Could the source of your pain be all in your wardrobe? Many chronic pain conditions are caused by common fashion mistakes. Finding a cure could be as simple as changing your outfit or accessories. Check out these head to toe tips to see if you're a fashion victim.

Hair Accessories

If you're in the habit of pulling your hair into a tight ponytail or sliding on a headband, your hairstyle might be causing your headaches. When your scalp is pulled tight, nerves at the base of each hair follicle can be irritated. The muscles that lie beneath the skin might become tense and either of these conditions can cause a pain reaction. If your headband presses into the skin behind your ears, this can cause pain to radiate down your neck or up into your head.

Your remedy: Go for a looser hairstyle and softer accessories.


Your reading, sun or prescription eyeglasses could be causing you eyestrain or creating pressure points due to a poor fitting frame. Improper eyewear is a leading cause for headaches.

Your remedies:

  • See an optometrist regularly and make sure you have the right prescription.
  • Choose frames that don't dig or press along your temple, ear or bridge of your nose.
  • Select sunglasses that block UV sunrays.


If you're in the habit of lugging your life in your bag, you could be putting too much weight on your shoulders and neck, which could push your spine, back and shoulders out of alignment.

Your remedies:

  • Lighten your load by removing anything you don't need during the day.
  • Store duplicate cosmetics at work, school and home.
  • Switch to an electronic calendar and note pad (you probably already have one on your phone) instead of toting notebooks and pens.
  • Use a backpack or cross-the-shoulder style to distribute weight more evenly.


Some experts say that 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra. If your bra is too tight, too loose or digs into your shoulders, ribs, or underarms, your back, shoulders and chest can all be affected.

Your remedy: Have a professional bra fitting and buy several new bras in the most comfortable style you can find.


Most guys shove everything in their wallet then shove their wallet in the back pocket of their pants. If they don't remove it from their pocket when they sit, they might put direct pressure on spinal nerves or throw their spine, low back and pelvis out of alignment.

Your remedies:

  • Purge your wallet of all unnecessary receipts, cards and tickets.
  • Then, get in the habit of putting it in your jacket pocket or your desk drawer whenever you sit.


Skinny jeans and too-tight styles can cause more than a muffin top. They can also put uncomfortable pressure on your stomach, intestines and internal organs, compress nerves and limit the range of motion in your hips and legs.

Your remedy: Choose the right size, cut and style out of the many fashionable options available and you'll feel as good as you look.


Ditch the super high and super low heels or save them to wear only on special occasions.

High heels push your bodyweight onto the arch, ball and toes of your foot, which can irritate bones, nerves and skin and cause intense pain. They can also throw your posture out of alignment and cause back pain.

Very low heels that don't provide enough arch support can cause almost as many problems as stilettos. And forget about flip-flops. More people injure their feet wearing flip-flops than any other shoe style. Not only do they offer no support, your feet have to work extra hard, just to keep them from falling off. This combination leads to a painful condition called plantar fasciitis, which affects the arch and heel.

Your remedy: Choose a low to mid-heel shoe with plenty of padding and arch support.

Don't be a fashion victim. By making the right choices, you can eliminate common sources of pain and look and feel great.