Asthma - Original Articles

Breathing Exercises for Asthma Management

A study released recently discovered that strategic breathing exercises can help to minimize symptoms in asthma sufferers and even reduce inhaler use.

Acid Reflux and Asthma: Does One Cause the Other?

Since asthmatics are more than twice as likely to have reflux as non-asthma sufferers, it's clear there is a connection.

Can Acupuncture Ease Asthma?

Millions of asthma sufferers are turning to this ancient practice to help ease their asthma.

Scents that Set Off Asthma Symptoms

When it comes to avoiding your asthma triggers, you may want to rely on your nose to help guide you.

Dangers in the Air You Breathe

What you need to know about pollution and tips on how to reduce its harm.

Asthma: Prevent Permanent Damage

If you have asthma and your symptoms aren't well managed, you could be putting your health at risk for permanent airway damage.

Prevent Spring Allergies and Asthma

Each season comes with its own set of allergens, but do you find springtime the hardest to bear?

Asthma Control Tips for Athletes

If you're an athlete who has recently been diagnosed with asthma, you may worry that the possibility of taking your sport to the professional level is slipping away with each labored breath you take. You'll be glad to know, though, that many athletes with asthma are able to manage their symptoms and still excel at their game.

The Athlete's Guide to Asthma Management

Find advice on how to stay active without making your asthma condition worse.

The Asthma Diet: What to Eat to Keep Your Symptoms Away

Find out what foods can relieve or aggravate your asthma symptoms.

Could You Have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

What is chemical or environmental illness and how can you lower your risk?

Asthma & Depression: What's the Link?

Read on to learn more about the relationship between these two conditions.

Yoga for Asthma Relief

Find out how yoga can relieve your asthma symptoms.

Controlling Asthma at School

Find out how you can help your child with asthma survive school.

Exploring Asthma Treatment Costs

Is the high cost of your asthma treatment keeping you from feeling your best? At a time when many people are trying to make their hard-earned dollars stretch, the price tag on the newest crop of inhalers can be causing many asthma patients to experience great levels of stress.

The Link between Asthma Medication and Osteoporosis

Some asthma medications may compromise your bone health.

Prepare for an Asthma Emergency

Take the steps to prepare yourself when your symptoms turn serious.

Prevent Asthma Symptoms

Simple steps to take control of your asthma symptoms.

Don t Let the Changing Seasons Take Away Your Breath

Take control of your seasonal asthma.

Seniors and Asthma

Did you know that it s not only children who get asthma?

Recognize the Signs of Asthma

Do you think you might have asthma?

Skiing with Asthma

Find out ways you can ski with asthma.

Home Nebulizers for Asthma Control

Next time you have an asthma attack, wouldn't it be nice to be able to treat your symptoms at home with your own personal nebulizer?

How to Help Your Child Use an Asthma Inhaler

If your child has asthma, you know how important it is to have the right medication on hand and to be able to help him or her to use it correctly for the most effective results.

Manage Your Asthma to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

If you ve always wanted to have a baby but are worried that your asthma may get in the way, then you ll be glad to know that today, most women with asthma are able to have very healthy pregnancies. Some of the latest research shows that the key to success is continuing to manage your symptoms throughout the nine months in order to ensure the best outcome for both you and your baby.

Study Finds Urban Children with Asthma Watch Too Much TV

Does your child with asthma spend more time in front of the television, computer screen or favorite video games than the latest recommended guidelines provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics?

Don t Let Your Health Go Up in Smoke

If you have asthma, you probably know that smoking yourself (or even being around someone else s cigarette smoke) can make you feel pretty sick. But you may not know exactly why this is the case, or whether it s too late to bother giving this bad habit up.

Humidifier "Do s" that Don t Trigger Asthma

One in four Americans suffers from allergy and asthma, according to recent statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you fall into this group, you may try lots of techniques, including running a humidifier, to relieve your symptoms. But did you know that using a humidifier can actually be worsening your condition?

Peak Flow Monitors Help Keep Asthma in Check

Wish you could head off your next asthma attack? With the help of a peak flow monitor, this just may be possible.

Allergy Shots Help Keep Symptoms in Check

Wish you could get your allergies under control once and for all? If so, getting regular shots to desensitize or "turn off" your reaction to various allergy triggers may be a worthwhile treatment option to explore.