7 Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger

Does your 'do need some youthful invigoration? Try these tips for rolling back the clock on your tresses.

Chop Long Hair to Chin Length

Shorter cuts offer an infusion of energy and sex appeal because they show off your face and skin. They suggest that anyone will look good in a bob, especially women with very straight hair.

Sweep It Into a Polished Ponytail

Not just a sporty, convenient option for the gym, ponytails can look elegant when they're sleek and smooth. Just be careful to choose simple accessories that blend with your hair. A prominent bow or scarf can look silly on older women.

Layer It Up

If you have long or medium-length hair that you're not willing to part with, infuse some style into it with layers. Short, choppy layers help define the shape of your face and emphasize your eyes and lips. And adding volume to your crown will draw attention to your cheekbones.

Add Side-Swept Bangs

Whether your tresses are long or short, side-swept bangs can make your face look younger (and hide forehead wrinkles). Just be sure to keep them a little choppy, angled, and beware of over-styling them. Perfectly even bangs will draw attention to lines and flaws in your face.

Steer Clear of Monochrome

Many women color their hair a uniform shade that's too close to their natural skin tone, which can wash out their faces. Color your hair a few shades darker than your natural skin tone and add a few highlights to make it look more natural. Highlights around the face can help brighten a dull complexion.

Keep From Being Too Coiffed

Beware of creating a look that's too perfect. When going for a straight look, a blow dryer will give you more natural results than an iron, especially if you hair is thin. Severe parts and too-smooth hair can turn attention to things like crow's feet and wrinkles. Keep your hairstyle soft and skip curls that are too perfect or sprayed in place. Too-blunt styles can also make your face look droopy.

Choose a Classic (Not Trendy) Cut

Nothing says "I feel old" like trying too hard to follow fashion. According to Fekkai.com, "for most people who ask what they should do to update their look, his answer is 'less.'" Steer clear of any stylist who pushes you into a too-trendy style and stick to a classic bob, chignon, or loose layers to give you a look that will last.