Caregiving - Videos

General Health Importance for HIV Positive Women

Dr. Lewis explains why it is so important for an HIV positive woman to focus on her general health.

HIV/AIDS Risk Groups

Carol explains who is the most at risk for getting HIV/AIDS and how sexual health awareness is being promoted.

Why Seniors Are at Risk for HIV/AIDS

Carol explains why senior citizens today are at an increased risk for HIV/AIDS.

Advice for Sexually Active HIV Positive Teens

Carol Poore recommends lifestyle tips and sexual health advice for teenagers who are HIV/AIDS positive.

How to Protect Yourself Against HIV/AIDS

Carol explains why a woman with a husband in prison is at an increased risk for HIV/AIDS and shares how she can protect herself.

The Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS' Support

Darkina recalls how the supportive environment at the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS helped her to accept and treat her HIV diagnosis.

HIV Diagnosis' Effect on Relationship with Family

Darkina recalls how her relationship with her family members was altered by her HIV diagnosis.

Family Reaction to HIV Diagnosis

Darkina explains why she wanted to tell her entire family she was diagnosed with HIV and recalls how they reacted.

Being HIV Positive and Pregnant

Darkina describes her emotional and physical state as a pregnant woman with HIV.

How Living with HIV Improved

Sheree explains how living with HIV has improved since the 1980s and shares advice on disclosure.

Seeing a Counselor After HIV Diagnosis

Darkina recalls her open minded attitude and desire for a positive outlook after her HIV diagnosis.