Vision and Dental Health - Videos

Tom Sandoval’s Lasik Procedure

“Vanderpump Rules” star Tom Sandoval allows The Doctors to join him as he undergoes Lasik surgery with ophthalmologist Dr. Brian S. Boxer Wachler.

Amazing Smile Makeover

Tannha braved a lifelong fear of the dentist to make over her smile with the help of cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman. Check out her incredible transformation.

From Fear of the Dentist to Total Mouth Makeover

Tannha underwent several dental procedures while overcoming a crippling fear of the dentist. From extractions to dental implants, check out Tannha’s new smile!

My Jaw Is Destroying My Life!

Chronic pain and insurance denials created a perfect storm for Sacheen who joins The Doctors to discuss her condition, which has left her a prisoner in her own home and body.

Surprises for Woman Living With Crippling Jaw Pain

Arturo and his fiancé Sacheen went to see maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Steven Kupferman for a consult. The three join The Doctors to discuss a plan for helping Sacheen get her life back.

Why Are My Eyes Always Dry?

Irritated, dry eyes cause discomfort. But when the problem persists, it may be a medical condition that needs to be addressed.

Suffering since Birth

The Doctors sent Ashley to meet with specialists to evaluate what can be done to combat the effects of oral facial digital syndrome on her teeth and nose.

Can Ashley be Helped?

Ashley joins The Doctors to find out if she’s a candidate for surgery. Oral Surgeon Dr. Steven Kupferman, cosmetic dentist Dr. Laurence Rifkin and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon weigh in on Ashley’s condition.

The One Thing You Should Always Take on Vacation to Protect Against Germs

The Doctors reveal a simple thing to pack on your next trip to help avoid germs in the hotel room.

Clean Your Teeth with Gold?

The Doctors put to the test Bling!, a new product that says it’s an alternative to toothpaste for fresh breath and sparkly smile…made from edible gold! Cosmetic dentist Joe Willardsen joins The Doctors to discuss.

If You’ve Ever Had a Cavity, Watch This

You may want to weigh your filling options carefully. New research from the University of Georgia suggests that dental fillings made of amalgamâ€"a mixture of mercury, silver, and other metalsâ€"can contribute to elevated mercury levels in the body.

This Mom is Making her Own Dentures

When Crystal’s teeth started falling out, she decided to take matters into her own hands. But could her DIY dentures be putting her health at risk?

DIY Dentures and Mom’s New Reason to Smile

Crystal joins The Doctors to discuss how her homemade dentures could be harming more than just her teeth. See what surprises The Doctors have in store for her!

‘Empire’ Star’s New Smile

After working with dentist Dr. Rifkin, Ta’Rhonda Jones joins The Doctors to reveal her amazing new smile.

‘Empire’ Star’s Self-Conscious Smile

Star on Fox’s ‘Empire,’ Ta’Rhonda Jones joins The Doctors to discuss how her imperfect teeth have made her feel. She meets with dentist Dr. Rifkin to figure out what can be done.

Gutsy Girl Pulls Out her Own Tooth!

Check out this fearless girl who found a clever way to get a visit from the tooth fairy.

More Surprises for Woman Stabbed in the Face

The Doctors surprise Julissa, who was stabbed in the face 30 times, with an eSight device to help her see.

Blind Woman Sees Her Son for the First Time in Years

Julissa, with the help of her new eSight glasses, video chats with her son and sees his face for the first time in years.

Woman Stabbed 30 Times in the Face!

Julissa joins The Doctors after she survived a gruesome attack that left her nearly blind. But can she see?

Woman Survived Being Stabbed in the Face 30 Times

Julissa joins The Doctors after she survived a gruesome attack that left her nearly blind. But can she see?

Do You Really Need to Floss?

The evidence for flossing is 'weak, very unreliable,' of 'very low' quality, and carries 'a moderate to large potential for bias.'

How You Can Ditch Your Reading Glasses!

Over one hundred million Americans need reading glasses to get through their day. But can a new procedure help you ditch your readers for good? Ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil and his patient Kim discuss her personal results.

My Jaw Won’t Let Me Eat

Hannah can’t close her mouth due to a dental/facial deformity making it very difficult for her to chew properly causing her weight to drop to just 90 pounds. Hannah and her grandmother Yvonne join the Doctors to discuss her complicated situation.

Model Gets His Eyeballs Tattooed

The Doctors are joined by ophthalmologist Dr. Kerry Assil to discuss an Italian model that has over 60 percent of his body covered in tattoos…including his EYEBALLS. Learn about the potential risks.

Do Mail Order Veneers Work?

Crystal and Mika ordered veneers online and had them delivered in 7 days! Find out if they’re happy with their new smiles.

Mail Order Veneers?

Crystal and Mika both need new veneers and join The Doctors to put “Lab Direct Veneers” to the test. Can you get a better smile through mail order than by going to the dentist?

Oral Health and Denture Dilemma

What challenging health issue is affecting more and more people between the ages of 45-55, and a few of the youngest baby boomers too? It’s Dentures. And if you wear them, you know they can affect much more than just your smile.

One Woman’s Total Mouth Makeover

Bonnie met with cosmetic dentists Dr. Joe Willardsen and Dr. John Willardsen who gifted her the transformation of a lifetime. Meet the new and improved Bonnie.

32 Reasons This Woman Was Embarrassed to Smile

Bonnie has dedicated her life to helping others but she’s spent her life painfully embarrassed of her teeth.

Biggest Issue Americans Have With Their Teeth

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Clint Newman joins ER physician Dr. Travis Stork to talk about the biggest issue that is affecting American’s teeth today.