What's the best way to battle your top 10 exercise excuses? Create a better top 10. Read on for tips on how to go from flabby to fit and apathetic to enthusiastic by throwing your exercise excuses out the window.

1. It's boring - I'll find a way to make it fun.  Nobody says you have to spend your 30 minutes/ 5 days per week (recommended by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) doing the same old exercises.  Get off the treadmill and jog outdoors.  Ditch the rowing machine and rent a kayak.  Hate walking?  Try skating.  Beat the boredom by finding activities you like to do.

2. It's expensive - It's priceless. There are countless ways to exercise that don't include expensive equipment and a gym membership.  Walking the dog is free once you buy shoes and a leash. Go online to find free and community exercise opportunities. Jump rope.  Rake the yard.  The money you'll save on doctors from being sedentary is worth every penny you'll spend on fitness.

3. I'm too old - There's no such thing as too old. The Journal of the American Medical Association says, "Keeping active and remaining fit can help prolong your life and prevent or delay illnesses or disabilities as you grow older. Being active helps lower your risk of falls and developing heart disease and diabetes and can help you live on your own longer. "

4. I'm too busy - I can find the time in my hectic schedule.  You're not that busy.  You're just not making health a priority.  Walk on the treadmill when you watch TV. Run on your lunch hour.  Ride your bike to work. Break up daily exercise into three ten-minute segments.  You'll add years to your life.

5. I'm too tired - I'd love to have more energy.  Exercise is like an energy bank.  The more you exercise, the better your circulation, oxygenation, and metabolism. By the time you've walked down the block, you'll feel far more energized than if you'd stayed home.

6. I don't like it - I can learn to like, or even love it. Make exercise a treat instead of a chore. Try new sports. Mix things up.  Reward every workout.  Pick a movie you only watch when on the treadmill.  Put your favorite music or an audiobook on your iPod. You just may find yourself having a good time.

7. I don't want to - I'll do it anyway. Laziness is a common but poor exercise excuse. Working up a little sweat is great for your body and will improve your health in countless ways.

8. I don't know how - I'm willing to learn.  Don't let ignorance be your exercise excuse. If you can walk, you can exercise.  If you can lift a laundry basket, you can lift weights. Log on to the American Academy of Family Physicians for a basic "how to."

9. I don't see results - I'm feeling better.  It's what's happening on the inside that's most important.  Your cardiovascular, respiratory, and psychological health improves immediately.  Your washboard abs?  That might take a while longer. Stick with it, and reap the benefits of internal and external beauty.

10. The weather's bad - It's the perfect day to exercise.  If the weather outside is frightful, bring your workout indoors.  Too hot?  Take a dip in the pool.  Too cold?  You'll warm up quickly once you get moving. Take charge, and make every day a "fit day."  There's no excuse not to.