Every year, an estimated 2.3 million couples get married in the United States. And it's safe to assume that many of the brides have been dreaming about their perfect wedding day since they were little girls. Add to those already high expectations a sizable outlay of cash—about $30,000 for the average wedding, according to the Bridal Association of America—and the participation of family members, which can fuel an emotionally charged atmosphere, and you have the perfect recipe for the emergence of the dreaded Bridezilla. How can you tell if the bride in your life has reached the point of no return? Here are three signs to watch for, as well as tips for coping with a stressed-out soon-to-be Mrs.

1. It's All About the Wedding.

A little fixation can creep into anyone's life. However, when people start to dwell on certain thoughts at the expense of their relationships, their jobs, and their lives in general, then a healthy focus has shifted to a detrimental obsession. If the bride's range of conversation topics has descended into a never-ending bridal spiral of DJs, bouquets, and meddling mother-in-laws, plan an activity that might help get her mind off the upcoming nuptials. Or suggest she start a journal or a blog, giving her a better forum in which to vent her anxiety and frustrations.

2. She's Become Unbearably Bossy.

When it comes to her wedding, it's either her way or the highway. And she has a point...to an extent. With the average age for first-time brides and grooms on the rise—26 for women and 27 for men—more and more couples are footing the wedding bill on their own. So if it's on her dime, she has a right to exercise a considerable amount of control over the proceedings. But when her demands seem excessive (for instance, she's insisting all the bridesmaids lose ten pounds before the big day), tap into your inner diplomat as you approach her with your concerns. Do everything you can to ensure the conversation doesn't devolve into a screaming match. Speak slowly and calmly, and provide her with options you know will appeal to her.

3. She Wants the Best of Everything.

Who wouldn't, especially on such an important day? The problem is, if she goes overboard, she could easily sink herself and her soon-to-be husband into crippling debt before they even have a chance to start a life together. Considering that fact that arguments over money rank among the top three reasons couples break up, gently convincing her that a hefty price tag doesn't always equal the highest quality could be the best thing you ever do to ensure her overall happiness.