Despite what others may tell you, coffee has been found to have some serious health benefits.

Your mother told you it would stunt your growth. Your dentist tells you it stains your teeth. With so many rumors surrounding coffee, it's hard to not feel guilty if you take part in more than your cup-a-day.

A recent study suggests that coffee plays a significant role in preventing prostate cancer. Data presented at an American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Houston, Texas by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that consuming a few additional cups of coffee can significantly reduce your risk of dying of prostate cancer.

In the study, researchers analyzed information from the Health Professionals' Follow-Up Study, which included data on the coffee-drinking habits of almost 50,000 men from 1986 to 2006. During those 20 years, only 4,975 of the men developed prostate cancer.

The results showed that men who drank the most coffee had a 60 percent lower risk of aggressive prostate cancer than men who did not drink any coffee.

What You Can Do
While the study does not go so far as to suggest a preventative link between coffee-drinking and prostate cancer, experts do not necessarily suggest you change your java consuming habits.

Proven methods to reduce cancer risk include:

  • Go for produce. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables as the basis of your diet is crucial to lessening your risk for various cancers. Include foods such as asparagus and spinach that are high in folate. Also, some studies suggest that eating vegetables high in lycopene-an antioxidant found in tomatoes-may have preventative traits.
  • Monitor your eating habits. Make sure you're not overeating during mealtimes. Additionally, take care to keep your total calorie intake under control.
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Studies show that heavy drinking is strongly correlated with an increased risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Limit your alcohol ingestion by choosing other beverages like seltzer with lime or unsweetened iced tea.