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The Benefits of Natural Antibiotic

Nili Nathan gets all the information about natural antibiotics at Rawvolution in Santa Monica.

Raw Macca - Peruvian Ginsing

Raw Macca is natural from a plant used in Peru for balancing hormones.

How Josette Became a DEHP Holistic Healer

Josette shares what inspires her and how she developed her own unique and special technique

DEHP Therapy for Older People

Josette shares her favorite success story which shows how you are never too old to be helped by DEHP Therapy.

What Can Clients Expect from a DEHP Session with You

Josette shares what clients can expect from a DEHP session with her.

Deepak Chopra: Self-Esteem Determines How We Age

The expert in the field of mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra talks about the power of self-esteem, and controlling how we age. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on MarloThomas.com

Ayurveda for Detox and De-Stress

Learn from expert Dr. John Douillard the tips on how to be successful with good nutrition for life.

David Wolfe on the Health Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Author and nutrition expert David Wolfe talks to Blythe Metz about Chaga Mushrooms' origins, uses and health benefits.

Clayton Nolte Interview on Structured Water

Clayton Nolte, President of Natural Action Technologies, Inc., discusses structured water on Blythe Raw Live.

Prostate Exam Importance

Men: If your wife nags you to get your yearly prostate exam, don't dig in your heels! Ignoring your prostate can lead to difficulty urinating, serious infections, chronic pelvic pain and even cancer.

Dr. Sears' Surprise Prostate Exam

Plastic surgeon Dr. Drew Ordon enlists the help of urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman to trick pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears into getting a surprise prostate exam. Did the friendly prank change Dr. Sears' outlook on prostate health?

The Causes of Testicular Pain

Actor Seth Rogen asks The Doctors what causes intermittent pain in the testicles?

Truth and Myth About the Effects of the Full Moon

Does a full moon really boost births or cause mental disorders to act up? Weatherman Flip Spiceland separates truth from legend.

Tips to Find an Alternative Medicine Doctor

In this edition of EmpowHER's "HER Health Minute", Missy Anderson shares some tips to help women find alternative medicine doctors.

Natural Alternatives to Antidepressants

In this edition of EmpowHER's, "HER Health Minute", Missy Anderson shares tips for women looking for natural alternatives to antidepressant medications.

Colon Cancer Awareness Tips, from Katie Couric

Journalist and author Katie Couric tells us her tips on colon cancer awareness, and how to be better educated about the risks. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on MarloThomas.com

The Causes of Green Urine

Learn the causes of green urine and green semen with The Drs.

Green Laser Surgery for Enlarged Prostate

See how green light laser surgery is performed for men suffering from an enlarged prostate.

Zapping Overactive Bladder

Not too many people want to talk about it, but overactive bladder impacts 30 million Americans. Could a zap to the ankle fix the problem? Learn about a unique new drug-free treatment.

The Difference Between Stress and Urge Incontinence

There are different types of incontinence, urge and stress. Learn about incontinence in this Ivanhoe video.

Taming an Overactive Bladder

This health video will show you different ways to help Tame an Overactive Bladder.

Why You Should Get Tested for Prostate Problems

The warning signs of prostate cancer are probably not what you think. A world-renowned prostate expert tells us why guys have to be proactive to protect their prostates.

The Artificial Kidney Alternative to Transplantation

500,000 Americans suffer from chronic kidney failure each year. An artificial kidney could replace the need for a transplant and get these patients off dialysis for good.

Hip Hop Artists' Lifesaving Move

A talented rapper learns the true meaning of brotherly love when his own brother saves his life by donating what's in short supply in the African American community.

How Kidney Exchange Saved 14 Lives

A young mother is leaving a lasting legacy after her death by donating her organs. See how it set off a chain of events that saved 14 lives.

New Implant to Solve Your Bladder Problems

Bladder control issues may not be part of common conversation, but they are common. Now, a pager-like implant may be able to solve all your problems.

How Different Medications Affect Incontinence

Learn how different incontinence medications treat this condition.

Incision Free Bladder Surgery

A new procedure that requires no trip to the O.R. is helping women with bladder problems start a new life.

Help For Overactive Bladders

This medical video focuses on ways to help those who suffer from over active bladders.

Overactive Bladder Disorder

This health video will focus on the treatments that are available for those who suffer from OBD (overactive bladder disorder).