Depression - Management

Kava for Anxiety

Many people suffering from depression or anxiety seek alternative treatments such as herbal remedies. The root of the Kava plant is an example of an herb used to treat anxiety disorders.

What to Do If You're Having a Panic Attack

Breathe. Relax. Bring yourself back to awareness. Follow these three key steps so you can begin to gain control again.

Could You Have OCD?

As its name implies, individuals with this mental health disorder alternate between obsessive thoughts and behaviors, and compulsive rituals to try to control the obsessions. This cycle is disruptive and causes stress and anxiety. In many cases, OCD interferes in an individual s ability to engage in work, school or other daily activities. Approximately 2.2 million Americans suffer from OCD.

Love, Passion, and Depression

Forensic psychologist Debra Warner explains how love and passion can give way to depression and how you can negotiate a balance between your relationship and your emotions.

Should You Stay on Your Antidepressants?

If you're prescribed antidepressants, you may have a few questions concerning how long you should keep taking them. Here, the answers to your most pertinent questions.

Anxiety and Life Changes

We all know that little saying, "the only constant in life is change?" Well for those who suffer from anxiety, change can be a big problem.

The Dangers of Self-Medicating

Sometimes you know what you need to feel better and other times you think you know. Find out when you need to rethink you treatment habits.

One of my family members seems to be severely depressed. What could/should I do if anything at all?

Forensic psychologist Debra Warner answers a reader's question about how to help a loved one that suffers from severe depression.

The Benefits of Optimism

After more than a half century, publishers are re-releasing the landmark book, The Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Vincent Peale. Is the idea of positive thinking just a great topic for selling books, or does it really improve your mental well being, especially when it comes to depression?

Coping with Loneliness

Studies show increased loneliness in America. Find out how to cope with loneliness through 7 healthy strategies.

Are You Anxious All the Time? 10 Tips for Relief

While it's normal to feel anxious from time to time, if you have ongoing anxiety that's interfering with your work, relationships, and daily activities, it's time to do something about it. Try out 10 tips to get relief.

Expert Advice: Pregnancy and Depression

Postpartum depression is a common, and troublesome, occurrence. Psychologist Debra Warner explores the issue in her weekly column.

When Does Depression Peak?

Research shows that we are most likely to feel depressed when we reach middle age.

Conduct Disorder and Your Child

Almost five percent of all American children are diagnosed with this disruptive disorder.

Holiday Recovery: Keep Post-Holiday Happiness Alive

What happens after the presents are opened, the eggnog is finished, and all the relatives have gone? You don t have to lose yourself to the post-holiday blues this year. Try out some proven strategies to keep post-holiday happiness alive.

Social Factors for LGBT Youth

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) youth face distinct challenges both in school and out. It is important for parents and educators to understand the high levels of stress that LGBT youth feel and to be able to recognize warning signs associated with that stress.

Should You Use Antidepressants?

Antidepressants are a common choice of treatment for adults with moderate to severe depression. Studies show that although antidepressants may not cure depression, they can reduce depression symptoms. But are antidepressants right for you?

Share Your Story. Become a Health Hero.

Have you or a loved one survived a life-threatening disease? Are you currently struggling with depression, chronic pain, heart disease, or other health-related condition? Have you gone to extraordinary lengths to help someone in a health crisis? If so, we want to hear from you!

10 Natural Stressbusters

Stress affects millions of people in the US every year. If untreated, stress can cause serious health problems and speed-up the aging process. Health professionals encourage patients to integrate natural stress busters into their daily routine to reduce stress and improve their quality of life.

Can Keeping a Routine Help Control Bipolar Symptoms?

Studies show a daily routine may make a big difference for people with bipolar disorder.

10 Simple Mood-Lifting Tips

If you are depressed, antidepressants aren t the only solution.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Is Tanning a Good Idea?

Health professionals warn against using tanning beds or booths to relieve seasonal affective disorder symptoms.

Depression and Shopping: Does "Retail Therapy" Exist?

Shopping to cope with depression may provide temporary relief, while causing long-lasting damage to your health and finances.

Depression Dulls Brain s Pleasure Center

New treatment for depression may be possible based on study that shows how this mood disorder affects areas of brain involved in pleasure.

Wednesday: The Deadliest Day for Suicide

New study marks Wednesday as the most likely day for people to attempt suicide.

Job Stress and Depression

Stress at work is linked to depression which can increase absenteeism and affect your income. Learn how to recognize the symptoms and how to reduce stress in your workplace.

Asthma and Suicide: Is There a Link?

New research has made critical correlations between asthmatics and suicide risk.

How to Become a More Positive Thinker

You have the power to change your attitude for the better.

Managing Long Term Depression

Here s what to do if your depression feels like it just won t go away.

Recently Diagnosed with Depression? Next Steps to Take

Coping with a diagnosis of depression could certainly be difficult. Here, tips to get you moving in the right direction.