Dry Hair Help Is Here

Whether your hair is chronically parched or simply fried from the sun or from over-styling, there are things you can do to help bring it back to life. Here are some options for dealing with dry hair:

  1. Skip the Shampoo. Most of us wash our hair too often. Twice a week is plenty for almost everyone—once may be enough, too. Using a dry shampoo in-between washings help soak up excess oil without sapping moisture.
  2. Add Some Oil. Many people swear by Moroccanoil to soothe dry hair and improve its appearance. But the oil in your kitchen can also help treat dry hair. You can buy a traditional hot oil treatment at the drugstore, or apply regular olive or almond oil to hair and leave it on for anywhere from 15 minutes to overnight. Shampoo well in the morning. Any oil can serve as a styling aid—just a few drops will help de-frizz and reduce dryness. Just take care to keep it away from your face, especially if you have acne-prone skin beneath your hair.
  3. Be Creative With Conditioner. You don't have to follow the product instructions to the letter with conditioner. Try using a rinse-out formula as a leave-in conditioner, or using it for a styling product rather than a regular formula that can be drying.
  4. Go Alcohol-Free. Try a shampoo labeled "gentle" or with a pH level between four and seven. Conditioners should be alcohol-free. If you can't decide, opt for a baby shampoo/conditioner option.
  5. Brush Less. While a little brushing can help stimulate and spread oils in your scalp, over-brushing can cause breakage in dry hair. Choose a vented brush with soft bristles and rounded tips and use it as little as you can.
  6. Avoid Heat. Do you really need to blow-dry, straighten, or curl your hair every day? Styling tools can scorch and stretch hair, leading to further drying. When using them, use the lowest possible heat setting to minimize its effects.
  7. Be Gentle. The dryer your hair is, the more fragile it is. When washing, massage your scalp but don't pull or stretch hair. Manipulate it as little as possible when styling.
  8. Wait Longer Between Treatments. Straightening treatments, perms, and coloring are the most drying things you can do to your hair. Space these treatments out as much as you can.
  9. Protect it From the Elements. Sun, salt-water, and chlorine can leach hair of its natural moisture. The best option is donning a hat, scarf, or cap to protect it. If a swim cap isn't your style, simply wetting it with regular water before taking a dip can help seal the membranes against chlorine and salt-water. For UV ray protection, try a shampoo with SPF (sun protection factor) or simply rub sunscreen into your scalp. It has the added benefit of helping ward off skin cancer, too.


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