Should you or shouldn't you quit the gym? Maybe. Read on for four reasons why you should and four reasons why you shouldn't leave your gym behind.

Four Reasons To Quit

  1. It's expensive. Gym membership fees can be a major budget buster. When it's time to tighten your expenses, monthly dues are a disposable expense.  If your gym costs more than you can afford, consider purchasing some home equipment, or take it to the streets or park for an excellent and affordable workout.

  2. It's tedious. If running on the treadmill while watching CNN is driving you crazy, it might be time to try something new.  While many people love the sanctity of the gym, others dread it.  Doing the same thing day after day is boring and can actually lead to plateaus where you don't gain fitness or lose weight.

  3. It's inconvenient. If getting to the gym is such a hassle that you make excuses not to go, simplify it. Many people find they actually get more "exercise time" when they don't have to factor in travel time, parking, changing clothes, and waiting for equipment to become available. Working out from home means you can pull on your sweat pants and head out for a run or head into the living room for yoga.    

  4. It's summer (or winter). Fitness buffs who prefer seasonal or outdoor sports like basketball, skiing, soccer, biking, or snowboarding can get a great workout without having to stay indoors.

Four Reasons to Stay

  1. It's too expensive to quit. Read your contract.  If you signed up for a designated period of time, stick it out rather than waste your money.  Be sure you know when your membership ends. Some people have had their credit cards charged long after they told their gym they wanted out. 

  2. You're not self-motivated. If you know you won't exercise without the gym, don't quit. Gyms keep a lot of people on track.

  3. You need an expert. If you have specific health or fitness concerns, your gym staff can make sure you're working out appropriately for your goals. 

  4. It's fun. The gym provides valuable socialization opportunities for a lot of people. Plus, studies show that people who work out with others have better results.