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Is Bird Flu the New Swine Flu?

The new "bird flu," or H1N9, can only be transferred from bird to person unlike the swine flu epidemic of 2010. However, officials say people traveling to certain countries should take precautions.

Flu Near You: What Happens When the Flu Goes Viral?

Rumi Chunara, Instructor, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, shares the advancement of digital disease detection.

Pneumonia.. Or Something Like It

If you're like a lot of people, you may have had the flu this season.. and then wondered if it may actually be pneumonia. It's a common question because the symptoms are similar and there are so many Googlechondriacs out there -- maybe even you. Here's how to tell.

Is It Stomach Flu?

If you haven't gotten the stomach flu this year, you probably know someone who has. It's taken the country by storm, and if you've searched the Internet for 'upset stomach,' you've probably found a link to the new 'super bug' and the Googlechondriac in you has you convinced you have the stomach flu. But not so fast...

Top Tips to Avoid the Flu

Get tips for stopping the flu before it starts. Plus, Dr. Travis' Emergen-Tea!

Surviving the Cold and Flu Season

Shape Magazine's Bahar Taktechtian offers tips and tricks to get through the dreaded cold and flu season

Foods to Eat and Avoid with the Flu

When you have the flu, making the right food choices could help you get better faster. Learn which foods and beverages to consume or avoid if you have the dreaded flu virus.

Flu-Fighting Foods

When you have the flu, making the right food choices could help you get better faster. See how orange juice, peanut butter and jelly, and hot toddies rank on the flu-fighting list.

New Mask Can Kill Flu Germs on Contact

Flu season is still going strong, but a new mask that can kill flu viruses on contact could be a helpful tool in prevention, especially for those with compromised immune systems. Dr. Bruce Hensel reports.

Blacklights Expose Flu Germs on Our Hands

Right now the flu, colds, stomach bugs and the norovirus are all around us. So Doreen Gentzler did an experiment to show you just how quickly these germs spread. Warning: it may make you want to stock up on hand sanitizer.

Flu Victims Can Spread It Up to Six Feet Away

People who have the flu can emit virus particles up to six feet away.

Does Staying Warm Really Keep You From Getting Sick?

You've heard it from your parents all of your life, "zip your coat up and stay warm or you're going to get sick." But doctors say there's no truth to that.

Athletes Are Prime Spreaders of Flu and Colds

Athletes often touch the same equipment and share personal space during practice... an easy way to spread flu germs.

Video Game Persuades Kids to Get a Flu Shot

Doctors and video game design students collaborated on a video game with the goal of persuading kids to get the flu shot.

How Kids Can Prevent a Cold by Washing Their Hands

Six year old Gavin Alexander discusses germs and bacteria to kids, as well as discuss how important washing one's hands are to keeping healthy.

How to Stay Safe and Warm in Cold Weather

Winter weather can take a toll on your health. Renee Chenault-Fattah reports on how to stay safe and warm.

Common Remedies for Cold and Flu

It's cold and flu season, and that has many Americans staying at home. Jim Forman goes over some remedies to make you feel better.

Why You Should Get The Flu Shot

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor of NBC News, discusses the benefits of getting a flu shot. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on MarloThomas.com

Tips To Avoid Colds This Winter

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor of NBC News, shares tips and tricks to avoid colds during cold & flu season. Part of the series Mondays with Marlo on MarloThomas.com

Flu Mutations and Climate Changes

Can weather patterns help virologists predict the span and the severity of the flu from one species to another? The Doctors discuss whether the recent flu pandemic in the U.S. is related to climate change.

Flu IQ Test

The Doctors' Health Correspondent, Melanie Woodrow, hits the streets of Hollywood to gauge how much the average person really knows about treating the flu.

Flu-Fighting Foods

Pumping up your immune system can be as easy as adding these foods to your grocery list this flu season.

Adult Flu Vaccination

New recommendations for adult vaccinations, including an interesting change for flu season.

New Stomach Virus Is Sweeping the World

Something new is sweeping the world, and it comes to us from Sydney, Australia. Don't get too excited, because you're not gonna like it. The Sydney strain of the norovirus was discovered there last year. And now the vomiting bug is in our midst.

New App Determines Which Facebook Friends Might Have Given You the Flu

A facebook app helps identify "friends" who may have given you the flu!

Doctors Say Even The Healthiest Children Can Get The Flu

For hundreds of people each year the flu is more than an inconvenience, it's a killer. Dr. Sndrew Eisenberg and Dr. Flor M. Munoz give tips on how to stay protected.

Father Who Lost Daughter to Flu: We Paid Horrible Price For Not Vaccinating

For hundreds of people each year the flu is more than an inconvenience, it's a killer. We are joined by parents who have lost children to this all-too-common disease. Guest Joe Lastinger shares his story.

Dr. Nancy Reports on the Growing Number of Flu Deaths

This year's flu is now widespread in more than 40 states. When the week began, the government reported 18 deaths across the country so far this flu season. 18 more deaths were reported in one state alone...Massachusetts.

New Developments Emerge as Flu Spreads

Gabe Gutierrez reports on new developments in the flu epidemic now gripping the country.

Flu Cases Are Spiking in North Dakota

The flu is spiking dramatically in North Dakota and Minnesota. Neil Carlson reports from Crookston, Minnesota.