Sleep Management - Original Articles

Successfully Sleep Under the Stars

Looking to add more summer fun in the great outdoors? Be sure to bring these items with you when you spend the night al fresco.

How Hospital Noise Hampers Healing

Although they exist to treat medical problems and make us well, hospitals are some of the noisiest, least restful places to be. And all that noise can impair recovery.

What to Believe When Health Claims Conflict

You hear something's good for you, and tomorrow you hear it's bad. Here's how to solve the puzzle when it comes to health claims.

Quality vs. Quantity: What Sleep Do You Need Most?

Sleep is essential for health. Here's what's most important to strive for when trying to rest.

Even a Little Could Keep You From Sleeping

There are real health consequences when this finds its way into your bedroom.

4 Natural Cures for Jet Lag

Adjust to time change and overcome fatigue with these simple tips.

8 Mistakes Women Make in Middle Age

Avoiding exercise. Skimping on sleep. Dressing too drab. Fix these flubs, plus five other offenses.

4 Ways to Beat Afternoon Fatigue

If you fight to stay alert and productive when 3:00 p.m. rolls around, here's how to overcome your lag.

Are Psychic Dreams Real?

Is there substance to the idea that you can predict the future in your sleep?

Noisy Neighbors and Can't Sleep? 5 Solutions

Before you pack your bags and move, try these smart tips for overcoming noisy neighbors.

How Smoking Affects Your Sleep

See the surprising reason why smokers have a hard time getting healthy amounts of sleep.

Adult Bed-Wetting: A Common Issue

It's not just a childhood issue. For many adults nighttime accidents are a reality.

Why Sleep Apnea Can Be a Road to Depression

This sleep disorder can do more than interrupt your rest.

4 Instant Energy Boosts

Perk yourself up when you need it most with these easy solutions.

Nightmares vs. Night Terrors: How Are They Different?

If your loved one suffers from scary sleep disturbances, here are facts you should know.

Best Shower Schedule for Better Sleep

If you want to sleep well at night and be alert during the day, when's the best time to wash up? Our expert weighs in.

Your Sleep Habits and Your Heart Health

Here are some surprising connections between how you rest and your cardiovascular health.

Melatonin and Diabetes: What's the Connection?

Learn how this hormone, secreted by the brain, plays a role in diabetes risk.

Do You Twitch In Your Sleep?

If your spouse complains that you move frequently at night, you may have this condition.

Nightmares From Eating Before Bed?

Can a bite before bed cause you to have vivid dreams or even nightmares? Here's what one study says.

Even a Good Job Can Cause Depression

There's no debating the stress of some jobs. But even enjoyable work can encourage mood disorders.

5 Symptoms Men Ignore

Men can prevent health risks by paying attention to changes in their body and seeing their doctor when something isn't right.

Do You Sleep With Your Eyes Open?

Some people do. Open-eyed sleeping is a recognized medical condition.

Sleep Patterns for Your Life Stage

Sleep patterns shift as you age. Here's what you are experiencing and what to expect.

After Intimacy: What Does Your Behavior Reveal?

Do you sleep or cuddle after sex? New research says your choices might reflect on your relationship.

Can Adults Be Sleep Trained?

Here's how what works for baby could also give you a better night's rest.

Wide Awake in America

Insomnia affects more than 70 million Americans. Find out more about what's keeping you awake at night.

9 Easy Ways to Get More Z's

Can't get a good night's sleep? Follow these easy guidelines.

The 10 Best Reasons to Quit Smoking

Many people successfully kick the habit, and you can too. Here, the top 10 benefits of smoke-free living.

8 Easy Stressbusters

Feeling stressed out? Regain your calm with these tips.