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What You Need to Know about Epidural Spinal Injections

An epidural spinal injection, also known as an epidural steroid injection, is a non-surgical treatment for radiating back pain that may provide either short- or long-term relief, anywhere from a week to several months. However, as with all procedures, it comes with some associated risks.

Is Spinal Decompression the Answer for Herniated Discs?

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical treatment method used for patients with back pain and other problems associated with spinal-disc injuries, such as herniated discs. While it may provide some of the pain relief you seek, it is just one part of an overall back pain relief and recovery strategy.

Strengthen the "Core" for Back Pain? Think Again

There is a widely held belief that strengthening the core muscles is key to resolving lower back pain. The number of patients who have told me they were treated based on this premise at other therapy facilities before obtaining treatment with me is staggering.

Pros and Cons of Using a Back Brace

The use of a back brace can be helpful for some people for a short period of time. But using a brace long-term or for preventative reasons may land you in the situation that you were trying to avoid. Learn about the pros and cons of using a back brace.

What are the advantages of strength-training and flexibility training in treating/preventing back and joint pain?

Physical therapist Mitchell Yass answers readers' questions about back pain in our exclusive weekly series.

What are the best treatment options for a herniated disc?

Orthopedic and spinal surgeon Dr. Sean McCance answers a reader's question about herniated discs.

Back Pain and PMS

Back pain is one of the more common symptoms of PMS, and can range from a small ache to debilitating pain.

Better Health Results in a Better Sex Life

Good health ups the odds that you and your partner will have a better time in bed.

Innocent Behaviors That Lead to Death

Innocent behaviors such as social drinking, dieting, and relieving back pain through a doctor-prescribed medication can unsuspectingly be a gateway to harmful behavior for some people and ultimately death.

Understanding Referred Pain and Phantom Pain

The cause of chronic pain is not always obvious. In the case of a type of chronic pain, known as referred pain, the patient perceives pain in one part of the body, but the source of pain is elsewhere in the body. With phantom pain, the patient perceives pain in a body part that s no longer even there.

Is Headache Medicine Always the Best Treatment?

Health professionals advise being cautious about the overuse of headache medication as this can result in making the headaches worse.

Facial Surgery May Offer Migraine Cure

A study last year suggests that facial surgery that targets and removes small portions of migraine-triggering muscle or nerve tissue may offer permanent relief for some people suffering from migraines.

Trigger Point Therapy for Chronic Pain

Trigger point therapy may be a good option in treating chronic pain in some patients.

How Real is Painkiller Addiction?

Experts agree that prescription painkiller medication addiction is real, and the risk for some can be great.

How to Prevent Total Hip Replacement

A look into how the medical standards for assessing hip pain can fall short.

The Difference between Arthritis and Lupus

Learn how to work with your doctor to get a correct diagnosis.

Share Your Story. Become a Health Hero.

Have you or a loved one survived a life-threatening disease? Are you currently struggling with depression, chronic pain, heart disease, or other health-related condition? Have you gone to extraordinary lengths to help someone in a health crisis? If so, we want to hear from you!

Heel Spur or Plantar Fasciitis

If you are suffering from pain at the bottom of your heel, you will probably see a podiatrist who will probably take an x-ray and inform you that you have a heel spur.

Know Your Alternatives for Pain Resolution

Indicators show that many common medical practices are failing when it comes to identifying the cause of pain and resolving it. The number of people complaining of chronic pain has jumped to 83 million in the US and is expected to hit 150 million in the next few years.

Is Sciatica Caused by Herniated Discs?

Forty million people are estimated to suffer from sciatica. But is there a misconception about its cause?

Chronic Pain vs. Acute Pain

Find out why chronic pain is typically misdiagnosed as acute pain.

Alternative Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Alternative treatments that help to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome.

Migraines and Heart Problems: What's the Link?

Migraines may be linked to an elevated risk of heart attack and stroke.

Side Effects of 3 of the Most Common Painkillers

Popular painkillers acetaminophen, ibuprofen and codeine may provide relief but they can also cause serious side effects.

Neck Pain and Posture

You'd be surprised by the cause of your pain.

Fibromyalgia and Depression

Suffering from fibromyalgia? Learn more about the risks of depression and what you can do to protect yourself from this mood disorder.

Pain: Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom

Taking narcotic pain killers, epidural nerve blocks or cortisone shots do nothing to resolve the cause of pain. It is a feudal attempt to mask pain.

Lupus and Nerve Damage

Lupus can cause neuropathy, also known as nerve damage. Learn about the symptoms, prevention and coping strategies you can use.

Treatment Options for Inguinal Hernia

Learn what causes an inguinal hernia and the best treatment options for this common health problem.

Knee Plug for Osteoarthritis

For 30 million osteoarthritis sufferers worldwide, pain, joint stiffness and potential loss of mobility can negatively affect their quality of life. However, scientists have recently improved a widely used treatment for knee osteoarthritis, which may help many people.