8 Mistakes Women Make in Middle Age

Are you giving your age the respect it deserves? Ask yourself if you're committing any of these eight offenses:

Assuming that aging means accepting declining health or beauty. You hear it every day: "I'm not as healthy (pretty, vibrant, strong) as I used to be, but that's what you get with aging." Not true—every age has its own beauty and benefits and with proper support, middle age can be just as healthy and beautiful as youth. It's all about diet, exercise, stress reduction, and proactive health care. If you take care of yourself, you can look great and feel great at any age.

Neglecting your appearance. Looking your best at any age requires a little effort. Don't hang onto the beauty tips and techniques that worked in your 20s or 30s. Your hair, skin, nails, teeth, and body are different now and require just as much attention to detail as they did in years past.
Let go of your 20-something beauty routine and embrace a more sophisticated look. Get a makeover at the cosmetic counter or make an appointment with a makeup artist. Try a few looks until you find one you are comfortable with, one that you can easily recreate yourself, and make you look fabulous.

Trying to look much younger. Let go of your outgrown style and go for an age-appropriate one that plays up your best assets. Make an appointment with a personal shopper (a free service in many department stores) and experiment with different fashion statements. Have a consultation with a new hair stylist to discuss cuts, colors, and styles that would work for you.

Appearing too old. You don't have to dress like your grandma or have drab, gray hair. Aging gracefully can include beautiful fashion, makeup, and hair color. Don't be afraid to color your hair, whiten your teeth, and maybe even experiment with skin and beauty treatments at the dermatologist.   

Not spending enough time and money on yourself. You can't get away with the shortcuts of your much younger years. Instead, you need to do more to take care of yourself now. Consider it an investment. Exercise more, rest more, and treat yourself to more luxuries. That includes the clothing you buy. Those cheap pieces that looked great years ago may no longer hang as well as you need them to now. Invest in better quality items with higher-end fabrics and better cuts for a more elegant, put-together look.

Avoiding exercise. Just because you have a few aches and pains is no excuse to skip the gym. In fact, exercise is more important now than ever. Your heart, lungs, and joints will stay strong, resilient, and flexible if given enough exercise. Your weight, which naturally wants to climb as you age, can instead stay within a healthy range, but only if you exercise. Make exercise a daily priority.

Skimping on sleep. Sure you're busy, but skipping your beauty sleep can cause ugly results. Sleep is mandatory to repair the physical damage our bodies and minds sustain during the day. People who are chronically sleep-deprived get sick more often and with more serious conditions. And they don't call it "beauty sleep" for nothing.

Neglecting your teeth and gums. Whiten, brighten, and polish your appearance by paying special attention to your smile. The first thing anyone will see is your pearly whites, so see your dentist, brush and floss regularly, and use over-the-counter whitening strips.

By treating yourself well, you won't have to worry about looking good for your age. You'll look and feel good for any age