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10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

From matters of size to sex addiction, we answer your most blushworthy questions.

10 Ways to Catch a Liar

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10 Worst Wedding Horrors of All Time

As these true stories prove, getting hitched doesn't always go off without a hitch.

3 Signs She's a Bridezilla

It's all about her--or at least she thinks so. Learn how to spot the signs of an out-of-control bride.

4 Reasons Why Marriage Makes People Fat

Gain a spouse...and gain weight, too? Learn why tying the knot can contribute to unwanted pounds.

4 Surefire Secrets of Happy People

Don't worry, be happy. And you can be—if you follow these helpful tips.

5 Signs You May Be Headed for Divorce

Could you have cause for concern?

5 Signs You're Ready to Retire

Learn about the key factors that will help you determine when you can set off on the road to retirement.

5 Ways to Stay Happy During the Holidays

Although the holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, they can also be a time of stress and depression. Find out how you can avoid the holiday blues.

The 6 Craziest Reasons to Get Fired

Here, some of the most unbelievable reasons people have found themselves searching for new employment.

6 People to Avoid At All Costs

Don't let these toxic types bring you down.

6 Secrets You Should Never Share

Certain things are better left unsaid—especially these six bombshells.

6 Worst Jobs for Your Health

From stress, suicide, and substance abuse to joint and back injuries, these jobs may be hazardous to your health.

7 Biggest Myths about Dating and Mating

As if dating isn't difficult enough, these popular misconceptions can make navigating the singles circle even more challenging.

7 Secrets All Men Keep

When it comes to certain topics, "mum's the word" for many men.

7 Ways to Ruin a Relationship

Looking to keep your love alive? Avoid these missteps at all costs.

7 Worst Workplace Behaviors

From gossip and bullying to chronic lateness, we reveal seven things you should never do on the job.

8 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

Every year, more than 5,000 people die from injuries sustained on the job. Find out who is most at risk.

8 Ways to Win Every Argument

These surefire strategies can help you win every debate—without losing your cool.

Are You Obsessed With Revenge?

When you've been wronged, can you forgive and forget, or do you need to exact revenge?

Can Working the Night Shift Make You Sick?

Late-shift workers put themselves at risk for certain illnesses. Is there anything they can do to protect their health?

Laws of Attraction

It's not just good looks that make some people appear more attractive than others.

Older Women, Younger Men: Does It Really Work?

May-December romances are on the rise. Here, we explore the chances for success.

Preventing Teen Pregnancy: How to Talk to Your Teen

Find out what the statistics about teen pregnancy means for you and your teenager.

Programs for Family Caregivers

The National Alliance for Caregiving and MetLife Foundation honored innovative programs for caregivers.

6 Ways to Survive a Breakup

Ending a relationship can be a painful. Follow these tips to bounce back from a broken heart.

Understanding Alcoholism

Learn about the symptoms of alcoholism and what kinds of treatment are available for this disease.

Best Reasons to Be Thankful

By giving thanks for what you have and not dwelling on what you don't, you'll be happier this holiday season.

Home for the Holidays: Stories to Remember

It's important to begin capturing memories to pass along to the next generations of your family. The holidays are the perfect time to get started.

Are You Learning From Your Mistakes?

Genetics plays a role in many of our health matters and actions, including learning from out mistakes.