Having a hard time going green? Maybe you think it’s too time consuming, expensive, or not really worth it. Think again.

There are hundreds of ways to be eco-friendly, which means it can fit into any lifestyle. Here are eight reasons why green living is worth it — none of them have to do with assuaging guilt.

1. Save Money
Saving the planet for future generations may not be a good enough sell for some people. But everyone is seeking ways to hold on to their money — especially in these tough economic times. Going green can help you do that.

For instance according to the U.S. Energy Star Program you save up to $30 in electricity costs over the lifetime of each energy-efficient bulb. And the U.S. Department of Energy claims that insulating your home will slash your heating bill by up to 40 per cent.

Having more energy-efficient homes, practicing conservation (e.g. turning off running taps or using rain barrels), composting, recycling, and riding public transit are just a few ways to save money.

2. Make Money
Recycling doesn’t just keep waste out of landfills; it can be another source of income. For instance, in Philadelphia the RecycleBank program gives people RecycleBank Dollars, which they can spend at 100 participating local and national businesses such as Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Other recycling facilities may pay you money for scrap metal, and glass and plastic items.

3. Be Healthier
Some scientists say that the rise of super bugs such as MSRA came in the aftermath of careless prescription of antibiotics. Toxic chemicals in cleaners, pesticides and household sprays are linked to certain forms of cancer. Choosing natural or herbal remedies can improve your health.

4. Get Fitter Faster
It’s understandable that you may choose to drive 20 miles to work or take public transit. But you probably hop into your car to pop by the local video store, shop at the corner store, or to drop your kids to work. Walking or biking instead can help you lose weight, build muscle, and boost your cardiovascular and emotional health.

5. Alleviate Allergies and Asthma
Allergy and asthma rates continue to rise. Fifty million Americans have allergies, and nearly seven million children have asthma; 90 per cent of them have allergies. Although environmental pollutants don’t cause allergies and asthma, they worsen both conditions. Over 68 chemicals have been labelled as triggers for asthma. Opting for green cleaning products is one way to relieve allergy and asthma symptoms.

6. Run a More Efficient Business
One way to keep your company from sinking into the red is to cut back on waste. Recycling programs, online data storage, conservation, and outsourcing work to home-based workers can boost your bottom line, while protecting the planet’s overtaxed resources.

7. Reduce Wear and Tear on Your Car
When shopping for a used car one of the first things you check out is the mileage. It’s a factor in your vehicle’s wear and tear. It increases your maintenance and driving costs, and reduces the value of your car. By driving less you not only save money, but make your car more sellable in the future.

8. Protect the Planet
Politicians, grassroots advocates and concerned citizens are lamenting the depletion and destruction of the earth’s natural resources. In 2008 the United Nations warned about global food shortages. Energy experts have discussed the depletion of aging oil wells, and landfills, oil spills and toxins pollute water sources daily.

Being green preserves the planet for your own future, and for future generations. Not having a child is no excuse for not getting on the green bandwagon. Just think about still being able to use tap water, breathe clean air, or scuba dive off the Caymans in 10 or 20 years. Surely, being green is worth it.