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Nearly 200 Kids Are Out of School in Wisconsin

More than 170 kids are out of school in Clark County, Wisconsin due to the flu.

CDC Reports Flu Spreading Throughout 47 States

The CDC reports that influenza is now widespread in 47 states, and thousands are hospitalized across the country with flu-like symptoms.

Doctors Can't Remember a Busier Flu Season

Widespread flu cases continue to swamp doctor's offices and hospitals. Some doctors say they don't remember a busier flu season. A few cities have declared a public health emergency. Erika Edwards has the latest.

Tracie Potts Reports on Health Officials Struggling to Keep Up With New Flu Patients

Health officials around the country today are scrambling to cope with a rising number of patients -- and reports of overflowing emergency rooms -- as this year's flu season continues to worsen. At least 18 children have died.

Mayor of Boston Has Declare Public Health Emergency Due to Flu

Mark Barger reports the flu is getting worse, and with the flu season not even half over it's already shaping up to be the worst flu season in more than a decade. It's so bad in Boston that Mayor Thomas M. Menino declared a public health emergency.

Flu Is Increasing Among Children

Flu is increasing among kids.

Flu Epidemic Is Spreading Around the World

The flu epidemic is now spreading around the world, as Europe and a dozen other countries start seeing a rise in the number of cases and deaths.

Researchers Discover Why Flu Is Seasonal

Researchers have figured out why flu is seasonal.

Flu Facts and Myths

Doctor busts common flu myths and separates fact from fiction.

How to Know If a Cold Is Contagious

When is the contagious window of a cold? Find out when you should stay home from work here.

Influenza's Deadly Toll

Full Segment: For hundreds of people each year the flu is more than an inconvenience, it's a killer. We are joined by parents who have lost children to this all-too-common disease.

Flu Is Impacting Hair Salon Business, Among Many Others

The flu outbreak is grinding business to a halt at one hair salon. So many customers have canceled that some stylists aren't even coming in to work.

Increased Demand For Tamiflu Leading to Shortages

Flu season is hitting hard and early... and that's leading patients with flu-like symptoms to the pharmacy. The increased demand for Tamiflu may lead to shortages.

Dr. Nancy Reports on Hospitals Being Overrun by Flu Patients

In the worst outbreak in years, hospitals across the country are being overrun with people complaining of flu-like symptoms.

Simple Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

Find out how simple lifestyle changes can add a little fun and also help protect you from cold an flu this winter.

2013 Flu Epidemic

Major cities across the United States have declared a health emergency in the wake of the worst flu outbreak in a decade. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork gives a state-by-state report of severely affected areas.

Flu Shot 411: How It Works

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains the flu shot and why you may want to consider getting one.

Straight from the CDC: The Flu

Director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas Frieden, joins E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork via satellite to discuss why the 2012-2013 flu season occurred earlier and is more widespread than previous years.

The Germiest Places In Your Life

You may think you do a great job cleaning, but where is the germiest place in your life? Dr. Ian is revealing the most common, germy areas that you may come in contact with every day. Plus, five essential health questions all women need to answer, and Rachael's making a new version of pork chops you'll want to try this weekend.

Flu During Pregnancy

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson shares flu tips for pregnant women.

Many People Are Feeling the Effects of a Bad Flu Season

Tom Costello reports on school teachers who are suffering from this rather strong flu season.

Woman Fired For Refusing Flu Shot

Refusal to follow a flu shot mandate lead to a woman's dismissal from working at the hospital.

The Latest on the Flu

This isn't your average cold -- doctors are seeing big increases in the flu virus. And they say the illness can strike otherwise healthy people quickly and without warning.

Web Tool Could Help Parents Diagnose Flu in Their Kids

A web-based tool could help parents figure out whether their sick kids have the flu, but it could also lead to ER overcrowding.

Texas Hospitals Dealing With Rising Flu Cases

Texas hospitals have seen a shocking spike in flu cases this season.

Several Schools Had to Cancel Classes Due to Flu

Recently several schools had to cancel classes after hundreds of students were struck by the flu, and new states reported widespread flu activity.

Robert Bazell Reports on Rising Flu Cases

Robert Bazell reports on a rise in flu cases this season.

Flu Activity Has Risen Sharply

Flu activity rose sharply recently. Now all states are experiencing some level of flu, with three states reporting widespread activity.

Flu Season Off to a Strong Start

Schools in Tennessee have closed because so many children have developed flu-like symptoms. Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the flu season is off to a strong, early start.

CDC Says Flu Season Off to an Early Start

The Centers for Disease Control says the flu season is off to an early start, and doctors are concerned that this year's strain could be serious. Tom Costello reports.