Myth: Men are from Mars

Fact: Contrary to popular literature, men and women are both from planet Earth.

You probably already knew this one was a myth, but some of the other falsehoods we'll expose here might surprise you. Find out how much you really know about the desires and motivations of the opposite sex.

Myth: Men initiate most romantic interactions

Fact: It might just be a glance in the man's direction, a toss of the hair, or a lick of the lips, but women are more likely to initiate conversations by being flirtatious and approachable. In a study by Monica Moore, a professor at Webster University, women who flirted were four times more likely to be approached by men. Men were also more likely to approach a woman who was flirtatious but less attractive than a very attractive woman who was not flirtatious.

Myth: Men are typically the ones who ask for a divorce

Fact: Once again, it's women who take the lead. An Arizona State University study found that two-thirds of all divorces are initiated by women. In fact, in states where the laws are structured in a way that makes it more likely for women to keep custody of the children, a higher percentage of women initiate divorces. Most often, the reasons cited for divorce are growing apart or not feeling loved or appreciated.

Myth: Men are intimidated by women who make more money than they do

Fact: Perhaps because two-income households have become the norm, it's common for men and women to date and eventually marry someone who makes about the same amount of income that they do. According to a poll by dating site, about half of men surveyed dated partners who make the same amount of money they do, and about 20 percent date women who earn more.

Myth: Great sex lasts a long time

Fact: Penn State researchers discovered that the most desirable amount of time for sex to last is between seven and 13 minutes. Although movies and TV shows may glamorize passionate, all-night-long sex, the psychologists found that anything more than 30 minutes is an unrealistic expectation and not an enjoyable experience for most copulating couples.

Myth: Men are more likely to choose their careers over their relationships

Fact: A study published in the journal Gender Issues, found that among college-aged students, men were more likely than women to choose their romantic relationships over career goals. The researchers found that both men and women value their careers and relationships, but it was the male respondents who said they were less hesitant to abandon their career paths


Myth: Women take longer to become aroused than men do

Fact: Men and women actually begin showing signs of arousal at about the same time, approximately 30 seconds after exposures to a sexually arousing experience. However, the study by McGill University Health Centre in Canada, found that men become fully aroused after about 11 minutes, while women reach full arousal after about 12 and a half minutes

Myth: Women prefer more masculine men.

Fact: Women perceive men with traditionally masculine features to be unsuitable for long-term relationships. A study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, found that men with softer facial features were thought to be more committed and less likely to cheat. Men who appeared healthier-looking were also considered more desirable.