A growing number of busy fitness buffs are scheduling workouts for their lunch hours. The upside? Better health, less stress, increased productivity, and more energy that can keep you charged up throughout the rest of the workday. The downside? Sweaty hair, damp clothes, body odor, and not enough time to freshen up. While some people avoid the gym rat look by choosing sweat-less workouts like walking, yoga, Pilates, and strength training; others just go for it. When there's no time to shower, try these five tips to freshen up after a midday workout:

  1. Hand sanitizer: Alcohol-based hand sanitizers work great for eliminating sweat and bacteria after a workout. Wipe a few drops under your arms and breasts and across your neck, chest, back, and shoulders. You'll be cool, dry, and sweat-free within moments. Avoid using anti-bacterial products, and don't use hand sanitizer on delicate tissues, irritated skin, or areas with nicks, cuts, or scrapes.
  2. Baby powder: Cornstarch-based baby powder is custom-made to absorb moisture. Available in scented or unscented, it's suitable for even the most delicate areas of your sweaty body. Just sprinkle a little in your hand and dust your armpits, feet, shoes, underwear, and anywhere you're feeling damp.  It even doubles as dry shampoo. Just dust your hands lightly and run your fingers close to the roots of your hair and the nape of your neck. Wipe any extra visible powder off with your towel.
  3. Baby wipes: If you're really in a rush, grab a couple baby wipes and give your sweatiest body parts a quick swab. Then, wipe your face, swipe on some deodorant, and get back to work.
  4. Fresh underwear: Stash a fresh pair of underwear and a fresh bra in your gym bag. Even if there's no time to shower, it only takes a few seconds to strip off your sweaty under clothes and don fresh ones. Not only will that help you avoid being smelly the rest of your day, it'll also protect your skin from irritation, yeast infections, and chafing caused by hours of wearing damp fabrics.
  5. Mini make over: Stash some deodorant, concealer, translucent powder, and other easy makeup essentials in your car. A couple of swipes, pats, and touch-ups later and you're ready to head back to the office.

Make sure to schedule time to refuel after your workout. Pack a lunch you can eat in your car or at your desk, drink plenty of water, and shower as soon as possible after you get home.