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Are Social Media Filters Inspiring Plastic Surgery Requests?

Could the filters we use on social media be affecting how we feel about our self-image and possibly creating a false sense of self?

Men's Health versus the British Army

Digital writer, Daniel Davies, takes on the British Army's new fitness tests for soldiers involved in close combat roles

Form Check: How To Do A Bent Over Row by Joslyn Thompson Rule

Make sure that you're bent over rowing form is correct with a little help from WH's Strength Coach and Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule. - These form tips will not only ensure you don't get injured, but help your overall strengthening and conditioning, too. - Watch or head to Women's Health UK for more.

‘Tree Man’ Fitness Trainer Shares His Workout Tips

Fitness trainer Danny Jones, aka “The Tree Man,” shares how someone can transform their body and lose weight in just 30 days. Plus, he demonstrates some of his workout tips.

A Shirt To Help You Sleep Better?

The Doctors put a shirt, which claims to help you sleep better, to the test with 4 people who have sleeping issues. Plus, we welcome sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta to weigh in on the shirt’s claims.

Drs. Rx: Can Squats Help with Brain Health?

The Doctors and fitness trainer Danny Jones share how squats can possibly help to improve how your brain functions.

Can Orange Juice and Cream of Tartar Fight a Nicotine Urge?

The Doctors discuss a viral tip which claims mixing orange juice and cream of tartar can help curb a craving for nicotine. Plus, The Doctors share their tips to fight the urge to smoke.

Strokes Happening to People in Their 20s?

The Doctors welcome neurosurgeon Dr. Joshua Marcus to share why people in their 20s are having strokes at higher rates. We also meet Sawyer, who has a stroke at 22.

How ‘Tree Man’ Fitness Trainer Danny Jones Transformed His Body

Danny Jones, aka “The Tree Man” fitness trainer, has not always been in such amazing shape. He reveals how he was able to lose weight and shares what he eats in order to stay in shape.

Strokes: How to Identify Them

The Doctors discuss the signs and symptoms of a stroke with neurosurgeon Dr. Joshua Marcus.

Fearne Cotton talks you through the A to Z of Happiness

Catch November WH cover star Fearne Cotton explain what happiness truly means to her and break it down for you into A to Z. More on www.womenshealthmag.co.uk

Can You Save Money Paying Cash for Prescriptions?

Does whether you use cash or your insurance affect the price of your prescriptions and medications? The Doctors weigh in.

Why Cooking a Whole Egg in the Microwave Can Be Dangerous

The Doctors discuss the possible dangers of cooking a whole egg in the microwave. One woman was sent to the hospital after she cooked a shelled egg in the appliance.

Kindergartners Are Being Educated about Opioids

Kevin Lorson, the creator of HOPE Curriculum, joins The Doctors to discuss why kids from kindergarten through high school are now being taught about the dangers of opioids in Ohio.

Louise Thompson On Her Top Abs Exercises

WH July cover star talks through the workout she uses to get those abs.

Does Beer Increase Male Fertility?

The Doctors discuss a recent study which claims drinking beer can lead to a higher sperm count and semen volume.

A Drug-Free Solution for Period Cramps?

The Doctors put a product which claims to treat period cramps without drugs to the test. Find out if our testers found relief without taking any medications.

Large Eye Bump, Infected Toe and Tongue Necrosis Explained!

The Doctors discuss some of your most curious health concerns, ailments and issues â€" including the case of a woman who had a portion of her tongue die!

Drs. Rx: Beat The Bloat with This Shot!

Try this tasty Drs. shot of health to possibly help with digestion and bloating.

Can Too Much Time Spent on Social Media Impair Memory

Does snapping a photo to share on social media actually hinder your memory of the experience? A new study has some shocking findings regarding the need to document our lives.

Drs. Rx: Could Your Migraine Be Eased with This Spice?

The Doctors discuss a study which found that turmeric, when combined with Omega-3 fatty acids, helped with treating migraine headaches.

Will a Weighted Blanket Help You Sleep Better?

Sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta weighs in on claims that weight blankets will lead to better sleep.

Could Chewing Gum with Melatonin Help You Sleep?

The Doctors and sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta discuss gum containing melatonin, which claims to help you sleep. But is this a buzz or a bust?

Woman Transformed after Major Weight Loss and Skin Removal

Erika, who lost 220 pounds and had skin removal surgery, and plastic surgeon Dr. Emil Kohan join The Doctors to discuss her transformative surgery.

Should Young People ‘Pre-Tox’ to Avoid Future Wrinkles?

The Doctors weigh in on the millennial trend of “pre-toxing,” where you receive treatments like fillers or injections at the first sign of a wrinkle. Does this approach work in combating those pesky lines?

Can You Delay a Period?

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry weighs in on a viewer question about whether you can delay a period for something like an upcoming vacation.

Why Some Doctors Will Not Recommend a Vaginal Birth After a C-Section

If you have had a C-section but are hoping to a have vaginal second birth,OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry explains why some doctors are apprehensive about this birthing plan.

Drs. Rx: Cut Risk of Early Death with Strength Training?

The Doctors discuss how a study found that strength training can cut down on early death rates.

Back Pain Is Taking over Woman’s Life

Faith’s back problems are consuming her life and she says 90 percent of her day is spent in pain. She feels she’s being held back by the pain and worries it will only get worse.

Hope for Woman’s Debilitating Back Pain?

Faith tells us that normal activities like driving and shopping leave her in extreme pain and has come to us for help. Can pain management specialist Dr. Askash Bajaj help treat her extreme back pain?