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Facial Tips from Celebrity Esthetician Shani Darden

Tips to make sure you get a facial worthy of a celebrity.

Skin Secrets of the Stars

Celebrity esthetician Shani Darden shares some of her secrets to having healthy, fresh and glowing skin.

Woman’s Scarring from Failed Surgeries Fixed

Last season The Doctors met Kim who was scarred emotionally and physically after undergoing multiple failed surgeries.

See Woman after Reconstruction Surgery to Fix Scarring from Failed Procedures

Kim joins The Doctors with plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian and dermatologic surgeon Dr. Jason Emer to discuss her surgeries and to show off her incredible results.

How to Spot an Infection around the Nail

A viewer asks about her daughter’s swollen thumb, which was also an odd color. What causes this and how do you treat it?

Do You Get a Rash after Working Out?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra weighs in on a viewer’s question about why she gets a rash after working out. What is it and can it be prevented?

Help for Woman's Eyebrow Replacement Due to Face Scar

Maria had a melanoma removed above her right eye and wants to know the best way to deal with scarring and half of a missing eyebrow from the procedure. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra weighs in.

The Procedure to get "Kardashian-Like" Face Contours

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian shares the results of a live c treatment that targets the jawline for a more contoured look.

Skincare Finds Under $20

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shares some of her favorite skincare products that you can find online for fewer than twenty dollars.

Can This Couple Lose Their Double Chins Together?

Alana and Chris join The Doctors to undergo a treatment together to rid themselves of their double chins. Does it work?

Post-Pregnancy Hair Changes

Having a child changes your body but The Doctors web producer saw a strange change at the crown of her head. Is greasy hair normal after giving birth?

Hairy Back But Bald Head Explained!

The Doctors answer a question from a viewer that wonders why her boyfriend has a hairy back but a bald head.

Worst Deviated Septum This Plastic Surgeon Has Ever Seen

Sabena had an accident in her youth that left her only able to breathe out of one side of her nose. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Zoumalan took The Doctors into the operating room to fix Sabena’s septum.

Woman’s Life Changed after Amazing Septum Reconstruction Surgery

Sabena and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Zoumalan join The Doctors to share about her septum reconstruction and how she’s doing now that she’s able to breathe from both sides of her nose.

At 460-Pounds Dad Struggled to Play with His Son

The Doctors look back at Zach’s incredible 300-pound weight loss, and the skin removal surgery he underwent with the help of the show.

Two Woman Get Rid of the Excess Skin

Manda viewed her excess skin as a trophy of her weight loss but it was causing her rashes, sores and pain. Ruth’s excess skin was standing in the way of her new goal to become a personal trainer. Here’s a look back.

Is There a Solution to Cellulite?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra weighs in on the question that is on many people’s minds as the weather warms up.

What Can I Do about Spider Veins?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon share why we get spider veins and everything you need to know about dealing with them.

What Strength SPF Do I Really Need?

There are so many SPF options. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shares what you need to know about keeping your skin safe in the sun.

One Woman’s Quest for the World’s Biggest Butt

24-year-old Natasha has undergone three Brazilian butt lifts but she’s ready to undergo another in her quest for a 100-inch behind.

Rib Removal Surgery to Get a Cartoon Waist?!

Pixie underwent a controversial procedure to remove six ribs to get a 14-inch waist. The Doctors revisit her appearance on the show.

Is Wanting the World’s Biggest Butt Healthy?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon tells Natasha, who wants the world’s biggest butt, that he’s not sure another procedure would cause her no harm. Would a fourth Brazilian butt lift be advised?

18 Surgeries to Look Like Madonna?!

The Doctors look back at Madonna-obsessed Adam who has spent almost $200,000 to look like the iconic star in the “drastic plastic” special.

100K to Look Like Kim Kardashian?

Thalia is a transgender woman that has a striking resemblance to her favorite celebrity, but it didn’t come cheap.

A Look Back at the Real Life ‘Barbie’

Nannette loves Barbie dolls and has spent nearly half a million dollars on surgeries and beauty treatments to look like one.

Woman Addicted to Plastic Surgery?

Krystina, who has spent over 200K on procedures, is addicted to plastic surgery but will not stop in her quest to look like a caricature of herself.

12 Breast Augmentations and Not Stopping

Lacey has been put under anesthesia 47 times and has undergone 12 breast augmentations. Lacey and her son Silas join The Doctors to talk about her surgery obsession.

Mother and Daughter Duo Love Going Under the Knife

Kayla and her mother Georgina are a mother-daughter duo who both love plastic surgery and have already racked up more than $80,000 in bills.

A Look Back at the Human Ken Doll on The Doctors

Justin has undergone around 200 cosmetic procedures and over 20 surgeries. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon weighs in on how unhealthy this obsession is.

Can a Person Become Genderless Using Plastic Surgery?

Meet Vinny who has undergone several surgeries for a sexual “unassignment,” in an effort to become a genderless alien.