Eating and Nutrition - Original Articles

How to Detox From Sugar

Overconsumption of sugar can lead to serious health issues. Here are six tips for cutting back on the sweet stuff.

Processed Foods and Prostate Cancer Risk

Processed foods are terrible for your health. But are they linked to prostate cancer? We look at a study and give some tips on cutting back on junkfood.

The Many Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D may protect again cancer, heart disease, and more. Are you getting enough of this important nutrient?

Orthorexia: The Other Eating Disorder

If your passion for "pure" or "clean" eating has left you with a diet so restrictive that it interferes with other aspects of your life, your eating plan may not be so healthy after all.

10 Foods That Give You Energy

Sure, sleep counts, but so does the food you eat. Here are the foods that will put a spring in your step.

5 Hardest Foods to Digest

Plus simple advice to better digest any food you eat.

Why We Crave Sugar

Wondering why that iced custard doughnut holds such irresistible appeal? We've got the answers.

8 Nutrition Experts Dish on Their Favorite Books

For great eating advice, chew on these expert picks.

Does Juice Fasting Actually Work?

Juicing is promoted for everything from weight management to internal cleansing or "detoxing," but are there any real health benefits?

Decoding 10 Nutritional Buzzwords

Superfood? Energy-boosting? Understanding what these phrases actually mean.

The Science of Hanger

Why do some of us get angry, grumpy, and irritable when we're hungry?

A-to-Z Nutrition Glossary

Have you ever read a nutrition report or food label and stumbled over the meaning of a chemical name or scientific term? Let this alphabetical list of nutrition terms be your guide!

5 Healthy and Easy-to-Make Muffin Tin Recipes

Muffins aren't the only thing you can make with a muffin tin. These recipes are easy to make, portion controlled, and perfect for busy schedules.

Slow Carbs vs. Fast Carbs

Not all carbohydrates are alike, and some are much better for you than others.

Autumn’s Unhealthiest Foods

The flavors of fall come from some very healthy foods, like apples and pumpkins. But those foods are also used to flavor sugary junk food.

8 Strategies for Smart Snacking at Work

Tips and techniques to curb mindless workday munching.

How the Order You Eat Your Food Impacts Your Blood Sugar

It's not just what you eat and how much. The order you eat your food impacts your blood sugar as well.

Is Sugar Really That Bad for You?

Like fat before it, sugar is getting a bad nutritional rap. Here’s why.

8 Healthy Drinks to Beat the Heat

Stay cool with these healthy seasonal drinks.

10 Foods You Should Eat Everyday

Are you taking advantage of these nutritional superstars?

5 Healthy Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades From Around the World

Easy, healthy ways to add flavor to your food.

7 Fiber Myths and Facts

What you may not know about this important part of a healthy diet.

9 Important Nutrients You May Be Missing

No matter how healthy your diet, you may be falling short on some of these key vitamins and minerals.

Bone Broth: Good for Your Body?

What s cooking with this trendy dish?

4 Nutrition Trends to Watch Out For In 2015

What s in fashion in foods this year, and should you be on trend?

Drink Up: Your Guide to Tea

Sip this brew for multiple health benefits.

An Ounce of Yogurt for Plenty of Diabetes Prevention (Plus 10 Tasty Options)

You may have heard the saying An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. What s an ounce of yogurt worth?

Exotic Berries: Introducing Aronia, Acai, and More

Are these hard-to-find berries worth it?

The Lowdown on Fish Oil Supplements: 5 Questions and Answers

Should you be taking this popular supplement?

Spice up Your Holidays

6 warming favorites that kick up the flavor of both sweet and savory dishes.

7 Tips for Preventing Malnutrition In Seniors

Many seniors struggle with their diets. Learn how you can help your aging loved ones get the nutrients they need.

What the Health Experts Are Eating This Thanksgiving

Find out what these health pros will be enjoying on turkey day.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Your protein needs change as you age. Find out how much of the nutrient you and your family members need.

6 Healthy (and Simple) Supermarket Food Finds

Quick and easy menu ideas.

Your Guide to 8 Popular Coffee Drinks

From Americanos to macchiatos.

Resistant Starch: What it Is and How it Could Improve Your Health

Starches have a bad reputation. But resistant starches go against the grain.

DIY a Healthier Pumpkin Spice Latte

Keep the spicy autumn treat, lost the extra sugar and fat.

Deviled Eggs: Have Egg Yolks Been Demonized?

This breakfast table basic has stood the test of time. But exactly how healthy are eggs?

Eat Smarter: The FDA Gets Ready to Give Food Labels a Face Lift

Food labels are changing. Learn how these changes can help you make healthier choices.

Soylent: The Food to Replace Other Foods?

If meal prep is driving you mad, you may want to consider this total meal replacement product.

Milk Myths and Facts

The skinny on whole vs. skim, and more.

Is Fat Really Bad for You?

Which types of dietary fat are good for you, which types are bad, and how much is too much?

Is There a Link Between Diet and Constipation?

Can you eat for regularity? Find out more.

5 Reasons to Eat More Fish

Explore the sea for dinner options your body will thank you.

The Best Cheeses for You

Love cheese but afraid it ll derail your diet? Read on!

Chia: The Super Seed You Need to Eat

You may have heard of chia, but just what is this super seed?

8 Superfoods for Super Health

Make these nutrient-rich foods a part of your diet, and reap the results.

Can Sugar Make You Fat?

There s no fat in sugar, but the sweet stuff can certainly make you fat. Here s the skinny on sugar and weight.

4th of July Foods: What to Eat, and What to Avoid

Your guide to a healthy and delicious celebration.

Snack Swap: Snack Smarter With These 6 Healthy Choices

Processed high-calorie snacks are everywhere and oh-so easy to grab when that mid-afternoon lull hits. But these healthier options will leave you satisfied.

6 Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

Next time you re having a bad day, try one of these mood-boosting foods. Emotional eating has never been so healthy.

Diabetes and the Mediterranean Diet

Why this popular diet may help prevent diabetes and help those who already have the disease control their symptoms.

How to Indulge Without Overdoing It

Too much food and drink is bad for your health and can even shorten your lifespan.

Caffeine: The Good, The Bad And The Unhealthy

Many of us start our day with a cup, but when we start relying on coffee to feel awake and energized, we're addicted to the caffeine it contains.

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Prepare Chicken

Chicken is on just about every list of heart-healthy foods, but if you don't prepare it correctly, you risk damaging its reputation for being low in calories, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

5 Easy Ways to Make Healthy Food More Exciting

If you're under the impression that food has to be tasteless to be healthy, you're mistaken. Say goodbye to bland with these delicious and inspiring ideas that will make it easier to resist ordering pizza again.

A Simple Guide to Carb Counting for People With Diabetes

Keeping track of carbohydrate intake is essential for those of us with diabetes: Because carbs break down into glucose, they have a big impact on blood sugar levels. And thanks to today's technology, tracking carb intake has never been easier.

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Use Garlic

It's tough to beat the health benefits of garlic—it fights inflammation, cancer, hypertension, and even has anti-coagulating properties. Read on for delicious ways to incorporate more garlic into your diet.

5 Heart-Healthy Ways to Enjoy Kale

Kale is a versatile, nutrient-packed powerhouse that may be the healthiest food in your fridge. Learn how to enjoy this dark green oxidant-fighting machine.

A Diabetes-Friendly Guide to Healthy Snacks

Here's how to enjoy sweets and treats within the confines of your condition.

Juicing vs. Eating Raw: What's Better for Diabetes Management?

Some say juicing is an effective way of warding off chronic diseases. Others say eating whole foods is the better route to go. Who's right?

Why Do Schools Send Home "Fat" Letters?

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are core subjects in schools. But in some districts, students' weights are being studied as well. Learn more about this heated topic.

Why Shedding Pounds Is Tough for Some Women

Some women's bodies hold on more tightly to calories consumed, resulting in unwanted weight gain. Here's the whole story.

Tofu: Perfect Health Food...or Not?

As a soy food, tofu is a terrific source of vegetable protein. But in addition to helping to prevent certain health problems, it may actually cause some others.

25 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat More Vegetables

Veg out with these easy ideas to get more greens (and oranges and yellows) into your family's diet.

Healthy Kitchen: What's in, What's Out?

As nutritional research evolves, the list of recommended staples to stock in your kitchen changes. Here's an updated list.

7 Health-Food Impostors

These seven edibles only seem healthy. Here's a list of smarter choices.

The Power of Phytonutrients

The key to getting your fill of phytonutrients? Eat the colors of the rainbow!

Cinnamon's Effect on Diabetes

Find out why cinnamon may play a positive role in the management of blood sugar levels.

Moringa: The New Super Food?

Many people of Africa see the Moringa oleifera tree as a "miracle" plant, claiming it's responsible for rapidly curing malnutrition. Learn more about this vitamin-rich, mineral-rich food.

Tips to Keep Produce Fresh and Safe

Fruits and veggies are essential for a healthy diet, but it's important they be stored properly (some require refrigeration; some do not) to reduce the chances of food-borne illness and maximize the shelf life.

Boost Your Health With Berries

Slim down, fight cancer, increase your brain power. Learn more about the big health benefits linked to these colorful, little super foods.

Sweet Potatoes: The Super Spud You Should Be Eating

Read on for the six reasons to serve this Thanksgiving side year 'round.

The Trouble With Tea

Five ingredients in tea can potentially harm your health. Here's what you need to know.

Are Vegetables Enough?

Are the greens on your plate providing you with the nutrients your body needs? Something may be missing.

What Type of Body Fat Is Most Dangerous?

More than one third of adults and nearly one in five children are obese. However, not all fat is created equal.

Why Your Body Needs Water

H20 doesn't just quench your thirst; it also helps fuel vital processes in the body. How much should you be drinking?

Yes, You Can Deal With a Restricted Diet

When a medical condition means you or a loved one must change how you eat, it feels overwhelming. Start here.

Do You Have Too Much of This Type of Fat?

Excess abdominal fat, especially visceral fat, may be a risk factor for some serious health problems. Fortunately, you can take measures to improve your health. Here's how.

Is Breakfast All That Important?

New research shows breakfast may not be the most essential meal of the day, at least when it comes to weight loss. But for overall health, the breakfast still matters. Here's the whole story.

Super Food Spotlight: Quinoa

Quinoa seeds contain essential amino acids along with healthy quantities of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It's time to get your quinoa on.

The Growing Popularity of Banana Leaf

Learn more about this versatile and nutritious kitchen staple.

How to Choose Healthy Juices

Not all juices are created equal. Here s how to pick the most healthful sip.

4 Surprising Foods That Contain Gluten

Gluten can lurk where you'd least expect it. Arm yourself with knowledge when it comes to these four common foods.

Healthy Spotlight: Kale

If you're wondering why all the buzz about this popular leafy green, find out what makes it a nutritional powerhouse and how you can enjoy it as a part of your healthy diet.

Cut Calories (Not Flavor) From Your Cocktails

You can still get happy during Happy Hour without packing on the pounds. Here's how to slim down your cocktails (and your waistline, too)!

The Skinny on Green Coffee Bean Extract

An eye-opening study reveals the possible weight-loss benefits of this supplement created from green unroasted coffee beans.

Eat More Avocados

The healthy fats in an avocado make this fruit a skincare superstar. But that's not all it has to offer. Here are some other great benefits.

10 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Weight

Now that you got it off, keep it off! We'll show you how.

Carb Counting and Type 1

If you have diabetes, you're surely familiar with carb counting. These guidelines will help you use this strategy more effectively.

The Benefits of Barley

Learn why this nutritious, heart-healthy grain should be part of your daily diet.

6 Super Foods for Bone Health

Eating right will help you stand tall and stay mobile well into your golden years. Be good to your bones by learning which foods keep your skeleton strong.

Diet, Bacteria, and Your Heart

The foods you eat can end up hardening your arteries, but not in the way you think.

10+ Ways to Go Gourmet When Grilling

Bored with burgers? Try these delicious ideas, and fall in love with barbecuing again.

Stock Your Freezer With Healthy Foods

Not all frozen foods are created equal. Here's what to look for at the supermarket and how to prepare these selections once you're home.

8 Habits of Skinny People

How do some folks manage to stay svelte with what looks like little effort? Learn their tricks.

The Mediterranean Diet and Melanoma

Going Mediterranean may offer protective benefits against skin cancer. That's on top of the other health benefits this easy-to-follow diet serves up.

Beyond Protein: 4 Foods That Feed Muscles

Protein plays a crucial role in building muscle, but it's not the only player. Here's what else your body craves.

Bigorexia: A Dangerous Pursuit of the Perfect Body

Learn more about this little-known, mental-health issue that can lead to harmful eating and exercise habits.

A New Diet Tool?

An extract derived from unroasted coffee beans is showing promise as a weight-loss agent.

Sustainable Seafood Best Bets

Because of increasing threats to ocean ecosystems, many popular seafood items are not as sustainable as they could be. In addition, because of toxins in their water, several species could endanger your health if you eat too much of them.

The Surprising Link Between Sugar and Depression

Learn how changing your diet to eliminate sweet treats can help improve your mental health.

Nutrition Bars: Healthy or Hype?

They're marketed as nutritious alternatives to poor-quality fast food. But what's really beneath the wrapper?

The Facts About High Fructose Corn Syrup

Are the health effects of high fructose corn syrup as bad as some research suggests? Here are both sides of the controversy.

What You Should Know About High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is being blamed for many health woes. But what exactly is it, and where exactly can it be found?

What Type of Vegetarian Diet Is Right for You?

Are you a vegetarian if you eat eggs? What about yogurt? Here, we explain five varying degrees of going vegetarian.

Have You Checked Out Your Local Farmers' Market?

Farmers' markets are growing in popularity, and it's easy to see why. Food that's locally grown and harvested can reap some big benefits. Learn more.

Walnuts and Diabetes: What's the Connection?

Snacking on walnuts may help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Here's the scoop on these nutritious edibles and how to sneak more of them into your diet.

What's Your Diabetes IQ?

Take a crack at these seven questions to see how much you know about type 2 diabetes.

More Mushrooms, Less Meat

Mushrooms (and certain other vegetarian ingredients) can have a positive effect on weight management. Here's how to add more meatless meals to your recipe repertoire.

Have Diabetes? 4 Diet Saboteurs of Summer

Weddings, street fairs, ball games, and barbecues. These mealtime minefields can mean trouble for those with diabetes. Here's how to sidestep temptation without missing the fun.

8 Guilt-Free Thirst Quenchers

Sip your way through summer with these diet-friendly refreshments.

Feast and Famine: Is the "Fast Diet" Right for You?

Long famous for their clotted cream and deliciously caloric scones, the Brits have devised a diet that involves denial two days at a time. Learn more about weight loss through intermittent fasting.

Got Aspartame? Milk May Soon Include Sweeteners

The dairy industry wants to add aspartame (a sugar substitute) to milk so that kids will drink more of the calcium-rich beverage. But can milk that's artificially sweetened still be called milk? Learn more about the current dairy debate.

Everyday Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Including certain edibles in your diet can help ward off hunger. Learn more.

Bees for Better Health: What's the Buzz?

For centuries, humans relied on apitherapy, the use of bee products, for health and healing. Today, there is a renewed interest in the benefits of these substances. Learn more.

The Dried Fruit Question: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Fruit is good for you, no doubt. But there are particular factors to consider when it comes to choosing dried fruit.

5 Foods That Deserve More Love

Add these too-often-overlooked nutrition powerhouses to your daily diet.

Top 5 Diet Mistakes

Have you changed your eating habits to shed some pounds but find the numbers on the scale are going up?

The Easy Way to Eating Well: A Guide for Busy Cooks

Try these nutritional tweaks for healthier meals that are ready in no time.

Is Weight Loss Surgery for You?

It may sound like the quickest and easiest option, but this serious procedure should not be taken lightly.

Should You Diet for Your Body Type?

Hunters, farmers, and Ayurvedic types: Where does your body fit in, and how heavily should it influence your food choices?

Is Your Healthy Diet Good for the Environment?

Will a plant-based diet lighten your carbon footprint? The answer may surprise you.

Green Product Reviews: Behind the Scenes of a Site

Sites that do their own in-house reviewing are useful tools for consumers. But what steps do sites like these take to reach their conclusions? We went ahead and found out.

10 Ways to Help Your Child Avoid Obesity

It's never too soon to begin teaching your child about good nutrition and other important lifestyle habits.

The Skinny on Omega-3 Fatty Acids

ALA. DHA. EPA. We spell out the differences between these essential fatty acids.

How to Develop and Sustain Your Willpower Reserves

Willpower isn't an innate gift; it s a skill. And with practice, it's one that can be developed and made even better.

Which Is Better: Bagged Greens or Bulk?

While some people prefer their spinach or kale unbagged and straight from the ground, others go for the triple-washed, pre-cut types packaged for everyday convenience. Both have their pros and cons.

Clay: The Great Health Elixir?

Learn about one man's positive experience with eating clay, and what his adversaries think.

Health Benefits of the Prickly Pear Cactus

Here are a few healthy reasons to try this fruit, vegetable, and flower all wrapped into one.

Will Giving Up Gluten Deliver Weight Loss?

Limiting gluten in your diet can be beneficial if you have celiac disease, but others simple avoid it in order to drop pounds. Gluten-free diets are hot, but there are some drawbacks.

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

Beer gets a bad rap. But it can be a healthy beverage as long as it's enjoyed in moderation.

Breakfast Recipes to Jump-Start Your Day

Skipping breakfast is the wrong way to cut calories. Packing your first meal with the right amount of nutritious food won't pack on weight; it's fuel for your day. Here are three healthy breakfast ideas from top nutritionists.

Packaged-Food Pitfalls: What Healthy Eaters Need to Know

Prepared and packaged foods can be a boon for busy lifestyles. But at what price? Here's what you need to know.

Secondary Eating a First-Rate Problem

What is secondary eating? It's consuming foods outside of your primary, or regular, meals. And here's how it can harm your health.

Kitchen Wisdom: Food Dos and Don'ts for Raising Healthy Kids

Good news from the CDC: Children appear to be slimming down. And healthy meals at home are playing a big role. Read on as experts weigh in on what foods to include, and exclude, from the grocery list.

The Health Risks of Caffeine for Kids

Experts warn that too much caffeine can be dangerous for children, who have less ability to process the stimulant.

Milk Allergy or Intolerance: What's the Difference?

Symptoms of lactose intolerance and an allergic reaction to milk are different. Here's how to tell them apart and what it means for you if you have to forgo dairy products for either reason.

How to Reset Your Food Clock

Thanksgiving. Super Bowl. Summer barbecues. It seems there's always a reason to celebrate with extra calories and when we do, it's hard to get back on track again. Why? Blame the body's food clock.

Could Your Child Be Nutritionally Deficient?

In a country where obesity is a growing problem, so is the issue of poor nutrition. What are some of the most common nutritonal deficiencies, and how can you ensure your child's getting enough of what she needs?

Top Foods That Relieve Breast Tenderness

For most women, breast tenderness is no big deal. But for others, it can be downright painful. Learn how some dietary modifications may help bring relief.

5 Best Anti-Aging Supplements

Add these to your diet to help improve memory, reduce inflammation, control blood sugar, and more.

Creative Cocktails With a Nutritious Twist

Many bars and restaurants around the country are turning to ingredients such as apples, beets, carrots, berries, and ginger to help make drinks healthy (and delicious)!

Doctor Bias Toward Overweight Patients May Interfere With Care

Obesity in adults may affect the way physicians treat them. According to research, doctors are less compassionate toward overweight patients, making patients less likely to seek treatment.

Keep Age-Related Weight Gain in Check

Can't exercise like you used to? Follow this five-part strategy to stave off weight gain as get older.

What Dolphins Can Teach Us About Eating for Health

Dolphins may seem like an unlikely model for improving human diets, but these marine mammals can teach us the importance of quality vs. quantity when it comes to food.

Your Month-by-Month Guide to Getting the Best Buys

You don't have to be be an extreme couponer to shop smart. Read on for tips on how to score great deals all year 'round.

Bounce Back From a Bad Eating Day

If you slip up and eat every diet no-no in sight, don't beat yourself up. Get back on track with these tips.

5 Ways to Dress Up a Glass of Water

Skip the artificially flavored bottled water, and add your own natural twist.

The Connection Between Scent, Food, and Satisfaction

Intriguing new research suggests that aroma plays a key role in satisfying our taste buds. These findings could have major implications for weight control.

The Secret to Eating in Moderation

A simple shift in eating habits can make a big difference in your health. And it all starts with understanding when enough is enough.

Make Your Calories Count

Keeping close track of your calories? Here's how to make every bite matter.

Give Your Pizza a Healthy Upgrade

Healthy pizza? No, it's not an oxymoron. Here's how to serve up a more nutritious slice.

Top Dandruff-Preventing Foods

Which edibles should you include in your diet to help get this embarrassing condition under control?

Tips to Beat Menopausal Weight Gain

A bigger middle doesn't have to accompany the change of life. From counting calories to upping your activity level, here's how to fight back.

More Whole Grains, Less Diabetes Risk

Lower your risk of pre-diabetes, a precursor to diabetes, by loading up your plate with whole grains.

Will Rosemary Make You Smarter?

A whiff of this woodsy, pine-scented herb may help boost your brainpower.

5 Diet Rules You Can Ignore

Trying to drop a few pounds can make for some funny behavior. We skip breakfast, eliminate entire food groups from our diet, and deny ourselves dessert! The worst part: None of this works. Here's what does.

Bipolar Disorder: Foods That Help and Foods That Hurt

Make your management of bipolar disorder comprehensive. Find out which edibles can improve or exacerbate your condition.

COPD: 5 Supplements That Can Help

If you're looking for alternative ways to manage this condition, consider bromelain, coenzyme Q10, and others.

The Health Benefits of Grape Seed Extract

A byproduct of the wine-making process, this supplement possesses powerful antioxidant power.

Enjoy These Diabetes-Friendly Treats

Yes, you can bake guilt-free goodies that taste great, too. You just have to know which sweetener to use.

Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, and Cancer

Can a low-glycemic diet reduce your risk of developing cancer, or assist you through treatment? See what the research says.

Top Nutrition Tips for Tweens

Two dietitians offer advice to help you steer your kids toward healthy food choices.

Nuts: A Nutritional Superstar for Diabetes

Today and maybe every day, have a handful of almonds or walnuts. Find out how these diabetes-friendly foods can help your health.

Crunch on This for Better Brain Health

Carrots, celery, and peppers contain a compound called luteolin, which helps tame brain inflammation that could negatively affect memory.

Can Red Wine Help Cure Prostate Cancer?

Raise a glass to this recent finding: A compound in red wine may make prostate tumor cells more responsive to radiation treatment.

Do You Snack When You're Not Even Hungry?

Curb emotional eating by adhering to these tips and tricks.

Truth and Fallacies About Fat

Is fat really all that bad? Are you going too far to eliminate it from your diet? Get the truth here.

What Your Parents Got Wrong About Food

It's fine for chicken to thaw on the counter. Every last morsel of a meal should be finished. We debunk these myths and more so that you can teach the truth to your family.

The Cheese and Diabetes Link: Both Sides of the Story

Attention mozzarella, Muenster, and Monterey Jack lovers. Researchers have identified a possible connection between cheese consumption and reduced diabetes risk. But there's a flip side.

The Rewards of Adding More Legumes to Your Meals

Legumes (think lentils and beans) deliver a hefty dose of nutrition at a sensible price. Try them in soups, salads, and even desserts.

The Brain-Boosting Benefits of Turmeric

In addition to providing rich color to certain foods, this spice may also help prevent Alzheimer s Disease.

How to Handle the "Food Police"

Dealing with loved ones' concern about your diet is no picnic when you have diabetes. Learn how to deal with these caring (but meddling) meal monitors.

Gluten-Free Goodness

Thought your bread-, pasta-, and pizza-eating days were over? You can join in the fun again with these tasty alternatives.

7 Signs You're Undernourished

You may require fewer calories to stay healthy as you get older, but if you experience any of these tell-tale signs, you may be coming up short.

5 Digestive To-Dos

Do chew your food slowly. Do eat a vinegar-dressed salad after your meal. Plus three more stomach-smart ideas.

The Link Between Sugar and Osteoarthritis

Curb your sweet tooth, and you just may notice an improvement in your symptoms.

Ideal Weight vs. Happy Weight

Your body has its own way of determining your best weight. Learn how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

GERD Without Heartburn? It's Possible

You can still get diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or laryngopharyngeal reflux disease (LPRD) without having heartburn. Learn the other risk factors.

Eat Veggies, Be Happy

Individuals who consume seven or more servings of produce a day tend to enjoy better mental health, says one British study.

The Wonders of Magnesium for Allergies

What do whole grains, nuts, seeds, seaweed, cacao, and leafy greens have in common? Magnesium, a mineral that can help eat away allergy symptoms.

Top Health Apps to Try

There's an app for that! We checked out tons of free or low-cost smart phone apps and found the very best ones to support your health.

How Men Lose Weight

Men's biology works differently. Learn the expert's action items for successful slimming.

Myths and Facts About Carbs

Are carbs the worst? The best? Or something in between? Get the facts.

Myths and Facts About Calories

Can you trust calorie labeling? Are certain calories more fattening? Get the facts.

Cooking With Coconut Oil

Not all saturated fats are created equal. Learn the potential health benefits, and how to use coconut oil the right way.

Is Heartburn the Same As GERD?

Heartburn is a symptom of GERD. And there s more to know about how these conditions are distinct.

Digestive-Friendly Eating on a Budget

A few shrewd strategies will help you get the nutrients you need without draining your wallet.

Are Egg Yolks as Bad as Cigarettes?

New research says egg yolks may be rotten. Get the truth behind the headline.

Is Organic Meat Healthier?

Hormone-free meat from humanely-raised animals has surprising benefits.

4 Best Picks for Winter Comfort

Get cozy with hearty winter vegetables that are filling, satisfying, and extremely healthy too.

Rice With a Side of Arsenic

A new study finds carcinogens in rice. Is there enough detected to cause widespread concern?

Top Cancer-Fighting Foods

Which natural foods are the top standouts when it comes to boosting your cancer-fighting power?

8 Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Say "no" to those extra pounds that work their way onto your middle during the cold, dark days of winter.

5 Easy Tricks to Eat Less

Adopt these smart tips and the result will be a leaner you.

The Best Yogurts for Your Digestive Health

If you're looking to get the health benefits of yogurt, taste matters, but other factors do too.

What Can Iron Supplements Do for Men?

Learn how this multi-functional mineral can help support men's health.

Fight Winter Allergies With Papaya and Pineapple

Take a bite out of your winter allergies and allergy-related inflammation with two tropical fruits.

Keep a Food Journal for Real Results

Increasing your awareness and pinpointing patterns are just two of the ways keeping a food journal leads to weight loss and better health.

8 Tips for a Heartburn-Free Thanksgiving

On a day when Americans consume nearly three times the recommended amount of daily calories, staying heartburn-free can be tricky, but it's far from impossible.

Will Gymnema Sylvestre "Fix" Your Sugar Cravings?

Pop this pill and you're promised pain-free sugar pang prevention. Quite a perk, but pause, there are possibly potential problems to ponder.

13 Best Vitamins for Skin, Hair, and Nails

Find out if you're giving your body the nutrition it needs to look its best.

Get "Cultured" and Help Your Heart

To reduce your risk of hypertension, take a look at these healthy facts about yogurt.

The Food Poisoning Threat

Incorporating these tips into how you eat, shop, and store food will reduce the likelihood of food-borne illnesses in your home.

Healthy Holiday Gifts to Give and Get

Find fantastic gifts to match every budget that provide the extra lift of supporting good health.

Health Risks in the Wake of a Hurricane

What are the key health risks you need to be aware of after a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy?

Stomach Bacteria Might Be Making You Fat

Scientists found that gut flora can block your weight loss efforts. Here's how.

Best Foods for Men

For every meal and even snacks, investigate the very best choices for the men in your life.

How to Feel Full With Fewer Calories

These smart strategies offer a proven path to slimming down.

Does the Paleo Diet Work?

It sounds good with benefits like weight loss, diabetes prevention, and better heart health, but looks can be deceiving.

Control Your Cravings, Here's How

When the need for salty, sweet, crunchy, or greasy takes over, turn to this guide of healthy choices.

Best Reasons to Pass on These Drinks

Consider three sizeable arguments against soda, and diet soda too. Plus, sip on replacement thirst quenchers.

Can Your Own Food: Low Cost and Healthy

If you've ever considered preserving fruits and vegetables, get a quick overview of what it takes.

Are You as Healthy as a Hunter-Gatherer?

Industrialized society has come a long way when it comes to nutrition. Or has it?

7 Best Kitchen Tools for Healthy Cooking

You don't need a lot of gear, but a few choice tools will help you cook your healthy best.

Why Is Maintaining Harder Than Losing?

Congratulations on reaching your goal weight! Now the hard part: keeping it off. Here's how to do it.

How to Choose the Right Salad Dressing

If you make the right choice, your dressing can increase your nutrient absorption. Here's how to make a smart selection.

Beverages That Give Your Brain a Boost

Feeling parched? Reach for these super drinks that support your gray matter.

Black Pepper: The Next Fat Fighter?

That little shaker found on every restaurant table might hold the power to rev up your weight-loss efforts. Here's how.

Lose a Small Amount of Weight for These Big Benefits

Each pound counts. Even if you have a long way to go, check out the positive difference you'll make from losing a few pounds.

5 Healthy Crunchy Snacks

There's something very satisfying about crisp, crunchy textures. These tasty bites will fulfill your yearn to crunch.

Going Gluten-Free? Try Green Banana Pasta

There are a bunch of pluses to choosing this gluten-free option. See how it stacks up.

5 (Healthy) Ways to Save in Restaurants

You can eat out on a budget and eat healthy at the same time. Just remember these tricks.

Is Coconut Oil a Solution for Alzheimer's?

Some researchers say that certain fats in coconut oil help slow cognitive decline, but others feel the jury is still out.

Fad Diets and Your Digestive Health

When it comes to a quick fix, success on the scale may come at the expense of your digestive health.

Could Gut Bacteria Cause Your IBS?

Health experts suspected bacteria played a role in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but the research was inconclusive. Until now.

Fix Your Muscle Cramps, and Figure Out What's Causing Them

Ouch! Ease those sharp muscle spasms, and try these preventative tips including keeping hydrated.

These Foods Improve Asthma

Trips to your local farmer's market can benefit your respiratory health in many ways.

Recipe to Quit Smoking? Fruits and Veggies

If you're ready to quit, research shows upping your fruit and vegetable intake could help you achieve your goal.

Digestive-Friendly Barbecue, It Can Be Done

If your stomach disagrees with typical barbecue favorites, try these best bites.

Dealing With Post-Menopausal Weight Gain

Weight gain after menopause isn't inevitable. Here's what you can do.

Will Coffee Help You Live Longer?

You've heard it's good. You've heard it's bad. But new research reveals that coffee could actually lower your death risk.

Want to Lose Weight? Repaint!

Redecorating your kitchen or dining room with these hues could benefit your waistline.

More Than Just Fiber for Digestive Health

For your best digestive health, there are additional nutrients that can help.

6 Habits That Impact Bladder Control

Wonder why your leaky bladder is worse some days and better others? The answer could be in your everyday choices.

Digestive-Friendly Ethnic Eats

On the menu? Exciting ethnic meals that will please the palate and promote healthy digestion.

Creative Substitutes for Carbs

Here's how to get a carb-like experience minus the empty carbs.

Are Canned Foods Health Hazards?

This may make you think twice about consuming the canned items in your pantry.

Part-Time Vegetarian: Consider the Benefits

You can give your body a break with some health-boosting vegetation. Learn how.

Health by the Numbers: Men's Health

Many of the health risks that men face today can be successfully treated if caught early. Here's a look at men's health by the numbers.

Want to Stave Off Diabetes? Slow Down

Taking your time at the table may impart a big health benefit: Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

Which Supplement Could Ignite Your Allergies?

If you're allergic to seafood, you'll want to double-check before popping this popular pill.

Should You Cook With Coconut Oil?

It's the new "it" oil, but it's high in saturated fat. Here's why some say that's not always a bad thing.

Should You Shake Your Salt Habit?

Studies link sodium to heart disease and hypertension. But now, science shows sodium is beneficial. Here's what to believe.

3 Super Fruits for Diabetes

What about these edibles is so effective? Get a harvest of delicious ways to include them in your diet.

Eating Disorders: Not Only for the Young

Women over 50 are among a growing population preoccupied with weight loss and body image.

The Best Foods for Better Skin

These skin-brightening foods will contribute to radiant, naturally glowing skin.

Here's How Your Friends Influence Your Weight

Here are five ways your circle of friends affects your waistline, for better or for worse.

Does This Spice Promote Heart Health?

Spice up your life. This brightly-colored ingredient could offer real cardiovascular benefits.

8 Mistakes Women Make in Middle Age

Avoiding exercise. Skimping on sleep. Dressing too drab. Fix these flubs, plus five other offenses.

Should You Try the Paleo Diet?

Also known as the caveman diet, could a diet rich in meat and veggies be your best bet to shed pounds and avoid disease?

Health by the Numbers: Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, killing more than 2,500 Americans each day. Here's a look at heart health by the numbers.

Health by the Numbers: Osteoporosis

It's never too early or too late to protect yourself from this debilitating disease. Here's a look at osteoporosis by the numbers.

25 Heart-Smart Foods

The following easy-to-find foods are heart-smart standouts. Bring this list with you on your next supermarket trip.

Are You Getting Enough Magnesium?

Long associated with heart health, magnesium may offer other surprising benefits.

Top 10 Summery Ingredients

With this hit-list on hand, you'll be able to build wholesome, seasonal meals rich in flavor and nutrients.

Looking for a Fresh Start? Try This

Take time out to renew. One of these five healthy retreat options could offer just what you need.

10 Habits That Hurt Your Eyes

If you smoke cigarettes or stare at a screen all day, you could be doing your peepers a disservice. Read on for eight more offenses.

How Safe Is Your Cookware?

Copper, aluminum, ceramic, and more. It's time to take a closer look at the pots and pans you're using each day.

How Music Affects What You Eat

It's not just background noise. Research confirms that what you hear affects your appetite.

Risks and Benefits of Raw Dairy

Is raw dairy a cure-all or a danger to be avoided? When it comes to this heated debate, both sides are passionate.

5 Foods That Fight Allergy Symptoms

These strategic dietary choices can minimize inflammation and other allergy discomforts.

Top 10 Teeth Stainers

Which staining culprits should you avoid and how can you restore your pearly white smile?

Is Popcorn the Next Super Food?

See what a recent study found about the healthy hit.

6 Natural Remedies to Relieve Nausea

Soothe your stomach with these simple solutions.

Cocoa May Prevent Colon Cancer

Popping a piece of chocolate every day may offer protection against colon cancer. Here's why and the best bites for you.

How to Grow Herbs and Veggies in Small Spaces

Don't let a lack of space stop you from growing fresh, flavorful, nutritious foods. Here's how to start.

The Truth Behind Your Indigestion

Indigestion is indigestion, right? Wrong. By knowing the origins of your upset stomach you'll have a better shot at treating it successfully.

"Brain-Boosting" Supplements: Truth or Trend?

Could a combination of nutrients in one little pill really help improve your brainpower?

Chocolate: A Cardiovascular Hero...or Not?

Chocolate lovers cling to claims that this sweet treat helps the heart. What's the real truth?

Nightmares From Eating Before Bed?

Can a bite before bed cause you to have vivid dreams or even nightmares? Here's what one study says.

8 Digestive Health Myths

We separate fact from fiction for these common digestive misconceptions.

4 Healthy Dinners Under $5

Don't dine out at a restaurant that hurts your bank account and your waistline. Eat in with these recipes that are light on your diet and on your wallet.

Stay Healthy for Less

Many Americans are ignoring their health due to the dismal economic climate.

Health by the Numbers: Dieting

It's one of the hardest things people can tackle, especially as they get older. Here's a look at dieting by the numbers.

What's Your Perfect Body Weight?

When it comes to a healthy body, the number on the scale may not be telling the whole story.

What Causes Impotence in Men?

Thanks to TV ads erectile dysfunction is no longer under the covers. Still, misconceptions remain. Learn what causes impotence and ways to reduce your risk.

Don't Let Work Stress Cause You to Overeat

Stress can stir up an emotional appetite that can lead to overeating. The best solution is to find something other than food to take the edge off.

Health by the Numbers: Cholesterol

High cholesterol puts you at a higher risk for serious health conditions, including heart attack and stroke. Here's a look at cholesterol by the numbers.

Health by the Numbers: Nutrition

Proper eating can have an enormous impact on your health. Here's a look at nutrition by the numbers.

Your Teen is Going Vegetarian: What Now?

Dealing with a vegetarian in a household of carnivores can be challenging, but rest assured, everyone can co-exist peacefully.

Build a Better Salad

You already know it's good for you. Here are the tips and tricks to make your salad a nutritional powerhouse.

Is There a Downside to Losing Weight?

There's no doubt that shedding excess pounds is a big boost to your health and well-being, but not everything is totally rosy after weight loss.

Grow a Therapeutic Garden in Your Yard or Window Box

Boost your well-being with a fragrance garden. It's easy to grow therapeutic herbs and flowers with these tips.

Best Food Guide for IBD

Here are the safest food choices for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

Your Heart-Healthy Shopping List

The next time you head to the market, be sure to place these cardiovascular winners in your cart.

The Benefits of Protein for Diabetics

A university study suggests that the right proteins could help lower blood pressure in patients with diabetes.

Fat Facts for Diabetics: How to Make Healthy Choices

Learn how the body reacts to different types of fat, plus get tips on incorporating the right ones into your diet.

4 Ways to Go Healthy at the Coffee Shop

You can still have your coffee (and doughnut, too!) if you follow these four common-sense suggestions.

10 Ways to Tame Your Sugar Cravings

Satisfy your sweet tooth while still keeping your blood sugar in check with these simple tips.

How to Get More Vitamin D

Your body creates vitamin D by synthesizing UV rays. But that doesn't mean skimping on sunscreen. There are safer ways.

Green Tea for Health & Beauty

With a wealth of antioxidants, green tea is used for weight loss, skin care, and for anti-aging. Is it too good to be true?

Refined vs. Unrefined Foods: What Are the Differences?

In researching ways to make your diet more healthful, you may have come across the terms "refined" or "unrefined." But what exactly do they mean?

How Hormones Regulate Your Digestive System

Hormones are key players to keeping your digestive system running smoothly. Here s what you can do to maximize their potential.

Why Do Men Die First?

Recent statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) give women at birth an average life expectancy of 80.4 years compared with 75.4 years for men. So why is there such a gap?

Your Bathroom Scale Guide

Here's how to pick the right scale to support your goal of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

7 Ways to Manage Rosacea

Rosacea, which often causes constant redness in the face, can be frustrating and difficult to treat, but there are steps you can take to manage the condition.

Conquering Portion Distortion

From entr es and desserts to sodas and sides, Americans are supersizing. Learn how to choose healthier portions.

Headaches 101

Headaches are among the most common pain symptoms in the world. Learn about the different types of headaches and what causes them.

A Dozen Healthy Family Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day for your family, but lunch is important too, not to mention snacks. Here are essential nutrition tips from a top expert.

5 Great Sick-Day Foods

Stuck at home with a cold? Find comfort with these soothing foods.

5 Time-Wasters That Burn Calories

Who says losing weight has to be hard? These effortless activities can help rev your metabolism and melt the pounds away.

A Guide to Type 2 Diabetes

About 90 percent of the more than 25 million U.S. children and adults affected by diabetes have type 2 diabetes. Find out more about this growing epidemic, from risk factors to treatment options.

Warding Off Skin Cancer

Skin cancer rates are likely to increase in the coming years. Find out how behavioral and dietary changes can reduce your risk.

The Truth About Chocolate Tea

Chocolate and tea both offer cardiovascular perks. But can combining the two provide twice the benefit?

ADHD and Obesity: What's the Connection?

A national study suggests that kids with ADHD have double the chance of being overweight. Find out why.

The Worst Foods for IBS

When it comes to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which foods are most likely to bring on bouts of belly bloat and gassiness?

8 Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Want to enjoy the festivities without piling on the pounds? Check out our top eight tips.

Is Weight-Loss Surgery for You?

More and more Americans are opting for bariatric surgery to shed major pounds and improve their quality of life. Find out if you or a loved one could be a candidate.

7 Tips for a Healthier Work Day

There are plenty of ways to adopt healthy habits on the job, from fitting in a workout during lunch to switching out coffee for pure H2O.

10 Holiday Eating Tips

These healthy eating tips will help you make it to New Year's without the extra pounds or the guilt.

3 Fabulous Foods for Weight Loss

There's no one food that can magically transform an overweight body into an ideal figure. But there are foods that are beneficial to eat on the journey to a slimmer body.

7 Secrets For Weight-Loss Success

Get the skinny on tricks that really work.

Give Your Fridge a Makeover

With these six easy tips, you can transform your refrigerator and your health.

Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Desks and cubicles may seem benign, but they're often a breeding ground for bacteria. Follow these six tips to stay healthy at work.

Social Anxiety vs. Shyness

Are your feelings of discomfort just shyness, or a sign of a more serious health condition? Here's how to tell the difference.

What Does "Zero Trans Fats" Really Mean?

Nutrition labels can be deceiving. Learn how to cut though the hype and make healthier choices.

How to Lose Weight Without Really Trying

Sick of starving to lose weight? Follow these tips to shed pounds. No diet required.

Apples to Prevent Digestive Disease?

This tart, delicious fruit may have protective properties against diseases like colitis, Crohn's, and even cancer. But it's the part of the apple that might surprise you.

6 Ways to Boost Bone Strength

Learn how to build strong bones and protect against osteoporosis.

A Year of Living Less Dangerously

Keeping up with all your health screenings may seem daunting, but this list can get you started on a year of healthy living.

8 Easy Stressbusters

Feeling stressed out? Regain your calm with these tips.

Probiotics: Beneficial Bacteria

These friendly bacteria can do wonders for your digestive system. Learn how your body can start reaping the benefits.

The 5 Healthiest Foods You're Not Eating

Add these super foods to your diet, and give your health an instant boost.

Wake Up Thinner Tomorrow

Don't expect to lose 10 pounds overnight, but you can take steps to help your body rid itself of bloating while you sleep, which could result in a flatter tummy the next morning.

5 Best Pre-Bedtime Snacks

The keys to picking the perfect nighttime snack are to practice portion control and combine two essential types of foods.

Southern Home Cooking Lightens Up

Sugar, butter, and cream may be one celebrity chef's go-to ingredients, but that doesn't mean you should follow in her footsteps. You can still recreate the cuisine of the Queen of Southern Cooking without doing damage to your health. Let a team of experts show you how.

Will Bovine Colostrum Improve Your Exercise Efforts?

One of the newest players in the fitness world is one of the oldest nutritional substances on earth. Bovine colostrum (also known as early cow s milk) is making a name as a powerful way to increase athletic performance and speed recovery time after extreme workouts.

Weight Issues in Your Family? What You Can Do

Although avoiding fatty foods is the key to being lean, current science indicates that overeating doesn't tell the whole story.

Will Beetroot Juice Improve Your Running?

Beetroot juice just might be the newest super drink. Some elite runners drink it by the gallon and swear that it boosts athletic performance. So, what's the real story behind beetroot juice?

Brain Benefits of Exercise

You know exercise provides both physical and emotional benefits. But what does it do for your cognitive function? Here's another compelling reason to go for that fitness walk.

Are You Super Smart About Super Foods?

While there's no single food that meets every nutritional requirement a person needs, doctors and researchers have pinpointed a handful of edibles as standouts in the field.

Best Ingredients for Health-Boosting Smoothies

Watching your weight or looking to up your nutrients? Smoothies are a delicious and easy way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Try some of these.

10 Ways to Eat Well When Life Is Stressful

Stress can stir up an emotional appetite that can lead to overeating. The best solution is to find something other than food to take the edge off.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Is It a Super Tonic?

Do you suffer from sinus troubles? Dandruff? Sore throat? Diarrhea? Apple cider vinegar could alleviate all of these conditions.

Is the Blood-Type Diet for You?

Your blood type (O, A, B, or AB) may influence your risk of developing certain types of disease. But does that mean you should eat a strict diet based on your type?

Take a Bite Out of Bamboo

Eating the new shoots and tender leaves of bamboo may have powerful medicinal effects. Where would you find them? How are they prepared? And what health benefits might they possess?

How Safe Are Food Preservatives?

Food manufacturers use both natural and synthetic preservatives to extend the life of many of the food products we eat. Government regulations limit the use of some of them. Here s why.

Eat to Beat Bowel Cancer

Fresh fruits and vegetables help fight disease, but do you know which ones are best to prevent developing bowel cancer?

Well-Done Meat Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Sorry grill-lovers, there's some bad news: New research supports the connection between consuming grilled, well-done red meat and an aggressive type of prostate cancer.

10 Healthy, Kid-Friendly Kitchen Must-Haves

Almond butter. Sweet potatoes. Avocados. Jicama. Keeping foods like these on hand will help your child look at healthy eating as less of a chore and more of a choice.

How Safe Is Your Child's Apple Juice?

Recent tests of arsenic levels in some popular apple juice brands have many parents restricting their kids' consumption or even banning this staple entirely from their homes. Overreaction or justified behavior?

Gluten Allergy, Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease: The Differences

The symptoms you experience after eating a food containing gluten hold the key to whether it's an allergy or intolerance.

7 Health Tips From the Teacher

Success in the classroom starts at home. Here's how to ensure your child is physically and emotionally prepared to take on the school day.

Cholesterol: The Good and the Bad

You ve probably heard the terms good cholesterol and bad cholesterol bandied about, but what are the key differences between the two? This go-to guide clears the confusion.

Breakfast Cereal Basics: Nutritional Dos and Don ts

The dietary choices you make during breakfast can set your course for the rest of the day. Let this go-to guide help you bring a wholesome cereal selection to the table each morning.

Foods and Supplements for Asthma Control

Easy ways to boost your respiratory health may already be sitting in your refrigerator and on your pantry shelves. What works best?

Diet Dos and Don'ts for Ulcerative Colitis

There are menu choices that aggravate ulcerative colitis and some that help to ease the symptoms. See what to avoid and what to add to your plate.

Does Candy Affect Your Personality?

If you have a "sweet tooth," research suggests this preference could actually affect your personality. But does it make you sweeter or does it make you sour?

How Cherry Juice Can Help You Sleep

This insomnia remedy is making a real splash in certain circles. See what recent studies say.

Pick a Pepper for Nutrition

Rich in color, flavor, and nutrients, these versatile vegetables star in a variety of international cuisines. Here's a bushel of ways to add them to your diet.

Meat Substitutes: What Are Your Options?

Reducing your meat consumption doesn't mean you only have bean protein sources left. Consider these vegan meat substitutes. They offer the flavors and textures you enjoy from your favorite meats.

Is Your Child's Brown Bag Lunch Safe to Eat?

Here are recommendations that will keep your child's brown bag from spoiling, and possibly making her sick.

5 Pre-Bedtime Snack Ideas

The keys to picking the perfect nighttime snack are to practice portion control and combine two essential types of foods.

Managing Diabetes Plus Celiac Disease

It can be tricky to eliminate gluten from the diet, and when you must simultaneously manage your blood sugar, eating can get downright complicated. Here are the tips to follow.

The Best Comfort Foods for Digestive Health

Take comfort in knowing that these food favorites are actually healthy for you, just as long as you eat them the right way.

Help for Heartburn Sufferers Who Love Coffee

If your love for coffee has diminished thanks to heartburn, there's good news: it's because you're drinking the wrong kind of brew.

The Best Way to Store Groceries at Home

Learn how to keep the food you buy fresh and safe to eat.

An Apple Peel a Day

Studies have found that the skin on an apple contains a substance that not only promotes muscle growth and prevents the loss of muscle that comes with aging, but may also lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

The Link Between Your Protein Intake and Your Sex Drive

Guys whose sex life isn't exactly red-hot may want to examine their diet as a possible culprit. According to recent research, Individuals who don't consume enough protein actually risk having a low testosterone level.

Caffeine and Depression: Does It Help or Does It Hurt?

For many adults, there's nothing like a good, hot cup of coffee to get you going in the morning. Few people, however, know the profound effect caffeine has on their mood.

The Perks of Protein

While java will give you a jolt, you have other pick-me-up options that may be less jarring to your system. Consider forgoing the caffeine for a protein-rich snack.

5 Ways to Spot a Bad Fad Diet

There's nothing wrong with trying to slim down, but watch out for these red flags.

Strategies for a Hangover-Free New Year's

You don t have to suffer after every party this holiday season with a hangover. Knowing some facts about hangovers can help you celebrate this season as a hangover-free one.

Your Heart's Favorite Mineral?

This mineral helps your heart maintain a steady rhythm and promotes normal blood pressure. It's being studied for its role in preventing and managing such heart ailments as hypertension (high blood pressure) and cardiovascular disease.

American Idol's Casey Abrams: Living Well With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

QualityHealth sat down with American Idol's Casey Abrams to talk about his experience living with ulcerative colitis. Here's what you should know about this chronic, but manageable inflammatory bowel disease.

Low B12 Levels and Brain Shrinkage: Is There a Link?

A recent study showed that a lack of B12 can not only result in lower scores on tests of cognitive ability; it actually can correlate with smaller total brain volume.

Digestive Problems Could Stifle Your Weight Loss Goals

If you feel that you've been exercising and no results ensue, it may be time to consider whether digestive problems could be getting in the way.

Best Foods to Prevent Bowel Cancers

Fresh fruits and vegetables can help fight cancer, but do you know which ones are best for your bowel?

Gassy at Night? 9 Steps to Take

If diet or lifestyle habits are at the root of your bloating or gas overload, there are steps you can take during the day to avoid having problems at night.

Caffeine in Your Genes?

If you drink a bit more coffee or tea than most people you know, scientists say it may be thanks to your DNA.

Antibiotics Making You Sick? Foods to Eat and Avoid

If antibiotics are making you nauseated, eating the right foods and staying away from the wrong ones can help you feel better.

How to Combat Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is a common occurrence. Here are 10 lifestyle changes you can make to help reduce or eliminate excess fluids.

How to Live With a Gluten Sensitivity

If you found out that you can no longer eat gluten, that doesn't mean your diet must be filled with dull food items from now on. Learn about your delicious gluten-free options so that your digestive system can function well again.

More Plant-Based Foods May Mean Fewer Cataracts

Want to save your eyesight as you get older? Consider forgoing that juicy steak in favor of a green salad.

Super Foods to Prevent PMS

Eliminating some foods from your diet may help relieve some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Adding others may help even more. Here's how to eat to beat PMS.

5 Tips for Buying Safe, High-Quality Food

Food safety issues make headlines far too often. Here's how to help ensure you're feeding your family safe, high-quality food.

Fortified or Natural: What's Better?

Like supplements, fortified foods offer insurance against the health problems associated with nutritional deficiencies. But are they an ideal replacement?

Can Burning the Midnight Oil Make You Gain Weight?

Researchers have found that night owls tend to eat twice as much junk food and weigh more than people who go to bed on the early side and wake up with the sun.

Acid and Alkaline Balance: The Key to Healthy Bones?

Scientists now believe that consuming a diet high in acid-producing foods like animal proteins, processed foods, and sweeteners and low in fresh fruits and vegetables is partly responsible for the development of osteoporosis and diseases caused by chronic metabolic acidosis.

10 Best Foods for Men

While the quickest way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, the easiest way to prevent chronic conditions and improve longevity is through his diet. These 10 foods are particularly beneficial for those with the Y-chromosome.

Popcorn, Peanuts, and Pretzels: Healthy Snacks or Harmful Nibbles?

How do you define a healthy snack? Low-fat? Low-calorie? Low-carb? Foods that fit into those categories may be good choices, but a better approach might be to choose snacks that are also high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Can Vitamin D Prevent Arthritis?

What if you could take a pill that would stop you from ever developing rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis? Research suggests there may be such a pill, and it's widely available and easy to obtain.

5 Key Nutrients for Bone Health

The best way to boost your bones, besides weight-bearing exercise, is to take in enough of the substances that strengthen and build your skeleton. Here's a rundown of the top nutrients you need for a fit frame.

The Healing Powers of 5 Everyday Spices

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves do more than flavor some of your favorite foods. These and others have medicinal properties and are most effective as healers when used on a regular basis. Here's how to get more of them into your diet.

How Flaxseed Can Fix Your Digestion

You've heard of the digestive and nutritional benefits of flaxseed, now learn how you can incorporate this potent grain into your daily menu.

What a Life Coach Can Do for You

Everyone has life goals and dreams, but many people have no idea how to achieve them. That's where a life coach can help. Life coaches help you create the blueprint to become your best self.

5 Fixes for Post-Meal Fatigue

A good meal should boost your energy, not leave you feeling sapped.

Menu Diversity May Be a Recipe for Obesity

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but perhaps menu monotony is the way to keep his heart healthy.

Pass on Salt? Maybe Not

One study questions the need for salt restrictions.

Wheatgrass Juice: Contender or Pretender?

Touted as a "living food," wheatgrass juice first became popular when a self-proclaimed "natural healer" began to promote the benefits of consuming green vegetables, herbs, and wild weeds. Since then, wheatgrass has been analyzed, studied, and sold as a health remedy.

Krill Oil: Better Than Fish Oil?

Krill, tiny shrimp-like crustaceans that live on the bottom of the ocean, are chock full of beneficial oils, including omega-3 fatty acids.

10 Easy Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

There are simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing high cholesterol and manage the problem if it occurs.

Kimchi: Why Is It All the Rage?

The salty, spicy, pickled vegetable dish known as kimchi is a fermented food traditionally served in Korea and now popular in other Asian countries and also in the United States.

Do You Really Need to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day?

For years now, the conventional wisdom has been to drink eight glasses of water a day if you want to maintain good health. But is that really true? According to one doctor, the answer is no.

In the Kitchen With Arthritis

If arthritis pain bothers you, you may have all but given up on cooking and baking. But there are ways to get back in the kitchen and rediscover your inner chef.

Full vs. Empty Stomach: Which is Better for Exercise?

Some experts say you'll burn more fat if you exercise on an empty stomach. Others assert your athletic performance will suffer if you don't fuel it with the right food. Who's right?

3 Heart-Healthy Habits With Zero Deprivation

Pizza? Drinks? TV? Your favorite indulgences can be made heart healthy, if you do them right.

BAI: Better Than BMI?

Researchers from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California have proposed a new formula for measuring body fat using hip circumference and height. This formula is known as body adiposity index, or BAI.

8 Food Allergy Safety Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

When you have food allergies, organizing your kitchen and other food storage areas isn't just convenient it's essential.

Why You Crave Sugar

If you're craving sugar, the problem may be more serious than merely trying to satisfy an occasional sweet tooth. You may be addicted to sugar.

For Heart Health, Eat Plenty of This

Recent research shows it's not only how much of it you eat, but also what kind, and when in your life you eat it. Get the low-down on one path to better heart health.

What You Should Know About Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified (GM) or engineered, foods have been scientifically altered to develop more desirable traits. These traits might include better resistance to destructive insects in the field, or increased nutritional value.

20 Ways to Drink More Water

Set an alarm. Use a fancy glass. Hang a sign on your fridge. These are just a few ways to ensure you get your daily dose of H20.

Add This Kind of Fiber for Less Belly Fat

Visceral fat, the type found around the waist and belly and surrounding the vital organs, poses much more of a health risk to you than fat that's right under the skin. But upping a particular type of fiber in your diet could help you get rid of it.

BPA in Canned Foods: What You Should Know

BPA is used in the production of some hard plastics and the plastic-like linings of many metal cans used to package foods and beverages. Since BPA leaches out of the plastic and into the contents of the can when exposed to heat, there is wide concern about its toxic effect.

10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Salad

If you find yourself munching on the same old lettuce and tomatoes day in and day out, maybe it's time for a salad makeover.

How to Successfully Donate Blood

Giving blood is straightforward, safe, and infinitely helpful to those in need. So if you want to join the effort, here are six steps you can take to ensure the process is as easy as possible.

How to Eat Healthy at the Airport

There's always something to eat at the airport, especially if you're at one of the larger "hub" airports. Unfortunately, where there are more food vendors, there are more opportunities for unhealthy options and food safety violations.

Health Advice at the Hair Salon

Over the last few years, some hair salons and barbers have been dispensing more than just trims. They've been giving out health advice, too.

Manage Your Digestive Ailments Digitally

If you're having trouble maintaining a food diary to keep track of certain triggers that could be contributing to your digestive problems, apps for your smartphone and other electronic devices may be able to help.

5 Easy Tips to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

You can take a vacation from day-to-day living without forfeiting daily exercise and healthy eating. These practical tips will help you stave off the extra pounds without needing to give up festive foods and unforgettable fun.

Become Your Baby's Favorite Chef

Why should you make your own baby food? Let's see, it's generally more nutritious, less costly, and it takes hardly any effort to get started.

All About Egg Yolks, Whites, and Substitutes

Whole or separated, in recipes or on their own, eggs are an important part of most people's diets. But if you're concerned about heart disease, shouldn't you worry about the fat and cholesterol in eggs? Not when you know which parts of the egg to use, and when to use them.

How Your Body Uses Nutrients

Have you thought about how your digestive system actually converts the meals you eat into fuel? Here's a quick survey of how your organs break down nutrients to keep your body in motion.

High Altitudes May Lead to Weight Loss

New research suggests you can lose weight and keep it off just by spending a week in the mountains.

Is Asthma Piling on the Pounds?

If you have asthma and find yourself struggling with your weight, you may wonder if asthma is to blame. And according to many researchers, there could be a link.

Could Your Family Use a Personal Chef?

For a growing number of families (couples and singles, too), personal chefs are becoming as common and indispensable as housekeepers. They're the answer to "What's for dinner?"

Blood Sugar Control: Why Food Diaries Are Key

Here's how a food diary can help you and your doctor. Plus tricks to make keeping one easier.

12 Best Bets for Healthy Beer Options

If you're looking for a "healthy" beer, unfortunately, you won't find one. But that doesn't mean you should skip out entirely. If you choose to indulge in a beer, make the best choice for your health.

BPA Plastic: 7 Safety Steps

Keeping safe from toxic chemicals is no easy task these days. Here are practical steps you can take to minimize exposure.

How to Choose a Safe and Reusable Water Bottle

Drinking plenty of water is among the best things you can do for your health. Switching from a disposable water bottle to a reusable one is among the best things you can do for the planet.

Papaya for Digestive Health

This nutrient-powerhouse can aid an assortment of digestive woes, and there are many ways you can enjoy it. Whether you cook it, eat it raw, or put it in a smoothie, incorporate papaya into your healthy digestion plan.

Cut the Cancer Risk From Your Backyard Barbeque

Numerous studies have linked the consumption of red meat (beef, pork, and lamb) and processed meats to an increased risk for a wide range of cancers.

All About Olives

The fruit of the olive tree has a long, rich history as a symbol of peace, new life, hope and honor. These days, it is best known as a symbol of good health.

Why Fiber Is Essential to Your Digestive (and Overall) Health

Although dietary fiber is probably best known as a remedy to prevent or relieve constipation, it provides other important health benefits as well, including lowering your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

"Balanced Diet": What Does It Mean for You?

Following a balanced diet can help you lower your blood sugar and cholesterol, and it ensures you'll enjoy lots of delicious and healthy options. Here's how to do it.

Considering Composting? Tips to Keep in Mind

Many factors go into the decision to start composting but, as a project, it doesn't have to be any bigger than you want it to be.

4 Ways to Dine Out Without Damaging Your Diet

To make the most of your restaurant experience while making sure you're not undoing a week's worth of exercise, follow these tips.

8 Summer Party Tips for Diabetics

Live it up at all the backyard barbecues and casual al fresco get-togethers this season has to offer, but keep these eight tips in mind so your blood sugar and your waistline won't reflect poor choices later.

What You Should Know About Food Expiration Dates

Should you throw out a container of yogurt if you notice that the date on the package is a few days beyond the date you're planning on eating it? Well, it all depends on these factors.

Commonly Misdiagnosed Digestive Problems

Digestive problems tend to disguise themselves as other conditions, and as a result, it can be difficult to get an accurate diagnosis. But your health depends on it.

Ghrelin: The Hunger Hormone

Here's what researchers know about this mysterious chemical messenger that appears to have such a profound and direct effect on one's ability to lose weight.

7 Daily Must-Dos for Retirees

One research team studied older people on the small Greek island of Ikaria, a place where fully one-third of residents live to at least 90, and found that the residents share many healthful habits.

Should You Take Digestive Enzymes?

Your body naturally produces digestive enzymes to help your body break down food. So if you have a shortage of those enzymes and you experience not-so-pleasant symptoms, it might be time to turn to these common supplements.

Is the Western Diet to Blame for Type 2 Diabetes?

What and how you eat could be hazardous to your health.

Could Tangerines Prevent Obesity?

This juicy little fruit contains a substance that may help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9: The Basics

Omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids confer a variety of health benefits when consumed on a regular basis and in the right amounts.

Know Your Wild Oats

Oats take many forms, but all are beneficial to your health and help reduce your risk of disease.

Build a Heart-Healthy Meal at the Salad Bar

What could be more convenient for lunch on the go than a quick stop at the salad bar? But the choices you make can make the difference between a fat-laden, calorie-heavy meal and a satisfying, good-for-your-heart lunch.

New Food Plate Guidelines: Healthy Eating Made Easy

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has unveiled a new icon that it hopes will make choosing nutritious foods easier for Americans.

6 Ways to Become a Locavore

Buying local helps cut down on the cost and environmental impact associated with packaging, transporting, and shipping food across the country (or the planet, for that matter).

What Can Vinegar Do for Diabetes?

It's not just for salad anymore. This astringent condiment may actually help lower blood sugar.

Heart-Smart Salad Bar Selections

Building a salad can be one of the best things you can do for your heart, or one of the worst. Here's how to construct a cardio-friendly creation, without sacrificing great flavor.

Cooking After a Diabetes Diagnosis

Here's how to prepare delicious food that works for the diabetic in your life and doesn't leave anyone feeling deprived.

6 Ways Men Can Live Longer

Taking care of your health is the single most important way to extend your life. And even though, in general, men tend to have a lousy track record, there are simple ways you can turn that around.

Should You Take Safflower Oil for a Healthier Heart?

There's good news for people looking to lower their risk for heart disease.

Natural Solutions to 3 Gas Problems

Eating a well-balanced diet, drinking plenty of water each day, and refraining from doing things that can worsen digestive problems could be all you need to ease your digestive woes.

Want to Live Longer? Eat Whole Grain Fiber

We all know that eating a diet rich in whole grains is good for your heart. Now a new study shows that the kind of fiber found in whole grains may also reduce your risk of dying at an early age from a variety of other causes.

The Dirty Truth Behind Body Mass Index

The formula behind body mass index (BMI) can be tricky. It can help you know if the number on the scale is where it's supposed to be. However, BMI can't provide useful information about this.

Your Saliva: What's It Really For?

From aiding in digestion to raising a red flag about potential diseases, your saliva plays a pretty big role in your health.

Eating While Standing: How It Can Harm Your Health

What difference does it make if you stand at a counter to eat, sit down at a table, or grab a bite on the run? Well, when it comes to your physical and mental health, it might make all the difference in the world.

How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Without adequate protein, your muscles can't properly grow and thrive. Keep in mind, however, that over-indulging can be just as damaging to your health as under-indulging.

Eating Ethnic When You Have Diabetes

Mexican, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian: All are delicious, to be sure, but they can also be potential minefields in terms of blood sugar control. So does this mean you should stay home? Definitely not!

What Foods Contain Probiotics?

You may have seen the word "probiotics" trumpeted on the packages of various products on supermarket shelves. Manufacturers want you to believe their foods are good for you, and in fact probiotics do have numerous health benefits. But sorting through what's fact and what are merely inflated claims can be confusing.

5 Reasons to Say "Yes" to Salad

The right kind of salad mix can help you stay healthy, fight aging, stave off chronic disease, and keep your weight in check.

Belly Fat: Could Plant Oil Help?

New research suggests that a particular plant oil might be a powerful weapon in the fight against obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

5 Reasons to Say "Yes" to Salad

The right kind of salad mix can help you stay healthy, fight aging, stave off chronic disease, and keep your weight in check.

What You Need to Know About Dysbiosis

Not all bacteria are bad: They can positively contribute to the digestive process. But too much good bacteria can also be unhealthy. That's why, when your bacteria balance gets out of whack, you can develop dysbiosis. Discover the symptoms, causes, and treatments for this condition.

Can Eating This Prevent Vascular Disease?

A new study shows that there may be added heart benefits to including these foods in your daily diet.

In Pursuit of the Perfect Chip

Nowadays, it's easy to find great-tasting chips made from taro root, sweet potatoes, soybeans, black beans, pinto beans, adzuki beans, pita bread, rice, or even apples.

Can a Mediterranean Diet Ease Your Digestive Troubles?

Because one of the key components of this diet includes eating lots of fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables, following the Mediterranean diet may keep your digestive system running smoothly.

Your Kitchen Makeover for Heart Health

Taking stock of the kinds of foods in your pantry and refrigerator and replacing the ones that increase your risk for cardiovascular disease with nutritious, flavorful whole foods, will help you and your family make heart-smart food choices and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Could You Have an Intestinal Parasite?

If you've been experiencing stomach pain, diarrhea, and fatigue, you may have an intestinal parasite. Intestinal parasites are fairly common and can be serious, especially in the elderly, people living in undeveloped countries, and those who have other health problems.

Understanding Leaky Gut Syndrome

This condition is the result of damage to the intestinal lining, which allows larger-than-normal particles such as undigested food, microbes, wastes, and toxins to get into the lymphatic system or bloodstream, triggering an immune response that causes inflammation.

Get Your Picky Eater to Eat Breakfast

The importance of a nutritious breakfast can't be overstated and that means you might need to get creative.

Living with Dumping Syndrome

If you've had surgery to remove part of your stomach or had gastric bypass surgery to help you lose weight, you may be susceptible to this condition.

Are Dietary Supplements Good for Your Heart?

The American Heart Association has some specific recommendations when it comes to getting heart healthy nutrients.

A New Generation of Food Festivals

Looking for a healthy meal? Look no further than your local fairgrounds.

Vitamins and Minerals: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Overloading on vitamins and minerals is easy to do and can be dangerous.

Are Brown Foods Really Better?

Whether it's an egg, a loaf of bread, or a type of sugar, brown foods somehow seem healthier, more natural. But are they?

Breaking the Fast-Food Cycle

Experts warn that our national eating habits come at a price. Here, a guide to healthy eating on the go.

Genetically Modified Foods: The How, What, and Why

Since 1994, foods that have been genetically modified have been sold in supermarkets all over the United States and, whether you know it or not, you've probably been eating them.

Whose Heart Health Is Ideal?

Nearly 2,000 people were evaluated against seven heart-healthy criteria set by the American Heart Association. The results may surprise you.

Cruciferous Vegetables Are Prevention Powerhouses

The evidence is overwhelming that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps prevent cancer. Cruciferous vegetables, in particular, deliver compounds that help prevent the transformation of normal cells into cancer.

Going Vegan: A Healthy Choice?

No meat, no poultry, no eggs, no fish, no dairy, no animal products of any kind. For some, a vegan diet is unimaginable; for others it is a path to good health.

A Simple Skin Test Can Shine Light on Your Lifestyle

You know that an unhealthy lifestyle can eventually show up on your skin, but what if a simple, painless test could reveal the physical evidence? Would it encourage you to change your habits? Some scientists believe that it will.

Employee Fitness Programs: A Win-Win

It's hard to find time for fitness, a sensible diet, and health screenings, especially when you work full time. That is, unless health and fitness opportunities come directly to you.

Understanding Cirrhosis of the Liver

Cirrhosis is the final phase of chronic liver disease when the liver begins to function poorly due to scarring. Get familiar with how this disease affects your liver, know the symptoms, and learn what you can do to treat and prevent this incurable disease.

Adjust Your Family's Food Attitude

Sample these dozen healthy ideas that will help your family lead a healthier life for the long haul.

Getting to Know Your Taste Buds

Meet your tongue: the organ of taste and home to thousands of tiny taste buds that help you enjoy the foods you love and avoid those you don't.

Which Vitamins Are Really Essential?

Nearly every "health-conscious" food product or dietary supplement comes with the same catchphrase: "Packed with essential vitamins and minerals." But with a vitamin existing for almost every letter of the alphabet, which ones are really essential for you?

What's to Blame for Your Bad Habits?

If you've struggled with giving up a bad habit, or trying to create a new one, don't be too hard on yourself; it's not a personal weakness or lack of self-control. Turns out, there's a whole science behind habit formation.

Top 10 Dining Out Strategies for Diabetics

Here are the solutions you need to add to your menu before you pick up your knife and fork.

All About Quinoa

This tasty, nutritious little seed has become a favorite among natural food lovers everywhere.

Protein Powder: Help or Hype?

In spite of the marketing claims, are protein powders really necessary for the typical weekend warrior or average guy who can't get to the gym more than a few times a week?

The Not-So-Sweet Truth About Teens and Sugar

Your teen's daily consumption of what seems like a bottomless pit of sugar might seem harmless now, but that very behavior can put her heart at risk later on in life. Thankfully, you can put a stop to this.

Your Bad Habits: Don't Hand Them Down

While it's true that as kids get older you have less influence on them as parents, don't discount your role in modeling good (and bad) behavior. While what you say to them may sometimes fall on deaf ears, what you do will certainly be noticed.

Black Raspberries May Prevent Colon Cancer

It turns out that these sweet little berries may play a key role in preventing colon cancer. And there are creative ways you can incorporate this super fruit into your daily menu.

Which Nut Butters are Best?

Nuts are good for you, and so are their butters. And they're even better if you make them yourself.

All About Tea

Loose, bagged, home-brewed, or instant out of a bottle, tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. And, depending on the form it takes, it can also be good for you. Or not.

Acidy Feeling in Your Mouth? 9 Tips to Feel Better

Chances are you've experienced that unpleasant feeling of a sour, acid-like taste in your mouth. And what's worse is that it can happen at the most inconvenient times. Learn how this happens and what you can do to get rid of that sour taste in your mouth.

All About Vinegar

Cider. Malt. Balsamic. White. With so many vinegars on the market, it can be difficult to discern between them all. This basic primer will help it all make sense.

Dangers of Eating at Your Desk

Are you the kind who, during lunch break, forgoes the trip across the street to the local caf and plow through lunch at your desk while never diverging from work? If so, you could be harming your health. Here's four ways you can get back on track.

Is the Macrobiotic Diet for You?

This alternative diet is held up by some as an effective method for managing cancer. Here are the principles so you can decide for yourself.

Why Some Foods Get Better With Age

When it comes to foods such as cheese, many live by the motto, "The stinkier, the better." And then there are wine connoisseurs. They'll wait decades before corking a bottle of red or white. So what's the secret behind this graceful aging process?

Want a Tan? Eat Vegetables Instead

You've heard about the health dangers of tanning booths: skin cancer and eye damage, to name just two. But if you simply can't get the desire for bronze out of your head, it's time to walk away from the tanning bed...and over to your fridge.

Taking Antioxidants May Boost Male Fertility

Researchers have a hunch that antioxidants long touted to decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease may also help fertility-challenged couples to conceive.

Delayed Heartburn: Why Does it Happen?

Ever eaten something you knew would ignite heartburn or acid reflux, but afterwards were surprised to find that you didn't experience symptoms? If so, don't be relieved, the burn can plague you within hours or even days.

Vegetarian Diet for Diabetics

Is it possible to live with diabetes, eat meat-free, and be healthy? Here's what's essential to keep in mind.

The New USDA Dietary Guidelines, Decoded

All-you-can-eat buffets. Unlimited soda refills. Burgers the size of ball fields. When it comes to food, America serves it up. It's no wonder one-third of our children and two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese. Here's what you need to know to help your family eat better.

Nuts about Nuts? Your Heart Says Thanks

What's the story behind the crunchy snack that's good for your heart?

Post-Exercise Eating: Don't Undo Your Workout

If your calorie-burning workouts are often followed by calorie-crazed binges, you might as well not be exercising at all. So, how do you put an end to this vicious cycle? We've got eight effective ways.

Should You Take Fiber Supplements?

Fiber supplements have become all the rage, helping weight-conscious people to feel fuller so they eat less. And fiber is also an efficient stool softener and eases irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)and constipation. But keep in mind: It s possible to misuse fiber supplements.

Are Eating Disorders Genetic?

Genetics play a significant role in mental health disorders. Individuals who have one or more family members with a mental health disease are more likely to develop a brain disorder than those without a family history. This link holds true for eating disorders as well.

How Your Diet Affects Your Metabolism

The processes involved in metabolism are going on all the time, in every cell of your body. It's a complicated process, the success of which is determined, in part, by the way you eat.

Charcoal Capsules for IBS: Help or Hype?

Can diet, stress-reduction, and change of lifestyle be our only hope to remedy IBS or can charcoal capsules be the next cure?

The Vitamin Quandary for Diabetics

Do diabetics need more vitamins than non-diabetics?

4 Bad Sleep Habits Men Have

Sleep deprivation is a growing epidemic in this country, and neither gender has a lock on it. But there are a few behaviors of which men seem to be particularly guilty.

Foods that Make You Sweat and Smell

Is it true that you are what you eat? Your body odor may provide the answer.

5 Diet Busters

Trying to lose weight but can't? Well, before you place the blame on this or that, it may be time to take a good look at what you've been doing.

The Facts About Kiwi

Many people consider kiwis to be their favorite fruit. Sweet and juicy, these delicious picks are high in fiber, potassium, and handful of essential vitamins. Yet as the popularity of kiwis grow, so do the number of people who are allergic.

Asthma or Obesity: Which Comes First?

In recent years, scientists have recognized a link between asthma and obesity, but understanding which problem comes first hasn't been quite as clear.

10 Best Foods for Diabetics

What should you reach for and what should you avoid when it comes to living a healthy life with diabetes? It s easier than you think.

Soda May Cause Muscular Weakness

If you drink too much sugar-sweetened soda, particularly cola, you may be putting yourself at risk of developing muscular weakness and a host of other problems as well.

Does Dairy Fat Reduce Type 2 Risk?

Harvard School of Public Health scientists, along with colleagues from other institutions, have discovered a natural substance in dairy fat that could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The Worst Fats for Diabetics

Lurking in the foods you love, these nutritionally bankrupt bad guys are well worth avoiding.

Recognizing Binge Eating in Kids and Teens

When food replaces personal relationships or when overeating is a response to stress or depression, a potentially life-threatening situation can occur.

Vitamin E Supplements Linked to Stroke

Before you take another capsule, here's what you need to know about how Vitamin E supplements are tied to risk of stroke.

The Truth behind "You are What You Eat"

You've heard it a million times, but the next time you hear "you are what you eat," you can be sure that the statement has been validated by numerous studies.

How to be Superwoman

Women simultaneously give their best as professionals, mothers, wives, friends, sisters, daughters, and more. They work inside and outside the home and somehow find time for everyone...except the one person who is most important: Herself.

The Pros and Cons of Juicing

Juicing is a practical way to get in your vitamins and minerals in a tasty and easy-to-digest way. See if this will be what it takes to finally get the amount of fruits and vegetables your body needs to function at its best.

Limit Salt, Not Flavor

Here's how to keep an eye on the (sometimes hidden) salt you consume, while maintaining the flavor you crave.

How to Use Food to Fight a Cold

Eating the right foods can ward off a cold or, at the very least, help you feel better faster.

How to Eat Enough While on Chemotherapy

Cancer treatment side effects can make it difficult for cancer patients to consume sufficient calories and adequate nutrition, but there are ways to make it easier to get the nutrition you need.

Add "Nature's Wonder Food" to Your Life

Packed with protein and fiber, but low in fat, this pantry must-have delivers a lot of nutrition at an affordable price.

Could You Have Selective Eating Disorder?

The National Eating Disorders Association estimates that about 10 million people in the U.S. suffer from eating disorders.

Confusion over Carbonation: Get the Truth about Fizzy Drinks

Drinking soda and other carbonated beverages (think: beer, champagne) can take a toll on your tummy and your teeth, but only if you overdo it.

Risks and Benefits of Eating Heart-Healthy Fish

When it comes to mercury exposure from fish, what do you need to know to make the healthiest choices?

Water: The Great Weight-Loss Elixir

Trying to drop weight? Skip the pills, potions, and fad diets. Instead, drink water. That's right, plain water the healthiest and most effective weight-loss elixir around.

How Healthy is Your Cooking Style?

Grilled, steamed, saut ed. Poached, boiled, baked. With so many ways to prepare food, it can be difficult to decide what's best. Well, here's a primer on various cooking techniques and the reasons why some are better than others.

5 Healthy Winter Spices

The spices that "warm up" winter foods may also play a big role in fighting off disease. Here, discover the benefits of these tasty treats from the earth.

What's Really in Your Coffee Creamer?

It probably doesn't matter what type of creamer you use, or what's on the ingredient list if you drink a cup of coffee a day. But if you drink several cups a day, and add more than the standard serving size of creamer per cup, you may be getting more fat and sugar than you bargained for.

Your Recipe for Improved Memory

Which veggies promise to reduce age-related memory deficits?

Fit in Fruits and Vegetables

Eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables can feel a bit daunting, especially for busy families on the go. The good news is that it's a lot easier than you might imagine.

What Vitamins Are Best for Men?

Vitamins keep your body in top working order. And while everyone needs a variety of vitamins, there are a few nutrients that are particularly necessary for men.

Feeling Blue? Vitamin C May Be For You

You may be able to change your frame of mind by eating foods that are rich in vitamin C.

4 Yummy Gluten-Free Treats

Do you live for the satisfying taste of a decadent treat? Here are four safe gluten-free foods that can add some extra flavor into your week.

Holiday Foods that Won't Aggravate Your IBS

Facing the upcoming holiday celebrations and the inevitable food frenzy can be difficult if you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Dress for the Holidays in Comfort

You can look great without wearing uncomfortable, constricting clothing. Here's how you can be stylish and still stay comfortable.

The Health Benefits of Beets

This little root vegetable is rich in powerful nitrates that boost the flow of blood throughout your body and even help prevent cognitive decline.

Black Rice Bran: The Allergy Remedy You Can Eat

What if you could head off your next allergy attack by simply adding black rice to your daily menu?

Can Your Diet Improve Your Focus?

You've probably heard the expression, "you are what you eat." It may be a clich , but it's true. What you eat plays a direct role on your brain's cognitive (thinking) abilities, and may influence your risk of developing mental illness, age-related cognitive decline, or Alzheimer's disease.

The Blood Pressure Fix that Doesn't Work

One antioxidant touted for lowering blood pressure and reducing heart disease risk offers no heart benefit.

The Truth About the Acai Berry

Lose weight! Feel more energetic! Fight aging! Improve your sex life! Can one little purple berry do this much good?

6 Mini-Meals or 3 Squares: Which is Better?

Breaking up your daily calories into small plates has its advantages over sitting down to the traditional three square meals. But a recent study revealed a big disadvantage to "grazing."

Resveratrol May Slow Aging

Resveratrol, a plant compound found in red wine and red grapes, has for some time been touted as a key to longevity.

Freezing Off Fat: Innovative or Dangerous?

Cryolipolysis, a new technique for eliminating unwanted body fat, is quickly becoming popular. But before you rush to set up an appointment, here's what you should know.

7 Smartest Condiment Choices

Condiments help simple, everyday foods rise above the ordinary to become extraordinary. And as it turns out, some great-tasting condiments also do great things for your health.

Fall's Finest Farm Stand Picks for Diabetics

The As (apples), Bs (Brussels sprouts), and Cs (cabbage) of cooking the season's best for nutrition and balanced blood sugar.

Soluble vs. Insoluble Fiber: What's the Difference?

Both types of fiber are good for your health, but each serves a distinct purpose and can be found in specific foods. So, are you getting enough of each?

5 Heart-Smart Fall Foods

Take advantage of the bounty of autumn with these healthy, hearty, heart-smart foods.

Top 5 Supplements for Men

The key to effective supplementation is to know what you're taking and why you're taking it.

Red Meat Linked to Bladder Cancer

New research links the consumption of red meat to an increased risk of bladder cancer, the tenth most common cancer in the U.S.

Fructose and Cancer Growth

There's new evidence that fructose, a type of sugar, is associated with pancreatic cancers.

5 Common Causes of Bloody Stools

Blood in the stools can be a frightening to see. Some causes of bloody stools are harmless, while other causes can lead to colon cancer. If you notice blood or color changes in your stool, it might be time to see a doctor.

Can Chia Seeds Help You Lose Weight?

Can the same seeds that sprouted hair on your childhood chia pet also promote weigh loss, suppress appetite and provide a host of health benefits?

Why Taking Vitamin D May Prevent Allergies

If your allergy symptoms just keep getting worse, your relief could be in one vitamin supplement away.

The Health Boosting Benefits of Vitamin K

Already a nutritional superstar, Vitamin K may be even more beneficial than we think. Find out how to get your daily dose.

Get the Most Nutrition from Your Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. But the way in which produce is handled from the time it's harvested to the time it actually reaches your kitchen, has an enormous impact on how many of those nutrients end up on your plate.

The 10 Best After-Work Snacks

The perfect post-work snack is simple, light, and takes the edge off your hunger without ruining your appetite for dinner.

A Diabetic Top Chef Shares His Wisdom

How has Top Chef Season 2 Finalist Sam Talbot flourished in the culinary arts with diabetes? How does he manage his condition on a personal level? Was competing on Top Chef difficult, given his health issues? Seth Czarnecki sat down with Sam to ask him these questions and more.

Get Your Fiber without the Gas

Maintaining a fiber-rich diet is a great way to shed unwanted pounds, lower your cholesterol, and keep your bowels functioning normally. Unfortunately, foods high in fiber can also cause increased gas (flatulence). Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate this problem without eliminating the fiber from your meals.

Milk: It Does Your Heart Good

Although dairy foods have long been associated with heart disease because of their high content of saturated fat, a new study from Sweden suggests that they may actually help maintain heart health.

Coffee and Tea May Help Prevent Diabetes

Now more than ever, coffee and tea are being linked to good health. And recently, researchers have found that there's something in these brews that may help prevent diabetes.

Stevia: The Best Sweetener for Diabetics?

It s three hundred times sweeter than table sugar, it doesn t add any calories, and it doesn t cause a lot of unpleasant side effects. So is Stevia a sweet dream come true for people with diabetes?

Healthy Advice for Cheese Lovers

Here are some tips to help you indulge in a little bit of cheese from time to time without suffering even a twinge of guilt.

Pre-Diabetic? 6 Tips to Manage Your Carb Intake

Here, what you need to know to fend off type 2 diabetes.

How to Eat Cleanly to Prevent Colon Cancer

Scientists have been accumulating evidence that a poor diet is a strong risk factor for colon and rectal cancer (colorectal). A new study provides additional, convincing support.

5 "Super" Foods for Asthma

It can be difficult to keep track of which foods you should avoid that worsen asthma symptoms. Thankfully, these are super foods that are not only common in what you eat, but also relieve asthma.

Eat these 9 Foods to Look Better Naked

These nine foods may help you achieve your naked ambitions.

How to Choose the Proper Diabetes Diet

Having diabetes doesn't equate with a lifelong sentence to a punitive and restrictive meal plan. Just know how and when to find the proper diet.

5 Diet-Friendly Frozen Treats

With few exceptions, diet-wise frozen desserts get their low-cal count from artificial sweeteners and fats. So, while commercial brands are good in a pinch, there's really nothing like the natural taste of frozen treats you can make yourself. Here, 5 recipes that fit the bill.

5 "Super" Foods for Asthma

It can be difficult to keep track of which foods you should avoid that worsen asthma symptoms. Thankfully, these are super foods that are not only common in what you eat, but also relieve asthma.

Enzyme Supplements: Who Needs Them Most?

Enzyme supplements sold in health food stores and through online retailers claim to help ease digestion and fight disease. Here's what you need to know.

Chocolate Milk May Boost Post-Workout Recovery

Studies show that lowfat milk is a better choice than sports drinks or soy beverages for replacing lost fluids and repairing muscles after endurance exercises and strength training.

Enriched Eggs: Are They Worth it?

Nutritionally speaking, eggs are a near-perfect food, naturally rich in high-quality protein and containing almost every essential vitamin and mineral. Still, eggs enriched with extra vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids are available in just about every supermarket.

5 Heart-Smart Summer Foods

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the produce available at your local farmers' market or green grocer.

Weighing the Connection between White Food and Asthma

The color of the food you eat really matters, especially if you suffer from asthma. Research now points out that starchy white foods may make asthma symptoms worse over time, but it's not for reasons you'd expect.

Agave: Nectar of the Gods?

Agave nectar is sweeter than table sugar, so even though it contains about the same number of calories about 16 per teaspoon you use less to get the same sweetening power.

The Truth About Binge Eating

You ve probably heard of anorexia and bulimia, two widely recognized eating disorders. However, binge eating disorder is far more prevalent.

The Top 10 Food Choking Hazards for Kids

While the danger of swallowing small objects certainly exists for young kids, food, from hot dogs and candies to certain fruits and raw vegetables, is one of the biggest choking risks for kids.

Kombucha Tea: What's it All About?

The word on the street is that a gelatinous colony of micro-organisms (known as kombucha) can do wonders for your health. In addition to boosting immunity and increasing energy, it may also help improve digestion, relieve pain, and prevent damage caused by environmental pollutants.

ADHD in Children: One of the Harmful Effects of Pesticides?

New Harvard Study shows a potential link between pesticide exposure in children and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) but more research is still needed.

Olive Oil May Protect You Against Ulcerative Colitis

Olive oil has always been known to be protective for heart health, but here is another added benefit.

6 "Health" Foods that Really Aren't

Many of the products marketed as nutritious involve more hype than health. How can you weed through the claims to separate fact from fiction? Read on to uncover six "health foods" that really aren't that healthy after all.

4 Summer Switches that Shed Pounds

Just because your party hat is on, it doesn t mean your diet should be off. With the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available during the season, it s the perfect time to make some healthy food substitutions.

Can Carbs Help You Lose Weight?

They ve gotten a bad rap, but not all carbs are created equal. If you think that carbohydrates are a dieter s demise, it s time to retrain your brain.

7 Ways to Banish Bloat

No matter how dedicated you ve been to your diet and exercise routine, bloating can still strike. Here, seven ways to banish it.

5 Reasons You're Always Hungry

Here, the five most common causes of hunger--and a foolproof plan to keep those pangs away.

5 Tips for Eating Healthy On-the-Go

The day-to-day grind often leaves us with little time to accomplish the things we'd like to do. Here, five tips to help you eat healthily during a day in which every minute counts.

The Heart Benefits of Garlic

Although garlic may not ward off evil spirits, it may be instrumental in warding off a variety of health problems, including heart disease.

The Truth About Caffeine's Effect on Your Health

Is caffeine good or bad for your health? Get the truth here.

Could Fluctuating Hormones Be the Cause of Your Bloating?

Bloating is never pleasant, but uncomfortable and irritating. Not only is bloating caused by foods and stress, but can also be induced by hormones. Find out how this happens and what you can do to prevent it.

Processed Meat and Diabetes Risk

Does eating processed meat increase your risk of diabetes? Find out here.

Not Your Everyday Pasta: 4 New Varieties

It used to be that every type of pasta was made with high-gluten durham wheat or semolina flour. But not anymore.

Can Drinking Make You Healthier?

Moderate drinkers have better overall health than non-drinkers, a recent study shows.

7 Foods that Should Never Cross Your Lips

We all know we shouldn't overdo it when it comes to some foods and beverages like French fries, corn chips, and sodas. But some junk foods are just so over-the-top unhealthy, they could be downright dangerous for you.

What You Should Know About Sugar Substitutes

Six artificial sweeteners are currently approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But many are steeped in controversy due to questions about their safety. Here's a rundown of each one.

Is the APO E Gene Diet Right For You?

While fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are the building blocks that keep our bodies running smoothly, the precise formula that works best for one person is not exactly what someone else needs. The reason? A gene called the APO E gene.

10 Most Potassium-Packed Foods

You probably know that fruits and vegetables are high in potassium. To get enough of this essential nutrient every day, however, it's not enough to "go bananas".

Have You Discovered the Maqui Superberry?

If you keep up on the latest headlines in nutrition, you're probably familiar with the health benefits of blueberries and strawberries. You may even have flirted with goji, pomegranate, and acai berries. But have you heard about what maqui berries can do for your health?

Diabetes Diets: Myths vs Facts

Work through the fallacies to get the diet truth you need.

5 Foods That Cause Constipation

If your plumbing is clogged and you don't know why, take a good look at your diet. If it's low in fiber and fluids, or high in dehydrating ingredients like salt and alcohol, you may have found your answer.

How to Prevent Food Poisoning from Ruining Your Barbecue

Read these tips on how to prevent food poisoning from ruining your barbecue. Find out how these precautions can help you avoid food borne illnesses.

Gastroparesis 101

Gastroparesis, also known as delayed gastric emptying, is a stomach disorder. Find out the causes, symptoms, and signs and what you can do to treat it.

6 Rules for Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest foods you can eat unless they're contaminated with dirt, pesticides, or harmful bacteria. So before you take your first bite, make sure you follow these six steps.

Food for Thought: The Connection between High-Fat Food and Asthma

Meals high on fat can worsen your asthma symptoms. Fatty foods increase respiratory inflammation and asthma related symptoms.

Could Tap Water Eliminate the Male Race?

41 million people are exposed to estrogen in their water supply, study says.

Calcium-Rich Foods Can Do a Child's Body Good

You know the saying, "Milk does the body good." But do you know how this fact can best translate into your own child's meals and snacks?

6 Steps to Slow the Aging Process

Smoking, drinking, poor diet and inactivity can age you by 12 years, study shows.

High-Fat Diet Linked to Increased Colon Inflammation

A new study published in The Journal of Nutrition is adding to a growing body of scientific evidence showing a connection between a diet rich in fat and low in fiber and an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Cassis: The Newest Superberry

Health-promoting substances in this berry can help manage pain and inflammation, keep your vision clear, and protect against many chronic conditions.

How These Substitutes Could Help Your Heart

They sweeten your favorite foods without adding extra inches to your waistline, but now, researchers are finding that sugar substitutes may have another surprising benefit.

7 Tips for Eating Clean

If you want to get the junk out of your diet once and for all, commit to eating as many fresh, local, unprocessed foods as possible. It may take a little extra effort on your part, but it can be done.

4 Anti-Aging Beverages

Looking to boost your longevity? Bring these drinks into your diet̬and you just may put the brakes on the aging process.

5 Semi-Healthy Fried Foods

When you consider some of the outrageous deep-fried concoctions available fried cookies, fried ice cream and batter-fried bacon, for example you may think there's no such thing as healthy fried food. Well, think again.

Is Sea Salt Healthier than Table Salt?

You may have heard that sea salt is healthier than regular table salt because sea salt isn't as heavily processed. So are the benefits real, or is it just a matter of taste?

All about Male Muscle Dysmorphia

In response to the male muscular ideal, research suggests that male muscle dysmorphia is on the rise.

5 Foods that Can Kill Your Sex Drive

Not in the mood? Those fries you had with lunch may be dampening your desire. Read on for a list of foods that are most likely to take a toll on your libido.

Eating Healthy on a Budget

If you re committed to sticking to a healthy diet, don t let the current economic climate throw you off course. There are plenty of ways to watch your waistline, health, and budget at the same time.

The Digestive Benefits of Yogurt

Not all yogurt is created equal. Some types don't contain enough of the bacteria you need for a healthy digestive system. To be sure that you're getting plenty of the good stuff, be sure to take certain information into consideration.

The 5 Biggest Myths About Caffeine

If you're most people, you start your day with some java and probably have a cup or two before the day is done. So are you helping your health or harming it?

Mangoes May Ward off Colon and Breast Cancer

Studies suggest the mango may be effective in preventing the growth of colon cancer cells. An added benefit? It may ward off breast cancer, too.

Vegetarianism for Diabetics

Here are tips for becoming a vegetarian while responsibly managing your blood sugar.

Five Healthy and Delicious Kids Snacks

As the weather heats up, so will your child's desire for ice cream and other fattening treats. But you don t have to forgo his balanced diet in order to incorporate some appealing foods and drinks. The key is to help your family choose wisely from an array of yummy and nutritious things to eat.

Foods that May Stop You from Sleeping

There are some foods and beverages that not only interfere with sleep; they work hard to keep you awake.

Tasty Alternatives for Chocolate Allergy Sufferers

If you're a chocoholic who also happens to have a chocolate allergy, you may feel cursed. But there are ways to get your fix without risking your health.

10 Cooking Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol

Eating a low-cholesterol, low-saturated-fat diet can go a long way in helping you manage your blood cholesterol levels and it doesn't have to be boring.

The Truth About Corn Syrup

For years, corn syrup has been maligned as one of the most dangerous food ingredients to come along since refined white sugar. But are we making a bigger deal than we should?

The 6 Best Pre-Workout Foods

Eating the right foods before your workout can maximize your efforts and results.

5 Salad Bar Survival Tips

If you adhere to the following tips, you can construct a salad that's both nutritious and delicious.

7 Tips for a Safe, Healthy Cookout

Don't let your afternoon get sidelined by illness or an accident.

6 Halloween Food Swaps

Does giving up treats for Halloween make you want to scream? Then try these easy (and healthier) swaps.

The Many Milk Options: What You Should Know

Here, a rundown of the many milk options from goat and soy to almond and rice.

The Lowdown on Artificial Sweeteners

Are you sugar substitute savvy? Here's the lowdown on what's available.

9 Diet Commandments for Pain Patients

Many of the foods that you eat may be making your pain worse. Knowing what foods to avoid and what other dietary changes you can make to eliminate your pain could be the key to changing the quality of your life.

Is Grass-Fed Meat Worth the Extra Money?

You may turned to grass-fed meat because you've heard it's better for you or you simply think it tastes better. But is it really worth shelling out the extra cash?

Food's Effect on Your Medication

The consequences of drug interactions with food and beverages may include delayed, decreased, or enhanced absorption of a medication, according to the FDA. Furthermore, mixing certain foods with medications can cause serious side effects.

Banning Junk Food at School

If you try to make sure your child eats a balanced diet but feel like you re always fighting a losing battle, new legislation that would ban junk food at school might make your ears perk up.

Glycemic Highs and Lows: Which Fruits Are Best for You?

While most fruits have low to moderate values, there are some exceptions.

The Link Between Depression and Obesity

In yet another example of the inseparable link between mental and physical health, medical experts are noting the increase in depression among people who are obese, especially as they age.

Boost Your Bone Health With Beer

Scientists have found that beer may have a more bone-protecting effect than wine or liquor.

11 Healthy Halloween Ideas

Help your kids enjoy the year's spookiest night without sacrificing nutrition.

What You Should Know About Food Allergen Labeling

How can you be sure that the foods you eat are free from your biggest allergens? Thanks to federal food allergen labeling laws, food manufacturing plants are required to step up to the plate and tell you in advance what their pre-packaged foods contain.

Obesity to Outweigh Public Health Gains of Declining Smoking Rates

Obesity may wipe out the benefit of the anti-smoking effort.

Don't Blow Your Diet on the Weekend

When you're trying to lose weight, seemingly innocent weekend indulgences could be just enough to undo a week's worth of willpower.

Prone to Heartburn? Avoid these 6 Drinks

Read on for a list of six drinks that are most likely to burn a fire in your chest.

A Handful of Grapes Could Help Fight Diabetes Complications

They're juicy and delicious, but grapes may also be helpful in counteracting some complications of diabetes.

The 4 Healthiest Teas

Which varieties pack the biggest nutritional punch? Find out now.

Understanding the Fibromyalgia-Diet Connection

Staying away from certain foods and adding others might help your fibromyalgia symptoms.

Body Fat and Disease Prevention

Having fat on the lower portion of your body, such as on the thighs, hips and backside, may protect against diabetes and heart disease, a recent report suggests.

5 Ways to Boost Your Willpower

Whether your a healthy eater who has fallen off the wagon or someone who has never dieted a day in your life, there's no reason resign yourself to extra pounds. With a mind to improve your eating habits and a few tips to boost your willpower, you can tweak your diet enough to make a significant difference.

Could Rye Be Better Than Whole Grain?

Swedish researchers have made a discovery that may turn conventional wisdom on its head.

The Health Dangers of Diet Soda

Researchers are saying this sweet treat may be hurting some of the same people it's supposed to help.

10 Ways to Curb Your Carb Cravings

Read on for 10 ways to help ensure your cravings don't get the best of you.

Why Your Body Needs Vitamin C

Vitamin C works hand-in-hand with other nutrients to keep your body functioning at its very best.

Overweight? Blame Your Kitchen

How your kitchen is organized can affect your weight, according to recent research.

How a Lack of Nutrition Impacts Rheumatoid Arthritis

Certain conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can make eating and nutrient absorption difficult. People with this disease need to pay particular attention to their diets to avoid becoming malnourished.

Junk Food That's Good for You

While eating junk food might be quick, easy and pleasurable in the moment, it can be dangerous for your future. There are some junk foods, however, that are better for you than others. Knowing what junk foods are good for you may make all the difference in your life.

5 Surprising Dangers of Too Much Salt

You probably knew that too much salt can increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. But were you aware that a sodium-laden diet can also up your chances of developing kidney stones and osteoporosis?

What You Should Know about Kids and Fiber

You probably know that fiber is important to your health. But did you know that this is true for your children, too? Everyone needs to eat an adequate amount of fiber to keep their bodies and digestion functioning at their very best. But the recommended amount for best results can vary, depending on age and gender, too.

The Health Dangers of Bulimia

If you're caught up in a cycle of binge-eating and vomiting, you could be seriously damaging your health.

Are You Lacking Vitamin B12?

If you're feeling weak, shaky, and irritable you may be lacking this essential vitamin.

The Link between What You Eat and Your Blood Sugar

Learning about the glycemic index can help with your meal planning.

Can Orange Juice Make Your Heart Healthier?

The health benefits of orange juice may exceed what you thought you knew.

The Best Foods for Your Eyes

Read on for tips on what to eat in order to ward off macular degeneration and other serious eye diseases.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Food Sensitivities

You are what you eat, but if you suffer from arthritis, this may be especially significant.

The Best Lunches for Diabetics

Smart and delicious options that will fill you up and keep your blood sugar down.

4 Signs Your Diet Lacks Fiber

Fiber is essential to your overall health. But how can you tell if you're getting enough? Find out here.

10 Vegetables that Top the Glycemic Index

While most vegetables have low GI values, there are some exceptions.

5 Winter Dishes Lightened Up

Winter brings with it delicious and hearty meals. The downside, however, is that much of this fare is high in carbs and fat. Read on to find out how you can lighten some winter favorites.

The 5 Smartest Midnight Snacks

If you're going to do some late-night nibbling, your best bet is to eat light. Here, we've got some suggestions.

Smart and Creative Desserts for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, these terrific treats will satisfy your sweet tooth.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Before you put down that mug for good, there's something you should know: This caffeinated beverage may actually be a boon to your health.

Smart Snacking for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, it's important to plan between-meals with care.

What to Look for When Buying Salmon

Find out what's good and bad about salmon, so that you can make an educated decision.

Are you Iron Deficient?

While iron is plentiful in many foods, some people don't get enough. This can lead to fatigue, paleness, and problems concentrating.

Eating Habits and Mood

Sure, how we eat affects us physically. What you may not know, however, is how your eating habits can affect your mood.

5 Ways Honey Can Heal You

Science has confirmed what folk medicine has pretty much already proven: Honey heals.

Share Your Favorite Recipe

Vitamin D and Heart Risk

This essential nutrient is famous for creating healthy bones, but recently has been in the spotlight for other benefits.

5 Surprising Facts About Fats

Sure, eating too much of the wrong fats can lead to weight gain and a host of serious diseases. But that's not reason enough to eliminate it from our diets.

Ladies' Night Out: Don t Let it Wreck Your Diet

While it may relieve stress, give you a few hours away from the kids, and help you stay in touch with good friends, an evening out with the girls could also turn your diet on its head.

Do Calorie Counts on Menus Alter Food Choices?

Menu labeling laws are popping up across the country in chain restaurants in effort to improve public health and curb obesity. But is it working?

Gum May Help You Shed Pounds

Researchers have stumbled onto some real physiological benefits to the popular dieting distraction of chewing gum.

5 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Food

If you overeat or routinely have negative feelings about food or your body, neither of these relationships can be healthy or happy. The good news: you can take steps to change that.

Super Foods for Diabetics

A diet rich in the following fruits, veggies, spices and meats will lower your need for diabetes medication and help you avoid complications such as nerve damage and kidney disease.

Healthy Kids' Snacks and Treats

Think that your children will only eat what isn't good for them? With a little extra planning, your kids can get the nutrients they need--and the yummy taste they crave.

Obesity as Dangerous as a Lifetime of Smoking

Surely being overweight can't be nearly as bad for you as a smoking habit. Well, think again.

Could Your Carb Cravings be a Sign of Depression?

Research shows that eating carbohydrates can provide an instant mood lift because they trigger the release of serotonin, the feel-good hormone .

The Health Dangers of Red Meat

Learn more about the dangers of a diet filled with burgers, steaks, and lunch meat.

Mexican Food: Best and Worst Diet Picks

It's possible to make sensible selections at a Mexican restaurant. Here's a rundown of the best bets and the poorest picks.

Sugar is Not So Sweet on the Heart

Experts are now beginning to link excess sugar intake to higher incidences of heart disease.

Fruits and Veggies May Cut Colorectal Cancer Risk

There's more reason than ever to get your daily five servings.

A Closer Look at Fat Substitutes

How much do we really know about these "fake fats"?

Mediterranean Diet Cuts Depression Risk

A recent study shows a link between a Mediterranean diet and a decrease in depression.

The 10 Riskiest Foods in the U.S.

A recent study found that some of what we consider our healthiest foods actually top the list of the 10 riskiest foods in the U.S.

New Ways to Get Your Vegetables

Looking for new ways to factor some greenery into your diet? If so, read on.

The Importance of Breakfast for Diabetics

Start the day off right with a nutritious eye-opener.

Can Vinegar Help You Drop Weight?

It dresses up your salads, puts the pucker in your pickles and now, researchers say, vinegar may help you fight body fat.

Diet and Colon Cancer Risk

Find out what links your diet and your risk for developing this form of cancer.

6 Staples Every Pantry Should Have

Keep these items around, and you'll never need to order take-out again.

The Dangers of Relying on Supplements

Here, simple ways to get the most needed nutrients—without having to rely on the bottle.

Can Certain Foods Really Prevent Heart Disease?

A cereal that lowers cholesterol? A tea that prevents heart disease? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Healthy Fats for Diabetics

Don t ignore safflower, olive, and fish oils if you have diabetes.

Could You Be Lacking These 5 Essential Nutrients?

Read on to find out where you're skimping and how you can get more disease-busting power into your meals.

Have Food Allergies? Your Cooking Guide

Cooking when you have food allergies is difficult, but our tips help make it easier.

5 Most Effective Diet Tips

Here, get tried-and-true advice that really works.

7 Stomach-Slimming Selections

For flatter abs, bring these foods and drinks into your daily diet.

Coping with Your Child s Lactose Intolerance

With a handful of tried-and-true tips, you can best manage your child's condition.

Apples and Asthma: A Healthy Mix

Apples have long been touted for their numerous health benefits--and they just may help you reduce your asthma symptoms as well.

How to Be a Smart Snacker

Follow these tips to make smart snacking a part of your daily routine.

Can Antioxidants Improve Your Workout?

Learn how more fruits and veggies in your diet can significantly improve your game.

5 Ways to Nix Nighttime Nibbling

Eating a late-night snack before bedtime may not only pack on unwanted pounds; it could keep you up at night with indigestion and even set off episodes of heartburn.

6 Quick and Easy Breakfasts

Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas to help stave off mid-morning hunger pangs and keep your energy levels going strong.

Can Caffeine Cut Age-Related Memory Loss?

That daily java habit may help you avoid Alzheimer s disease as you get older.

Can the Mediterranean Diet Extend Your Life?

What you eat or don t eat can have a huge impact on how long you live.

The Best Muscle Building Foods

Four muscle-building foods that help you refine your physique and boost your energy during your workouts.

Easy Ways to Eat More Veggies

Here, 10 ways to sneak veggies into your diet including the ones you wouldn't eat on a bet.

Could Your Child Have Lactose Intolerance?

Find out how lactose intolerance works, and how it can be managed.

Whole Grain vs. Whole Wheat: What's the Difference?

With so many choices, from whole grain to whole wheat, it s hard to know what all the labels mean. Here, we help make sense of the confusion.

10 Easy Ways to Eat More Lean Protein

Here, simple ways to ensure you're getting enough of the good stuff into your diet.

Serving Sizes and Portion Distortion

For better health and weight control, serving size really does matter.

Easy Ways to Eat More Fruit

Read on for creative ways to get more of the good stuff.

5 Hidden Sources of Trans Fat

These dangerous ingredients could be lurking in the most unexpected places.

Dangers of Energy Drinks

The dangers of energy drinks keep piling up. Maybe it's time to find ways to get a healthier energy boost especially one that has staying power.

The Worst Foods for Your Skin

What your dinner plate looks like plays a big role in what your skin looks like.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers: How Food Can Protect Your Bones

When you have arthritis, ensuring that your bones remain healthy is a top priority. Here are some common foods that will help keep your skeleton strong.

7 Foods for Better Bone Health

Drinking milk isn't the only way to strengthen your bones. Check out these calcium-rich foods.

Can Going Vegetarian Help You Lose Weight?

Is a meat-free existence the answer to a slimmer shape?

How to Choose the Healthiest Fish

How can you make the best choices for you and your family? Here, we help make it easier.

Antioxidants: Are You Eating Enough?

Antioxidants in fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods can help combat the negative effects of pollution and a poor diet.

Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Is it possible to do damage to your body by overdoing it on H20?

Which Cuts of Beef are the Leanest?

Not all beef is created equal. Read on for a list of the leanest cuts.

10 Supermarket-Savvy Tips

The next time you head to the grocery store, follow these tips to save money and make healthier choices.

Give Yourself a Metabolism Makeover

You may think you re doing all you can to keep your metabolism going strong, but chances are, you re missing a few key steps.

Can Green Tea Lengthen Your Life?

Green tea has been hailed as a health hero recently, credited with speeding metabolism, warding off colds, and even protecting against heart disease. So, is this popular beverage the key to living longer?

Which Nuts Are the Healthiest?

Numerous studies have confirmed that people who eat nuts several times a week enjoy better heart health and protection from some serious diseases.

5 Benefits of Eating Raw Foods

These days, many health gurus are touting raw food diets, claiming that food cooked at a high temperature loses its key nutrients.

Slash the Salt and Help Your Heart

Read on for 10 ways to cut down on salt. The result? A healthier heart.

Healthy and Tasty Frozen Treats

Nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than a frozen treat. Here, some healthy options to help you keep cool.

5 Benefits of Eating Slowly

In our fast-paced world, life seems to move at super speed. Unfortunately our waistlines are paying the price. Read on for ways to slow it down.

5 Best Anti-Aging Foods

Here, five staples your kitchen shouldn't be without.

Should You Count Calories or Carbs?

Should you cut out all sugar and processed foods and focus on eating lean protein and veggies? Or is it better to allow yourself some treats and simply reduce portion sizes?

5 Fruits That Fight Disease

The next time you re in the produce aisle or the local farmers market, don t pass the following fruits by.

Simple Ways to Get More Fiber

Here, 10 ways to sneak this disease-busting ingredient into your diet.

The Best and Worst Vending Machine Snacks

Are You Eating Hidden Calories?

Will Soy Help or Harm You?

See how far the benefits of this disease-fighting protein can go besides promoting bone health and rich nutrition.

Olives: A Powerhouse Food

A Traffic Light System for Labeling Food?

Study finds the traffic light system is the best at helping consumers select the healthiest foods.

5 Ways to Recognize Your Hunger Signals

If you know how to recognize your hunger signals, you ll be able to tell when your body is physically in need or food or when it s craving a quick emotional fix.

On Vacation: Indulge and Enjoy Without Gaining Weight

Vegetarians: Get Enough Iron, Protein, and Vitamin B12 in Your Diet

8 Super Foods for Diabetics

Foods that fight diabetes provide better blood glucose control and improve long-term health.

Summer Fruits for Diabetics

Good news you can indulge in the sweet tastes of summer with these fruits.

The Great Egg Debate: What's the Final Verdict?

5 Healthiest Summer Habits

It's summertime and the living is easy. But this hottest of seasons can bring with it special health risks, including food poisoning and insect-borne diseases.

Mediterranean Diet for Diabetics

What you eat is one of the most important aspects of managing your diabetes and a new diet trend might be what the doctor ordered.

10 Ways to Cut Down on Sugar

Here, a multitude of ways to reduce your sugar intake.

The Scoop on Protein Powder

Is all that protein really necessary, or is it just a bunch of hype?

5 Ways to Simplify Your Meals

How would you like to fix meals at home in less time than it takes to go out for fast food? With this easy guide, you can.

How Many Calories Are In That Drink?

Before you take another sip, you may want to think twice.

Are You Giving Your Body the Nutrition It Needs?

Whether you're a young woman or a golden girl, nutrition is essential for your ever-changing body.

5 Tips for a Healthy Picnic

Follow these tips to enjoy your outdoor meal without sabotaging your diet.

Stock Your Kitchen With These Must-Have Foods

With careful planning and a well-stocked kitchen, you can prepare healthy meals in no time at all.

Do You Know Your Perfect Body Weight?

How do you determine the body weight that's right for you? And how do you maintain it?

Drink for Health: The Benefits of Drinking Water

Find out why drinking water is essential to your health.

Most Filling Foods You Should Be Eating

These foods can help curb hunger and cut your calorie intake.

Are Buffets Sabotaging Your Diet?

Follow these tips to eat smart around all that good food.

Crohn's Meal Planning Tips

Planning meals does not have to be a complicated or onerous task.

4 Exotic Juices That Help Prevent Disease

There's a world beyond the same old apple and grape juice you've been buying for your family forever.

Is Your Family Out of Shape?

There's no better time than now to take control of your family s health.

Is Crohn's Making You Exhausted?

Feeling fatigued? If you have Crohn s disease, you re not alone.

The Nutritional Magic of Mushrooms

There's a lot to learn--and love--about this fantastic food.

Are You Eating Empty Calories?

Some foods have no nutritional value, and the only thing they add to your diet is extra calories. Learn more about these caloric culprits, so you can avoid them at all costs.

Can You Overdose on Caffeine?

Iced tea, coffee, Red Bull. When is it too much?

4 Eating Habits That Boost Your Metabolism

Get tips on what to eat and when to eat in order to rev up your metabolism.

The Hidden Truth Behind Salt

Is salt detrimental to your diet? Here, the truth behind salt and why you need some in your daily intake.

Best Foods to Eat in Your 40's

Learn about key foods to eat once you hit the big 4-0.

4 Powerful Food Combinations

Check out our suggested meals and snacks to get the most out of every bite.

What Do Your Food Cravings Really Mean?

Have a hankering for chocolate? Or chips? Find out the secrets behind your cravings?

Best Foods to Eat in Your 30's

Now is the time to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good health.

The Best (and Worst) Mall Foods

The next time hunger strikes at the mall, heed the following advice.

Worst Supermarkets in America

See how your local grocery store measures up

Is Your Food Safe?

Find out the latest in food safety regulations and how they re working to protect you and your family.

Do You Have a Gluten Allergy?

If you suffer from a range of uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms every time you eat foods containing wheat, rye, malt, barley and oats, a gluten allergy could be to blame for your distress.

Eating Out When Dealing With Heart Disease

Whether you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you can still enjoy a delicious meal at any restaurant.

The Asthma Diet: What to Eat to Keep Your Symptoms Away

Find out what foods can relieve or aggravate your asthma symptoms.

Foods That Prevent Heartburn

Want to prevent heartburn before it starts? Bring the following foods into your diet.

Best Foods to Eat in Your 20's

Learn the best ways to fuel yourself during this important decade.

5 Take-Out Horror Stories

You might want to think twice before steering towards the drive-thru of your favorite take-out restaurant.

Bioengineered Foods a Growing Concern

Genetically altered food is causing many people to worry about the impact on the food supply and unknown health consequences

Can Pomegranate Extract Fight Arthritis?

How this tasty fruit helps to fight inflammation and repair cartilage damage

10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda

Trying to lose weight, save money, or help the environment? Putting a stop to the pop can help with all of these goals and more.

Stock Your Freezer with Fruits and Vegetables

Learn why keeping plenty of frozen produce on hand is such a good idea.

Losing Weight After 40 Mission Impossible?

Learn quick tips to beat the odds.

Don t Diet Just Make Wise Food Choices

Is dieting a thing of the past?

Is Gastric Bypass the Solution to Type 2 Diabetes?

Learn more about the science behind the surgery.

Fish Oil & Relapse: What's the Connection?

Early studies of the effectiveness of fish oil in maintaining remission in Crohn's patients have been quite promising. Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties because of the omega-3 fatty acids it contains and Crohn's is an inflammatory disease.

Are You at Risk for Crohn s?

Environment, eating habits, and genetics all play a key role.

Energy Boosting Tips

Have you hit the wall lately? If you can t find energy to do routine tasks, have problems concentrating or keeping your temper in check, you could be suffering from fatigue. And you re not alone.

Dietary Guidelines for Crohn's: Complete and Balanced

Vitamins, minerals and other key nutrients must be included

Is Glucose Brain Food?

Learn more about the important role that glucose plays in brain function.

Pet Food Dangers

You love your pet. So why would you feed her food that may be dangerous to her health?

What Does Your Family's Health History Mean For Your Health?

You exercise, eat right, get plenty of sleep, and avoid excess stress. Complete your health puzzle by learning your family's health history.

Guide to Eating Out with Heartburn & GERD

From the corner Italian restaurant, to the Chinese takeout joint, to Applebee s, there are many restaurant choices serving every type of cuisine. As heartburn sufferers, we need to be selective in what we eat.

How to Stop an Embarrassing Gas Crisis

Learn how diet and lifestyle changes help eliminate this common problem.

8 Organic Must-Haves for Your Baby or Toddler

Choosing organic products for your little one isn t about being chic or getting a green award. It's simply another way to keep her safe and healthy.

Heartburn-Friendly Recipes

Some simple dietary changes can help ward off heartburn symptoms.

GERD-Friendly Recipes

A big part of managing your condition is avoiding certain trigger foods.

Is Your Drinking Water Making You Sick?

Too much of a good thing can spell disaster for athletes, dieters, and health nuts alike. Read on to find out how.

How Your Diet Affects Arthritis

Can changing how you eat help ease arthritis symptoms? The jury is out.

Heart-Healthy Cooking Oils

Which cooking oils are actually healthy for you and which ones you should steer clear of?

How Safe is Melamine for Children?

In 2008 at least six infants in China died and 300,000 other babies became ill after drinking milk that contained melamine. Traces of the chemical were found in infant formula, milk powder and soy products exported from China.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Seeds

They may be small, but they have big benefits.

Obesity and Diabetes: The Link and the Solution

Learn more about the undeniable relationship between the two.

Obesity and Diabetes: The Link and the Solution

Learn more about the undeniable relationship between the two.

Feed Your Brain: Is Your Diet Making You Dumb?

Can your diet turn your brain into a lean, mean intelligence machine? Read on to find out.

How To Be a Healthy Role Model

Children learn what they live. Here are tips on how to teach your children well.

Diabetes-Friendly Desserts

With some careful planning and moderation, the pleasure of something sweet can be yours.

How to "Green" Your Beauty Routine

Stay beautiful while being good to your body.

How to "Green" Your Beauty Routine

Stay beautiful while being good to the earth.

Managing Heartburn While on the Road

Learn simple strategies for controlling your condition while away from home.

Celebrities With Diabetes and How They Manage It

Learn how the famous deal with their condition.

Alternative Medicines for Cholesterol

When your total cholesterol level climbs above 240, it s time to take action to decrease your risk for a stroke or a heart attack.

Write it Down to Ramp up Weight Loss

Follow these tips on how to start a food diary so that you can increase your weight loss potential.

In Search of the Right Multivitamin

Follow these guidelines to solve the multivitamin mystery.

Surprisingly Safe Foods for Heartburn

These good eats get the thumbs-up for heartburn sufferers.

Alcohol and Heartburn: What You Need to Know

Follow these tips to prevent alcohol from aggravating your condition.

Foods to Avoid if You Have Diabetes

It's best to steer clear of the following fare.

A Look Into the Future

Providing the sample was so easy; it was just a small saliva sample. Then off it went to the lab, where my DNA would be analyzed. Soon I'd have a window into the future of my health.

Heart Healthy Fats: What You Need to Know

Not all fats are created equal. Choose those that are best for your heart.

Deli Dangers

The next time you have a craving for deli meats, think twice. There could be health dangers lurking behind that deli counter. Here is the information you need to know before you make or buy your next sandwich.

Dietary Changes to Relieve Arthritis

Can eliminating or adding certain foods relieve arthritis symptoms?

Managing Diabetes At Home

Your home is the perfect place to build a foundation of healthy food choices, ongoing physical activity, and regular blood glucose testing.

How Can Women Achieve Optimal Digestive Health?

A few simple changes can make a big difference.

5 Strategies to Prevent Heart Disease

It's the number one killer of women, but with the right lifestyle changes, you can significantly reduce your risk.

Is It Time for You to Go Organic?

Now may be the perfect opportunity to jump on the organic bandwagon.

Is There Such a Thing as Brain Food?

Certain foods really can enhance your memory and overall cognitive function. Are they part of your diet?

How to Control Your Heartburn Naturally

Sometimes medication isn't the only answer.

How Does Your Diet Affect Your Bones?

Incorporating certain foods into your daily regimen could do wonders for your bones.

Surprisingly Safe Foods for Diabetics

A diagnosis of diabetes doesn t necessarily mean sugar is out of the question.

A Guide to Eating Out with Crohn's Disease

Dining out doesn't have to be difficult. Just follow these simple tips.

5 Ways to Be Healthy Every Day

Incorporate these habits into your daily routine, and your body will reap the benefits.

5 Food Habits That Sink Your Mood

Not feeling yourself? Your eating habits could be the reason.

Traveling with Diabetes

By taking certain precautions, you can enjoy your time away from home in a safe and healthy manner.

Foods That Make Heartburn Worse

Beware: the following foods may exacerbate your condition.

Types of Heartburn Medications Available

Learn more about different types of treatment options.

Making Wise Carb Choices

There's no need to abandon carbs completely. It's all a matter of selecting the right ones.

Are You a Sugar Addict?

Sweet tooth or addiction? Find out for yourself.

No-Carb Diets and Memory Loss: Is There a Link?

If you're leaving carbs out of your diet, you may be losing more than just a quick pound.

The Lowdown on Supplements and Heart Health

Be savvy on how supplements can (or cannot) help your heart.

Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

It's essential for your health, but are you meeting your daily needs?

The Lowdown on Fiber and Heart Health

Long known to help your digestive system, fiber is good for your heart health, too. Find out why, and how you can incorporate more of it in your diet.

5 Foods that Are Surprisingly Good for Your Heart

Spice up your diet with these foods that you might not have known are good for your heart.

Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Fast Food?

"Fast food" and "healthy": Is it possible for these two things to go together?

4 Alternative Medicines for Cholesterol

When your total cholesterol level climbs above 240, it s time to take action to decrease your risk for a stroke or a heart attack.

Top 3 Salt Shockers

Consumed in moderation, salt is essential to our health. But be careful too much can wreak havoc on your body.

Understanding the Role of Fat in Type 2 Diabetes

New research may be changing the way we view fat's relation to diabetes.

Sugar Shockers: Seemingly Safe Foods that Aren't

Think these foods are safe? Think again.

Guide to Eating Out With Diabetes

With these helpful tips, you can enjoy restaurant food while still being good to your body.

5 Money-Saving Food Swaps

Sometimes the way to real savings is no more than making a quick swap.

Stress and Heart Health: What's the Link?

Poor diet and lack of exercise aren't the only factors that can damage your heart. Your stress levels also play a huge role.

4 Foods that Changed the World

Who would have thought that a few simple foods could change the course of history?

4 Healthy Alternatives to Soda

Before you pop open a can, consider these more nutritious choices instead.

Healthy Teeth and Living Longer: What s the Connection?

Clean teeth and healthy gums might be your first line of defense against other diseases. Learn more.

5 Reasons Why Chocolate Can Be Good For You

This decadent dessert does more than just please your taste buds; it could benefit your health as well.

Low-Carb Vs. Low-Fat Diets: Which Is Better?

When cutting back to lose weight, is it smarter to reduce fat or carbohydrates? Find out.

Dirty Dining: 8 Steps to Cleaner Cuisine

How can you make sure the food you order doesn t come with a side of gross-out? Follow these eight tips.

Disgust - Can't Live Without It

Disgust is a powerful emotion shared by all people across all cultures, yet its triggers are very different. Where did the sense of disgust come from, and why do we have it?

10 Naughty and Nice Holiday Cocktails

Keep your waistline in check this holiday season by choosing the cocktails that are least offensive to your diet.

Balut Image

Balut, or duck fetus, is an everyday food in the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and other southeast Asian countries.

10 Best Tips That Moms Give

You might not have known it when you were young, but according to health experts, Mom was right all along.

10 Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories a Day

With these simple subtractions, you won't even notice the calories are gone.

10 Fattest and Fittest Spots in the World

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, some countries are making the grade, while others are falling dangerously behind.

10 Fattest Jobs in America for Men and Women

Sure, your diet and exercise schedules can contribute to your weight. But who knew that your job could, too?

10 Foods That Cause Heart Attacks

Concerned about high cholesterol or high blood pressure? Avoid these foods at all costs.

10 Most Fattening Ballpark Foods

No one goes to a baseball game to eat healthfully, but some stadium foods are more diet-deadly than others.

10 Worst Desserts in America

Do you find it difficult (and sometimes impossible) to skip dessert? If so, you're not alone. Obesity is on the rise in America, and the following ten desserts may have something to do with this national epidemic.

17 Slim-Down Secrets That Really Work

Tired of fad diets and bad weight-loss advice? These little-known secrets can help you shed big pounds.

22 Ways to Predict Your Life Span

Will you live to a ripe old age? Read on to calculate your odds.

4 Benefits of Eating Whole Grains

A diet rich in whole grains can help lower the risk of some serious health conditions.

4 Diets That Bring You Down

We all feel a little bummed from time to time, but could your diet be the cause? Find out here.

4 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Follow these tips to start cutting food costs without compromising nutrition.

5 Frightening Food-Safety Facts

Knowing the basics about foodborne illness can help keep you and your family free from harm.

5 Foods That Could Cause Cancer

Are French fries dangerous? Can popcorn make you sick? Find out which foods may cause cancer.

5 Healthy Lunches Under $3

Think eating healthy means eating pricey? Guess again.

5 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

Stuck in a diet rut? By asking yourself five simple questions, you may just be able to break the cycle.

5 Worst Eating Habits of All Time

These daily behaviors may be seriously damaging your diet.

5 Worst Fast Food Restaurants

Do you want fries with that? How about a side of E. coli? Find out which fast-food restaurants have the longest lists of health violations.

5 Worst Movie Theater Foods

Snacking at the movies may not be as innocent as it seems.

6 Age-Erasers for Your Skin

Learn how to minimize wrinkles, diminish age spots, and reveal a more youthful you.

6 Amazing Anti-Aging Foods

Want younger-looking skin? Try incorporating these six foods into your daily diet.

6 Amazing Foods to Boost Your Libido

These ordinary foods might have extraordinary effects on your love life.

6 Best and Worst Breakfast Cereals

Sure, breakfast is a great way to start your day, but stay away from the cereals loaded with sugar and artificial flavors. Here, the cereals that are good and bad for your health.

6 Biggest Diet Scams Ever

Buyer beware: These six weight-loss products promise big results but don't live up to their hefty claims.

6 Biggest Food Myths Exposed

Here are a few of the most common myths concerning food, and the truths or fictions behind them. What you read will surprise you.

6 Dirtiest Foods in America

Take heed—these common foods could ruin your dinner by making you sick.

5 Dirtiest Fruits and Vegetables

When you turn to these fruits and veggies for a healthy snack, you might be getting more than you bargained for.

6 Energy-Draining Foods and Drinks

Find yourself dozing off at 3 p.m.? These foods may be the cause.

6 Foods that Ruin Your Smile

Keep your teeth in top condition by steering clear of these dental offenders.

6 Foods That Help You Sleep Better

You probably already know that food can give you energy, but can it help you fall asleep, too? Here, six that can help you catch your z's.

6 Frightening Frozen Foods

When you're searching the frozen food aisle at your grocery store for fast and easy meals, avoid these diet disasters at all costs.

6 Most Overrated Foods of All Time

When it comes to these seemingly healthy foods and beverages, don't believe the hype.

6 Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water

The reasons for ending the bottled water addiction are just as transparent as the liquid itself.

6 Reasons Why Beer Can Be Good For You

When consumed in moderation, this age-old brew can impart a host of health benefits.

6 Shocking Fast-Food Secrets

What really goes into your burger and fries? The answers may astonish you.

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Weight Loss

Forget fad diets. Instead, follow these tips to boost your metabolism and watch the pounds melt away.

6 Drinks That Make You Fat

You may be drinking yourself fat. Check out these seven hefty beverages.

7 Scariest Summer Foods

If you want to slim down and stay healthy, don't indulge in these seasonal treats.

7 Worst Convenience Foods

In a hurry? Don't forget about nutrition. Here, the seven worst convenience snacks and their good-for-you alternatives.

8 Condiments That Can Ruin Any Meal

Who knew two tablespoons could be so costly to your diet?

8 Hot Ingredients to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Add some spice to your life--and to your diet. These flavorful ingredients could help you shed pounds.

Eight New Waistline-Friendly Snacks

Tired of apples and almonds? Check out some of the healthy new munchies hitting store shelves.

8 Riskiest Things We Do Everyday

Think you're having a bad day? If you've made it out of bed and through breakfast without injury, you're doing pretty well.

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your IQ

Contrary to popular belief, your intelligence quotient (IQ) isn't set in stone. Follow these tips to boost your brainpower.

8 Worst Breakfasts in America

Here, eight foods that are definitely not a part of a balanced breakfast.

9 Foods That Can Make Anyone Fat

Want to fall off the weight-control wagon? Just a few of these fattening foods are all it takes.

9 Worst Foods You Can Eat at the Fair

These nine foods simply aren't fair to your diet.

Are You a Yo-Yo Dieter?

All too often, people lose weight only to gain it back again. Follow these tips to stop the maddening cycle.

Centenarian Secrets

More and more Americans are living to 100. Here, the secrets to their longevity.

Could You Have Crohn's Disease?

Learn about the symptoms and methods of diagnosing this gastrointestinal disorder.

Could Your Kids Be at Risk for Osteoporosis?

Follow these tips to help protect your children from this degenerative bone disease.

Documenting Your Diet: How and Why to Keep a Food Diary

New research and real results show the surprising benefits of this practice.

Eat More, Weigh Less

It may seem counterintuitive, but eating more of some foods can actually help you lose weight. Find out how.

Eight Ways To Get Fit In Retirement

You've got a financial plan for your golden years. What about a fitness plan?

Foreign Food Imports and Safety Concerns

As imports continue to rise, so, too, do safety concerns. Here, what every American should know.

Healthiest and Unhealthiest Ballpark Snacks

Snacks to skip and healthier options when eating at the game.

Is Stress Making You Fat?

If you're having trouble shedding extra pounds, the stresses of daily life could be the culprit.

Is Your Tap Water Safe?

Chemicals, contaminants, trace amounts of pharmaceuticals. Find out if you should rethink what you drink.

Star Jones, Al Roker, Carnie Wilson: Is Gastric Bypass the Solution?

Every year, more than 100,000 people undergo this popular weight-loss procedure. Is it right for you?

Supplements or Food: Which Offers Better Nutritional Value?

You may be taking unnecessary supplements at a financial and nutritional expense. Read on to find out why.

The 10 Best and Worst Junk Foods of All Time

When you want to indulge, find out which junk foods are the worst and which are not so bad.

The 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

Not all mushrooms and martinis are created equal. Discover the secrets behind these ultra-pricey indulgences.

The 10 Unhealthiest States in America

How healthy are you? The answer may depend partly on where you live.

The 8 Most Embarrassing Health Problems--Fixed

From head to toe, we explore symptoms and solutions for some of the most awkward health conditions.

The Best and Worst Health Tips Ever

Eating breakfast? Absolutely. Sunbathing? Not so much. Read on as we uncover the best and worst health advice.

The Top 5 Weight-Lifting Myths for Women--Busted

Afraid weight lifting will make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? It won't. Here, we debunk other weight-lifting myths.

The Truth About Diet Pills

Get the scoop on these supposed weight-loss wonders.

The Truth About Food Labels

The packaging of some of your favorite foods may be hiding crucial information from you.

Top Diet Tips As You Age

As you age, your body doesn't stay the same. Neither should your diet.

Tummy Tuck Basics

Tired of flabby abs or love handles? If diet and exercise haven't worked for you, abdominoplasty may be the solution.

Understanding IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome affects up to 20 percent of the U.S. adult population, and the disorder has no known cause. Here, a look at IBS, from symptoms to treatment.

Weight-Loss Secrets From Around the Globe

Get the inside scoop on how certain countries manage to stay so slim.

Eat This, Not That: Holiday Food Choices

The holiday season offers a cornucopia of choices when it comes to food. Do you make smart selections or pick nutrition nightmares?

7 Shocking Diet Flubs and Fixes

Learn how to pinpoint and fix the seven sneakiest diet blunders.

6 Ways to Get a Better Body Now

These speedy strategies can trim and tone your body in 12 weeks or less.

What to do When You Blow Your Diet

Follow these tips to keep minor slip-ups from becoming major setbacks.

Are Certain Foods Really Addictive?

Some studies suggest our favorite foods might be as habit-forming as controlled substances.

Cholesterol-Lowering Medications 101

Along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, certain medications can help get cholesterol levels in a normal range.

Reality Check: Taking a Closer Look at Food Claims

Can a candy bar improve your skin? Can you lose weight and still eat Oreos? Here, we separate reality from hype.

The 5 Most Dangerous Food Additives

If you really are what you eat, your health could be paying a serious price.

How to Control Emotional Eating

Are you really satisfying your hunger or just feeding your feelings? Learn how to identify and control emotional eating.

Nixing Nighttime Binges

Are you consuming lots of calories after dark? Learn how to beat late-night binges.

5 Ways to Shed Stubborn Pounds

Losing those last few pounds can be a challenge, even for the most dedicated dieters. Here, five ways to reach your goal weight.

One-Minute Weight-Loss Secrets

Looking for a speedy way to slim down? These quick tips can jump-start your diet in 60 seconds or less.

The 7 Worst Diet Ideas

Maple syrup? Green tea? Grapefruit? Can these things really help you lose weight fast? Here, the diet advice to avoid.

Dieting? Eat This, Not That

These simple switches can get you on the road to long-term weight loss.

The 10 Worst Foods in America

Pizza and doughnuts and burgers, oh my! These all-American treats top the nutritional hall of shame.

Eating Smart With Diabetes

A healthy diet is essential to managing diabetes. Here, a complete guide to diabetic-friendly nutrition, including shopping tips, quick recipes, and more.

10 Ways to Boost Your Memory

Follow these tips to enhance your recall and make your mind more nimble.

6 Habits of Naturally Slim People

Have you ever wondered why certain people manage to stay so slim? Here, we expose their six best-kept secrets.

Are You Sleep Deprived?

Most Americans aren't getting enough Z's. Learn how to get the sleep you need.

10 Foods That Lower Cholesterol

These delicious superfoods can help to lower your levels.

10 Reasons to Eat Breakfast

It's often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Find out why it's so important to get off to a good start.

The 5 Most Fattening Winter Foods

Rich and creamy seasonal foods can quickly pile on the pounds. Check out these delicious, low-fat alternatives.

10 Ways to Help Kids Lose Weight

There are many simple ways that parents can help kids get their weight under control.

Weaning Your Baby Off Breast Milk

Plan ahead to properly transition your baby from breast milk to formula.

Healthy Diets vs. Fads

Learn how to tell the difference between a healthy weight-loss plan and the latest craze.

Bringing Up Baby And Taking Care of Mommy

The first weeks after your baby is born can be exhausting. Find out how to take care of your baby and yourself.

4 Surprising Things That Pack on the Pounds

Weight gain is about more than just what you eat and drink. These surprising influences could be making you fat.

Sneaky Foods That Can Make You Fat

Some foods that seem healthy can be just as fattening as their obviously indulgent counterparts. Here are six that may be sneaking up on your waistline.

Is Organic Food Worth the Price?

The demand for organic food continues to grow every year. But is it worth the extra green?

Is Your Job Making You Fat?

Long hours, a heavy workload, and the office candy jar can all take a toll on your waistline. Follow these tips to stay slim on the job.

Nixing Nighttime Heartburn

Follow these guidelines to prevent heartburn after dark.

How to Conquer Mindless Eating

Are you really aware of what you're eating? Learn about the psychology behind mindless munching and start taking control of your food choices.

7 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

'Tis the season for family, fun, and excess. Learn how to enjoy yourself without overindulging.

Understanding Heartburn and GERD

Heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), if it occurs regularly is a common digestive disorder that affects about 15 million Americans. Learn about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.