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Drs. Rx: Increase Muscle Strength without Changing your Workout?

The Doctors discuss a very heady way to get different results at the gym.

Dr. Abs 6-Pack Moves

Chiropractor and “Bachelorette” contestant Bryan Abasolo shows off some of his favorite ab moves that keep his abs in six-pack shape.

Buzz or Bust: Inflatable Neck Traction Device?

This device is designed to be worn around your neck and take the pressure off your nerves. Chiropractor and “Bachelorette” contestant Bryan Abasolo shares his opinions on this inflatable device.

Drs. Rx: Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

The Doctors share the rule of working out when you’re under the weather.

Drs. Rx: Write This Down for a Better Night’s Sleep

The Doctors share a tip that could help you sleep better during the night.

The Truth Behind Your Toots

The Doctors answer a viewer question asking, “Why are some farts squeaky and others silent”?

Device to Improve Your Posture?

The Doctors put a device to the test that claims to improve your posture with regular use. Does it really work?

Miraculous Brain Stroke Recovery

Meet Brisa and her family, who join The Doctors after Brisa suffered a pons stroke and they were all told Brisa would never be the same again.

Sneezing Myths Debunked

The Doctors discuss the truth behind some common sneezing myths.

What Your Cold Nose Means

Could a cold nose be a sign that your brain is working overtime?

Could a Plant Help You Stop Snoring?

A viral post claims a pineapple plant in your room can help you stop snoring. But is this true? The Doctors share the research and some tips to help you stop snoring while you sleep.

Hypnosis During Surgery?

Kelly Painter joins The Doctors to discuss her firsthand experience in the OR using hypnosis in place of general anesthesia during her breast lumpectomy.

Would You Skip Anesthesia in the OR?

Would you forego anesthesia for hypnosis in the operating room?

What Germs Are Lurking in Your Gym?

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra shares what bacteria to be aware of at the gym and how to protect yourself from potential infections.

Drs. Rx: It's in Your Cupboard and It Could Be Making You Sick

The Doctors discuss an item that’s probably in your kitchen cabinet right now and could be contaminated with a type of E. coli bacteria. Here’s what you need to know.

Woman Shares How Her Pelvic Prolapse Has Impacted Her Life

Anita joins The Doctors in the medical confessional to seek help for her pelvic organ prolapse that she’s been dealing with for over ten years.

The Surprising Thing That Could Be Causing Your Yeast Infection

Take The Doctors pop quiz to find out what about your life style could be contributing to frequent yeast infections.

What Can Cause Itching of the Anus?

Proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld shares that this common problem is multifactorial but the number one reason for anal itching is stool touching the skin. Is this happening to you?

What Might the Color of Your Poop Mean?

Find out the two colors of poop that you may need to be concerned about.

What Causes Your Poop to Stink?

Poop is bacterial residue and it’s always going to smell unpleasant. Does your poop smell extra foul? Find out some potential reasons why.

Instant Bowel Movement from an Egg Breakfast?

Gastroenterologist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez shares that for some people eating an egg in the morning causes an instant bowel movement. Do you have this rare food allergy?

Runny Nose for 7 Years?

Teresa has suffered with a constant runny nose and goes through at least two boxes of tissues a day. What could be the cause?

On Blood Thinners? Be Aware of Purpura

The Doctors discuss purpura, a common condition that can occur for people who have clotting issues or a history of heart attack or stroke.

Why Do Men Frequently Pee at Night?

Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz joins The Doctors to share several surprising reasons men might be getting up several times in the night.

Extreme Anorexic Returns from Rehab

The Doctors met Stephanie earlier this season who struggled with anorexia for 16 years. She entered a 90-day program, and joins The Doctors to share about her recovery.

Moving Forward after 16 Years of Anorexia

Stephanie has come out of her 90-day stay at Remuda Ranch with hope. The Doctors share some special surprises for Stephanie moving forward.

When to Have the DNR Conversation?

The Doctors discuss the importance of having end of life conversations with loved ones.

Postpartum Shedding?

The Doctors discuss a viral video revealing one of the lesser talked about effects for postpartum women…extreme hair loss.

Drs. Rx: A Simple Sleep Aid to Try

40 million people in the United States suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders. The Doctors share the shot of health that just might help you get a better night’s sleep.

This gym was built out of melted knives

This gym was built out of melted knives