Can the very old Chinese art of aesthetics, which stresses the power of placement, really give you a better sex life? Experts say that it can. "Feng shui can ignite a fire between the two of you," says certified feng shui master practitioner Debra Duneier, founder and President of Living Home by Debra, LLC.

What's more, practicing feng shui can actually improve your relationship with your partner, according to Tryce Czyczynska, a certified feng shui consultant. "When you feel more confident in your space, you feel more energy for dealing with your partner," she says. "It can help you to have a smoother relationship."

The best part: You don't have to become a serious practitioner of feng shui to put it to work on your love live. Here, twelve ways to incorporate feng shui into your love life.

  • Take a good, long look around your bedroom. It should be "a sacred space for your intimate love relationship, and no one else belongs in that room," says Duneier.

  • Everything in the room should match, she advises, which means matching bedside tables and matching lamps. The woman's furniture should not appear to dominate the man's.

  • Keep mirrors to a minimum and avoid placing a big mirror in front of the bed. "The energy in a room starts moving very quickly with a mirror and there's a lot happening, too much movement," Duneier explains. "This causes you to feel restless."

  • If your bedroom seems dominated by the woman's taste in decorating, this can make a guy feel squeezed out. "A man should have space that feels like his own when he walks into his room," Czyczynska says.

  • Having equal, easy access to both sides of the bed is crucial. When you have to climb over your partner to get into bed, this represents a lack of accessibility for intimacy. "If you can't reach the bed easily, it signifies that you can't reach your partner," Czyczynska says. If it's impossible to have access to both sides of the bed, at least put some art work onto the wall side that has some depth to it, like a nature scene you both love.

  • Try to position your bed catty corner from the door to the bedroom, says Carol Cannon, a feng shui consultant. "If the bed is right in front of the door, it creates stress," she says.

  • It's important that you both see the same thing when you sit up in bed, says Czyczynska. If one of you sees into the bathroom and one sees a wall, you have a split view, she explains. "This can translate, on a subconscious level, into not seeing eye to eye, quite literally," Czyczynska says. It's easy to change this either by keeping the door to the bathroom closed and hanging some art work that you both like to the wall. That art work is very important because it's the first thing you'll both see when you wake up in the morning. "And those first and last impressions of the day are so important, Czyczynska says.

  • Remove clutter and boxes from under the bed. "You need free flowing energy and to be able to move around the bed," Duneier says.
  • Bedding should be soft and inviting, so avoid metal bed frames and choose wood instead, since it somehow seems softer and warmer. A large headboard with a solid back wall behind it is better than a window. "A heavy headboard makes us feel safe and gives a feeling of security," Czyczynska says.

  • The best feng shui colors are neutral shades like warm toast and chocolate brown since these impart a feeling of peacefulness. Very bright blues can be a bit overstimulating, but a rose shade or dark pink (nothing very bright) can also be soothing, Cannon says.

  • Lighting should be soft, with no fluorescent bulbs. Overly bright lights can stir up a lot of energy, and the last thing you want to do is stir up negative energy.

  • Remove photos of your kids, parents, aunts, and uncles and nieces and nephews from the bedroom. The only photos should be of you and your partner in a happy picture. "The picture should be of both of you together, not in separate frames," Cannon says. "The bedroom is a place to focus on each other."