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Aerobic Base Training: A Dying Concept?

Building an aerobic base requires a basic training program of long distances over a six- to eight- week period at a slow-to-moderate pace. As you pile on the miles and hours, you build muscles and develop your aerobic capacity. But this form of fitness may be on its way out.

The Benefits and Risks of Barefoot Running

Why is the barefoot running movement gaining popularity? Is it simply a fad popularized by a few outspoken naturalists? Or is there science that backs a more natural approach to running?

What is Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis?

You may jog or take exercise classes regularly to help look and feel your best. But if you're one of the few people who suffer from exercise-induced anaphylaxis, participating in strenuous activities can put your health at serious risk.

Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running: Pros and Cons

Track, trail, or treadmill? You don't have to choose: all have a place in the race to fitness.

5 Habits of Daily Exercisers

Long-time exercisers say the reason they stick with fitness is because it's a habit. They plug it into their daily routine, much like brushing their teeth or reading the morning paper.

Get Fit While Spring Cleaning

Get ready to clean out the cobwebs, spruce up your space, and break a serious sweat with this power-cleaning, calorie-burning workout.

Your Bad Habits: Don't Hand Them Down

While it's true that as kids get older you have less influence on them as parents, don't discount your role in modeling good (and bad) behavior. While what you say to them may sometimes fall on deaf ears, what you do will certainly be noticed.

Cardio Cinemas: Mixing Big Sweat with the Big Screen

Cardio cinemas are cropping up around the country, allowing people to catch up on their movies, while getting a killer workout. This may be multitasking at its best.

Mudding: The Newest Trend in Athletic Endeavor

"Mudding" is a growing trend in which the cardiovascular demands of a long-distance run is coupled with the physical demands of a military-style obstacle course and the carefree atmosphere of a summer-time musical festival.

Fitness Benefits That Go Skin Deep

You joined the gym or purchased a collection of fitness DVDs, but you still haven't budged from the couch. If you still need another motivator to start living healthy, perhaps this next reason can kick start that fitness routine.

Get Heart Healthy With Digital Trainers

Heart rate monitors help you keep track of your fitness level and even offer motivating messages.

Too Much Sitting May Undo Gym Benefits

New studies suggest that the amount of time we spend with our caboose in the chair impacts our health as much as (and maybe even more than) exercise.

Is Your Workout Not Working Out?

If you're exercising regularly but not seeing results, you may have hit a plateau. What should you do? Follow these five tips to get back on track and meet your fitness goals.

4 Ways to Measure Your Personal Fitness Level

Assessing your personal fitness level is a bit like getting a report card that tells you if your hard work is paying off or if you need to do more homework. Here, four ways to measure your personal fitness level and see if you're making the grade.

Exercising in the Heat: How to Stay Safe

When it comes to exercising in the summer, how hot is too hot? It all depends on your individual ability to tolerate the heat and whether or not you use some common sense.

4 Heart-Smart Summer Activities

In addition to being fun, regular physical activity can help keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in check. So if you're looking for ways to stay fit this summer, we've got plenty of great calorie-burning ideas.

The Short- and Long-Term Benefits of Exercise

Exercise does a body good. Not only is it the key to losing weight, it's also the key to healthy, happy golden years. But how exactly will it help you today and many years from now?

5 Perfect Pool Exercises

Exercising in the water is a fun way to achieve total body fitness, but you'll need to do more than splash around to reap those benefits. Try these five moves to tone your muscles and rev up your entire cardiovascular system.

The Real Dangers of Overtraining

Every day, thousands of people put themselves in harms way by doing something healthy: exercising. They hit the track, gym, court, or pool with such extreme that they end up doing more harm than good. So how much is too much?

How to Stay Safe on the Treadmill

Treadmills keep you moving in poor weather, help you cross train, and let you exercise at home. But don't let your treadmill workout become a walk on the wild side.

Slow Down the Clock With Exercise

Your cardio-respiratory fitness level decreases more rapidly after age 45. Fortunately, there are ways to slow down this decline and maintain a higher fitness level throughout middle age and your senior years.

Get 3 Workouts in 1 with Circuit Training

This solution enables you to fit a total body workout into one short session.

Running Addictions: Are They Possible?

If there's such thing as a runner's high, could there also be a runner's low? In other words, is it possible for running to become a true addiction?

The Truth about Heart Rate and Exercise

Read on for a heart-rate primer so that you can get the most cardiovascular benefits from your workout.

Cardio or Weights: Which is Better?

If the search for ultimate fitness came down to either cardio exercise or strength training, which would be the better choice?

5 Health Risks to Avoid at the Gym

Did you know that the sweaty exercise machines and steamy locker rooms can put you at risk for some nasty injuries and infections?

Do Men Need to Do Cardio?

The debate ranges on about whether guys need cardio too. Maybe the issue is what kind of cardio and how much do you need.

4 Ways to Get Fit on Your Commute

Here, four ways to get the most out of your travel time.

Lose Your Love Handles in 6 Steps

There are effective ways to slim down your sides. Just follow these steps to get started.

10 Steps to Smaller Jeans

Combined with a healthy diet, the following moves will have you slipping into a smaller size in no time.