Flu - Videos

Diane Debrovner Talks about H1N1

Rhiannon and Diane discuss H1N1, its impact on youth, and the way they feel about the new vaccinations that are coming out.

Kick the H1N1 Virus

Meet the H1N1 flu virus. It's trying to get people to help get its "message" out. Be a flu fighter and together we can kick this thing! Visit http://UtahFluFighters.org for more information on how to prevent the flu, vaccination information and what to do if you're sick.

Learn about Tylenol and H1N1 Immunization Concerns

Michael Marcus, MD, talks about Tylenol and immunization concerns

Learn about TamiFlu Treatments for H1N1

Michael Marcus, MD talks about the drug TamiFlu , also know as Oseltamivir.