teen is familiar with his or her asthma action plan to prevent or treat teen asthma so everyone will know the warning signs and also what to do in case the symptoms should flare.
  • Encourage your teen to carry a fast-action inhaler at all times. Work with your child to help overcome any feeling of embarrassment about using this in front of classmates and friends.
  • Brainstorm with your teen to come up with activities and sports in which he or she can safely participate. Make a point to remind your teen that asthma doesn't have to get in the way of having fun.
  • Suggest that your teen can help educate other young people about asthma in teens and what it means. This can be a valuable way to help your teen feel more comfortable about the disease and the medications that he or she needs.

A Final Note

Keep in mind that the teen years are traditionally a time when youngsters learn to separate more from their parents and become more independent. Coping with a chronic illness like teen asthma can make this natural process much more difficult, though. But with your support, you can help your youth overcome teen asthma symptoms and enjoy this special time.