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Michelle Keegan Talks Abs Workouts And Hating The Gym | The Cooldown

Women's Health November 2017 cover star Michelle Keegan talks diet and fitness. That's when she puts cheese on her eggs, her most hated gym move and so much more. ____________________________________________ SHOOT TEAM Location: Repton Boxing Club Crew: Big Hair Films ____________________________________________ Women's Health on Instagram www.instagram.com/womenshealthuk/ Women's Health on Facebook https://www.instagram.com/womenshealt... Read more online http://www.womenshealthmag.co.uk/

Urinary Incontinence Treatment Chair Put to the Test

Urinary incontinence affects millions of people, but could a chair that causes the pelvic muscle contractions through electromagnetic waves help?

Were Women’s Incontinence Issues Helped by Chair That Stimulates Pelvic Muscles?

Kitty and Nancy, who suffer from urinary incontinence, share whether a chair which uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the pelvic muscles, helped with their conditions.

Stressed Out? Try Giving Up Social Media For 5 Days!

Are you too concerned with the number of likes your posts are getting and feeling stressed? The Doctors discuss a study which found those who gave up social media saw a drop in stress hormones.

‘Nightmare Bacteria’: Should You Be Worried?

The Doctors welcome infectious disease researcher Dr. Ravina Kullar to discuss the dangers of “nightmare bacteria” and how the overuse of antibiotics may be causing antibiotic-resistant infections.

Woman Returns After Vision-Saving Procedure

Riann, who feared she might be losing her eyesight, returns after receiving a life-changing procedure from eye surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler.

How to Find the Right 'Death Doula'

The Doctors discuss how to find the right person to support you during death with death doula Alua.

Should You Hire a 'Death Doula'?

We all know about doulas for childbirth, but what about a doula for death? The Doctors welcome Alua, who supports people during the process of dying to explain why this profession can be so helpful during the end of life.

The Vitamin That May Reduce Risk of Having a Miscarriage

The Doctors discuss the findings that a lack of vitamin D may play a role in miscarriages and weigh in on the importance of getting adequate levels of this important vitamin.

Warning Against 'Down There' DIY Lightening Treatments

The Doctors discuss a viral online post claiming you can use lemons, coconut oil and rosewater for genital lightening. Hear what OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry has to say about attempting to lighten your genitals.

Can Pregnancy Affect a Woman’s Eyesight?

After meeting with ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, Riann -- who is considering getting pregnant a third time -- joins The Doctors to find out if there anything that can be done to help with her declining eyesight.

Woman Worries Third Pregnancy May Lead to Blindness

Riann, who has had vision issues since she was a child, says her eyesight became worse after having her two children.

How to Get a Flat Tummy Without Flattening Your Chest

The Doctors tackle a viewer question about losing weight with decreasing the size of the breasts.

Ankle Weights: Genius Fitness Tip or Dead Weight?

Celebrities like Selena Gomez have been seen sporting ankle weights while out and about, but should you wear these all day? The Doctors weigh in!

Should You Pay to Take a Nap?

The Doctors discuss the latest wellness trend -- nap rooms. Could catching some z's midday help you feel your best and is the price worth it?

Could Your Period Be Making You Anemic?

OB/GYN Dr. Millie Behera joins The Doctors to discuss whether a woman’s period could lead to anemia. She also shares signs to watch out for in detecting the blood disorder.

Simple Exercises for Tighter Abs and a Flatter Stomach

Shape Magazine Consulting Fitness Director Jen Widerstrom shows The Doctors easy moves (that you can do at home!) could help tone your midsection.

Slash Your Supermarket Bill!

The Doctors welcome The Krazy Coupon Lady Joanie Demer to share tips on how to cut down on your grocery bill and make the most out of the food you’re buying.

Want Muscles? Here's How to Get Them!

The Doctors welcome Shape Magazine Consulting Fitness Director Jen Widerstrom to address viewer questions on working out, including the best type for muscle building.

Jurrell Casey and Alex Gray talk to Men's Health

Jurrell Casey and Alex Gray talk to Men's Health

Men's Health takes on NFL training

Men's Health takes on NFL training

Woman Suffering from Daily Unpredictable and Painful Orgasms

Mona tells The Doctors she has seen over 100 doctors to help her with a rare condition where she experiences 75 to 100 painful and unpredictable orgasms every day.

Is There Hope for Woman In Constant Pain ‘Down There’?

The Doctors are joined by neurosurgeon Dr. Aaron Filler, who shares what treatment options are available to help treat Mona’s persistent genital arousal disorder.

Tips to Help with Urinary Incontinence after Giving Birth

The Doctors are joined by urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz to help Nicole, who says she has been dealing with urinary incontinence following the birth of her second child.

The Best Moves to Better Your Posture

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork demonstrates some posture-improving moves to do throughout your day.

Never, Ever Be This Guy in the Gym

Do you have a problem with noisy people in the gym? Don't handle it like this.

Try Melissa Hemsley's 3 Favourite Healthy Summer Salads

Join Melissa Hemsley, author of Eat Happy and half of the Hemsley sisters, cook up three of her favourite summer salads. The best bit? They all take under five minutes to prepare. Speedy, easy meal prep, sorted. - Cook along as Melissa prepares a traditional Greek salad, a Mexican bean salad and a Tuna Nicoise salad, all perfect for sunny summer BBQs outside or easy midweek meal-prep for when you're time poor and looking for healthy inspiration. - For more great healthy recipes and meal prep ideas, head to www.womenshealthmag.co.uk - Shoot crew: Jana Maren Otte Video Production

Should You Have an At-Home Fetal Monitor during Your Pregnancy?

Should you invest in a device that might help you hear your baby’s heartbeat at home? OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry shares her professional opinion.

Does Prolonged Sitting Increase Your Risk for 9 Different Types of Cancer?

Oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro joins The Doctors to discuss the myth or reality behind the headline that sitting increases your risk for cancer.

Binky Felstead Talks Post-Pregnancy Workouts and Abs

Binky Felstead talks at home workouts and being a fitness ambassador