7 Things You Shouldn't Do to Your Hair

We all want our hair to look healthy and beautiful. But most of us don't realize how easy it is to over-do the steps we take to make our hair look great. Here are eight common mistakes and tips to keep your hair under control.

Over-Washing. Most people don't need to wash their hair more than once or twice a week, but some wash it once or twice a day! Unless your hair is very oily, resist the urge to wash it too often. The natural oils that build up are good for your hair. If your bangs feel greasy, you can always spot wash them with a dry shampoo. Your stylist can recommend a washing regimen that works best for you.  

Over-Conditioning. Almost all hair can benefit from conditioner, but using too much can bog down even dry or coarse hair, leaving a build-up of dull residue. Start with a quarter-size squeeze of conditioner, apply it to the ends and then work it into your roots.

Over-Straightening. If you reach for your flat-iron too often, you may be burning your hair, breaking down the cuticle, and accelerating split ends. Always use any kind of iron or curler on the coolest setting you can and try not to use it more than once a week.

Over-Doing Products. Excess gel, serum, or mouse can make hair look greasy or heavy. It can also cause it to flake as it dries, making it look like you have dandruff. Always start with a tiny amount and apply it evenly, starting with the ends and working your way towards the scalp.  

Over-Wrangling or Exposing Wet Hair. When you hair is wet, it's more likely to stretch and break. Using a hot blow dryer or exposing wet hair directly to winter elements can make the cuticle especially vulnerable to damage. Choose the warm setting on your hair dryer and protect wet hair with a scarf or hat when going outside.

Over-Stretching It Into a Ponytail or Bun. Pulling hair back too tightly can lead to hair loss, especially close to the hairline. Opt for a looser ponytail, use metal-free ponytail holders, and never sleep with your hair tied back. These will reduce the risk of breakage.

Over-Extending the Time Between Cuts. Regular hair cuts are essential to keeping your hair healthy. The ends of your hair split faster than your hair can grow, and if those split ends aren't chopped off they can accelerate the damage to the rest of your hair. Be sure to get a haircut every two months, even if you're growing your hair out. Simply snipping a tiny bit off of the ends will do wonders for your hair health.



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