When a meal must adhere to specific dietary guidelines, a single phrase should sum up the guideline’s essence. Those who suffer from GERD should, above all, remember this: go easy on the fat.

The GERD Information Resource Center suggests making a number of lifestyle changes for those with the disease. Among them, it highlights certain types of foods (chocolate, peppermint, tomato-based) and drinks (alcohol, caffeine, citrus-based) and drinks to avoid. It also recommends avoiding fatty, fried foods, which is important because it covers all potential meals.

With that in mind, here are a number of eats whose recipes should be considered if you’re suffering from GERD.

Muffins. Bran, blueberry, carrot, cornbread, pecan peach, orange almond, lemon poppyseed, and banana nut muffins have no GERD triggers. They, too, are versatile because you can make them in bulk and freeze some for later.

Soups. There are ways around your favorite soupy concoctions. Broccoli cheese soup, for example, is okay so long as you cook the vegetables longer. Cream of fava bean soup can be made to be low in sodium, while chili can be made with roasted garlic. And always remember to portion your meal.

Salads. Salads with chickpeas and vegetables are perfectly safe. Add grilled chicken or salmon to make it a larger meal, and go light on the dressing or eliminate it altogether.

Steaks. Grilling a trimmed flank steak, and adding a marinate made with a hint of soy sauce and brown sugar means you can enjoy beef without worrying about heartburn.

Pancakes. Pick a grain (rye, whole wheat, oat bran) and a fruit (pear, apricot, blueberry) and mix and enjoy. However, do not add cinnamon or nectarines, as these could be trigger foods.

Portobellas. Not just for vegetarians, you can make this into a tasty burger by adding these GERD-friendly ingredients: roasted sweet red pepper, thinly sliced provolone, crushed basil, and Italian seasoning.

Pastas. Adding grilled chicken or extra-lean beef makes pasta a heartier meal, but the low-fat sour cream with dried basil and oregano really gives it a zesty kick. Remember not to flavor the boiling water with salt or oil.

Parfaits. Low-fat yogurt with chopped strawberries, kiwi, and almonds is a versatile food because you can eat it for breakfast, dessert, or as a snack.