What if you could go back in time to those carefree days before you had to worry about bladder control issues? While you can't really turn back the clock, you can try a new technique that may help relieve some of those bothersome symptoms.

GelniqueTM  is the first topical gel recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that you can rub right into your leg or arm to treat a variety of common female bladder problems, including the sudden urge to urinate, the need to go frequently, and leaking before you make it to the bathroom.

A Common Problem

While age doesn't directly cause these and a host of other bladder challenges you could be facing, circumstances that occur over time, such as going through childbirth and menopause, can all contribute, making women particularly vulnerable to these conditions. In fact, the National Kidney Foundation reports that as many as 10 million people in the United States experience bladder leakage, and some experts even speculate that the actual numbers may even be higher.

Despite the widespread prevalence of the issue, the statistics also reveal a disturbing trend when it comes to seeking solutions: only 10 percent of this group actually looks to the experts for help. This is particularly worrisome when you consider the fact that such issues can prompt some women to change their lifestyles and avoid a variety of social situations. The good news, though, is that many options have been proven to be effective, prompting medical experts to explore a variety of new methods.

A Simple but Effective Method

That's where GelniqueTM  comes in. It's a colorless and odorless substance that you can apply directly to your thigh, stomach, upper arm, or shoulder. The active drug it contains, which is called oxybutynin hydrochloride, is absorbed through the skin and goes to work reducing your bladder symptoms by relaxing your smooth bladder muscles.

After applying the gel, which typically takes just a minute or two, the studies reveal it is safe to shower an hour later, or even to apply sunscreen, without minimizing the drug's effect. In addition, the effects are long-acting, offering relief for a full 24 hours. This provides convenience for users so that once they experience relief of their most difficult symptoms, they will likely be able to forget about them for a bit and instead focus on enjoying their lives to the fullest extent.

A Range of Options Exist

A spokesperson for Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which manufactures GelniqueTM, says that this simple delivery method minimizes the risk of side effects that exist with taking oral medications metabolized by the liver. In trial studies of the new gel, users reported only very minor effects, including dry mouth and constipation.

GelniqueTM is expected to be widely available by prescription for patients later this year.  There are also several other innovative medications that are on the market today, which offer similar relief in unusual forms-such as through a skin patch or a nose spray. For more information about GelniqueTM and the other latest options that exist, talk with your doctor.