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How Can I Recover from My Relationship Slip-Ups?

Don t speak first and think later. Here are some tips for those times when your reactions rule.

Best Foods for Healthy Sperm

Research shows that certain foods make sperm healthier and improve reproductive ability.

Side Effects of the Birth Control Pill and the Patch

An overview of the side effects of the birth control pill and the birth control patch.

Do I Really Need to Get Along with My Partner s Siblings and Best Friend?

Don t overlook the importance of your partner s siblings and best friend. You might need them as allies.

How Do I Stop Falling in Love So Quickly?

Postpone those candlelight dinners and sex too soon. The flame and the rush can trick you into falling in love quickly and too often with the wrong person.

Expert Q&A: Is My Sex Life Normal?

Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D., answers a reader's question about whether his sex life with his wife is normal.

How Do I Get Over a Short-term Break Up?

Don t think you re being weak if you have trouble recovering from a short-term relationship break up. These break ups can hurt in different but important ways.

Sex after Menopause

Is there sex after menopause? You bet, say doctors and sexual health educators.

How Do I Avoid Rebound Love after a Break Up?

After a break up, avoid rebound love by not falling for someone new too quickly or by not choosing someone who is too opposite.

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Can long-distance relationships work? For millions of modern couples, they do.

Should My Partner and I Move in Together?

Thinking of moving in with your partner? Don t until you ve answered the questions below. Pick the choices that apply. Or, add your own.

Emotional Intelligence Means Better Sex for Women

New study suggests that women with high emotional intelligence get more enjoyment from sex.

6 Birth Control Rumors Explored

What you don t know can hurt you. Here we clear up some contraception confusion.

Is Sex During Pregnancy OK?

Get the truth about sex during pregnancy.

How to Leave an Abusive Relationship

Many women find it difficult to leave an abusive relationship. Here are 13 ways to make the break easier.

Why Did My Ex Find Someone So Soon?

So, your ex found love in what seems like no time at all. Don't fret. The reasons behind it may reassure you.

Can a Bad Marriage Affect Your Health?

New study finds that a bad marriage takes a toll on a woman s health increasing their risk of heart disease and diabetes.

3 Surprising Factors that Affect Female Orgasms

Still in search of the big "O"? Learn about the surprising factors that affect female orgasms.

Breaking from Dating May Spell Disaster

How long of a break from dating should you take between a break up? Find out here.

Sex and PMS: A Good Match?

You may not want to think about sex when PMS symptoms take over. But sex may be just what you need.

Should I Get Divorced?

Unhappy in your marriage? Don t rush the decision to get divorced. Once you open that door and go out, you might not be able to return or choose wisely the next time.

Is Your Relationship Ready for Marriage?

Here, a guide for how to know you are in love and have chosen the right person to marry.

When to Have Sex in a New Relationship

Nice girls do have sex on first dates. And few men would turn down an offer. But if you set aside issues of morality and values, then what could be wrong about having sex at the beginning of a relationship?

10 Health Benefits of Having Sex

The word is out sex can be great for your health in more ways than you can imagine.

6 Relationship-Saving Strategies

Boredom? Conflict? Communication breakdown? Learn how to solve some of the most common relationship killers.

Dating and HIV

If you re dating someone with HIV, or considering it, here are a few important things for you to know.

Sex Addiction 101

Get the basics on sex addiction, the consequences and the treatment.

Is a Vasectomy Right for You?

Don't cut corners when deciding on this permanent form of birth control. Here's what you need to know about the vasectomy procedure.

Managing Space in Relationships

Psychologist and relationship expert Dr. LeslieBeth Wish answers a reader's question about maintaining distance in a healthy partnership.

What is Sex Therapy?

Contrary to popular belief, sex therapy isn't just for sex addicts. Learn about how sex therapy can help you in your relationship and life.