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Are Your Earlobes Stretched?

Earrings can stretch earlobes but dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shows us how easily earlobes can be repaired with a quick in-office procedure performed under local anesthesia.

What Is Cowpox?

An 11-year-old with a lesion on her cheek was diagnosed with cowpox. What is cowpox and could it happen to you?

How to Repair Your Torn and Stretched Earlobes

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra corrects Sierra’s stretched earlobe. Will Sierra be able to wear earrings again?

At-Home Microblading Kit?

The Doctors discuss online tutorials and microblading kits that come complete with tattoo pens and blades. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra weighs in on DIY permanent brows.

Can You Brush Away Cellulite?

Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPherson reportedly use a dry natural-bristle brush to help combat cellulite.

How Common Are Skin Tags in Sensitive Places?

Jay asked an embarrassing question about anal skin tags earlier this season in The Doctors Medical Confessional. Proctologist Dr. Rosenfeld offered to remove Jay’s skin tag, and The Doctors followed along for the procedure.

Lip Injections Gone Wrong?

Celebrities’ luscious lips have inspired many lip injections. The Doctors discuss a viral video of one woman’s injections that went very wrong.

Nose Lift without Surgery?!

The Doctors put to the test a procedure that claims to instantly lift the nose without going under the knife.

Instant Redness Removing Cream?

A new cream claims to instantly remove redness on your face, but does it really work? Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra helps put it to the test.

What is the New ‘Thighlighting’ Trend?

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon shares about a new plastic surgery procedure called ‘thighlighting’ that has some going under the knife to get shapelier legs.

Drs. Rx: Salma Hayek’s Simple Skin Secret

The Doctors share Salma Hayek’s reported skin secret that keeps her looking good in her 50’s.

Woman's Nail Nightmare

The Doctors discuss the shocking viral case of a woman that tried to remove her acrylic nails by herself and had to eventually have the top of her thumb amputated.

DIY Mole Removal?

Moles can be unsightly and sometimes even dangerous, but can they be safely removed at home? Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra weighs in.

What You Need to Know if You Have Eczema

Eczema Herpeticum is a condition that happens to people with eczema but it’s caused by the herpes virus, which causes itchy painful bumps that take over a week to recover and may requires urgent care.

Fixes for 'Chipmunk' Cheeks?

Can you change a round face to an oval or square shape without going under the knife? Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon weighs in.

Drs. Rx: The Effects of Drinking Alcohol on Your Face!

The Doctors share how binge drinking can change the way your face looks for up to 28 days after you’ve imbibed.

Drs. Rx: Keep your Lips From Chapping!

The Doctors share a DIY trick to keep your lips from getting dry and chapping this winter.

Inspirational Survivor Says Burn Scars Do Not Make Her a Victim

Kilee bravely shares her story of surviving an explosive fire that left her body covered with burn scars with other burn survivors and Kilee and her mom Lori share their new book, “Beautiful Scars.”

DIY Ingrown Toenail Removal?!

Viral videos of removing ingrown toenails are a new online trend, but is it also dangerous? Should you try this at home?

Cancer Survivor’s Life-Changing Procedure

After a heartbreaking cancer diagnosis, Heather says she was reminded of her pain every time she looks in the mirror.

Desperately Seeking Pimples?

The Doctors discuss a pimple popping obsessed person that took to Craigslist to find people with pimples to pop for money.

Find out Why You Should Think Twice about Popping That Zit!

The Doctors discuss a disturbing medical photo of a construction worker that popped a pimple that resulted in a shocking fungal infection.

Pimple Popping Nails?

YouTube personality Natasha Lee created the latest “pimple popping” nail trend that allows you to actually squeeze “pus” out of your perfect manicure.

Abuse Survivor Has Her Confidence Back

Brandi joins The Doctors with her daughter Taylor and her team of doctors to share how she’s feeling after eye surgery and the micro-needling laser treatments to help with her scarring.

Skin Remedies from Chapped Lips to Lotions

The Doctors answer some common viewer questions about skin! From face lotions to chapped lips, get the answers you need.

Hope or Hype: Phone App Detects Cancer

Could detecting cancer be as simple as downloading an app?

Herpes from the Makeup Counter?!

The Doctors discuss one woman who claims she contracted herpes from a tester lipstick at a popular cosmetic store. Could this happen to you?

‘Macho Mouth’ Lip Injections?

Plastic surgeons are reporting an increase in the number of men seeking lip injections to achieve a more “macho” mouth.

Could This Happen to Me?: Butt Blister

This blister started as an irritation on the patients behind after sitting on a heating pad for too long. It then became inflamed, infected and started oozing fluid.

Could This Happen to Me?: Nummular Dermatitis

The winter temps can cause these coin-shaped patches on the skin. Could you be at risk?