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MH 15-Minute Workouts: Dark Triad

Workout from Men's Health UK and Alex Crockford

MH 15-Minute Workouts: Cored To Death

Core workout with Bradley Simmonds and Men's Health UK

Made of Millions co-founders Rose and Aaron discuss the reality of living with OCD

As Women's Health Strong Mind month draws to a close, hear Rose Cartwright and Aaron Harvey's story of learning to live with OCD.

MH x W10: Bodyweight Workout

Bodyweight workout to build bigger arms, abs and burn fat

MH x BXR: Master The Bench Press

Master your bench press with this how-to video from BXR's master trainers

MH x W10: P-Bar Push Workout

Burn fat and build muscle with this p-bar push workout from Men's Health

MH x W10: How To Do A Tuck Planche

Master the tuck planche

MH Style: Sliders

Sliders aren't just for the poolside. Our pick highlights the best choices for summer parties and beyond.

MH x BXR: Master The Back Squat

How to do a barbell back squat, explained by BXR's master trainers

MH x BXR: Vertical Press

How to do the vertical press for bigger, stronger shoulders. Explained by BXR and Men's Health UK

MH x BXR: Trap Bar Deadlift

Men's Health UK and BXR explain how to a trap bar deadlift on your next leg workout

MH x W10: Ring Pull Workout

Gym workout using gymnastics rings for better strength and mobility

MH x BXR: Pull-Ups

Master your pull-ups with this how-to video from BXR's master trainers and Men's Health UK

MH x W10: 7 Minute Challenge

Challenge your fitness with this 7-minute workout

MH x BXR: Master The Bent-Over Row

Learn how to a bent-over row with BXR's master trainers and Men's Health UK

MH x W10: How To Do A Tuck-Lever

Master the tuck-lever with this how-to video from Men's Health and W10 fitness

MH Style: Swimwear

Bin your old shorts and pick this up - we digest the best swimwear for your holiday and summer events

How to use moisturiser with fake tan

Worried that fake tan will leave you looking more burned than bronzed? Here’s how to get the best results.

MH x KOBOX - Agility

Boxing workout focusing on agility



3 Mobility Exercises to Try Today

Tight hamstrings? Sore hips? Tag these 3 mobility exercises onto your next workout to strengthen weak and problem areas

3 Mobility Exercises for Beginners

Try these mobility exercises to build strength in your weak areas.

Chest Day Warm-Up

Chest-day warm-up for bigger pecs and stronger chest

Men's Health versus Timbersports

To see just how much of a workout you can get from sawing wood we sent our junior digital writer, Daniel Davies, to Liverpool’s Echo Arena to try Timbersports

16 Real Women Share Who They'd Like To Thank For Helping Them With Their Mental Health Issues

In support of Women's Health Strong Mind month, sixteen real women share their thanks to the person who helped them with their mental health when they were in a time of need. - If you are struggling with any of the themes raised in this video, contact NHS 111 or Samaritans on any UK phone on 116 123 - likes are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. #StrongMind

Ricky Hatton Shares His Experience With Mental Illness

For our #MendTheGap campaign, Ricky 'Hitman' Hatton bares all in an honest interview

Learn How To Do A Pull Up With Kayla Itsines

If you're a fan of BBG or Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines, you'll love this form video from the Instagram star sharing exactly how to master a pull up if you're a complete beginner. - Upper body workout, sorted. - All right Women's Health UK

Woman’s Vanishing Bones Explained!

The Doctors reveal how a woman’s arm bone vanished. Should you be worried about this condition?

Drs. Rx: Avoid Back Pain While You Sleep

Can how you sleep affect how your back feels? The Doctors share different sleep positions that could help with your back pain

Is Your Stressful Job Harming Your Heart?

The Doctors discuss a new study which links stress at the workplace to the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation. Find out simple ways you can decrease your stress levels while on the job.