Healthy Aging - Videos

Kevin Sorbo's Health Scares

As the star of the hit TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, actor Kevin Sorbo played an invincible immortal. He was the picture of health onscreen, but dealt with a major medical secret in real life.

How to Deal with Migraines

The Doctors and USA Weekend explain symptoms of migraines, and what you can do to treat them.

Zapping Overactive Bladder

Not too many people want to talk about it, but overactive bladder impacts 30 million Americans. Could a zap to the ankle fix the problem? Learn about a unique new drug-free treatment.

The Difference Between Stress and Urge Incontinence

There are different types of incontinence, urge and stress. Learn about incontinence in this Ivanhoe video.

Taming an Overactive Bladder

This health video will show you different ways to help Tame an Overactive Bladder.

Why You Should Get Tested for Prostate Problems

The warning signs of prostate cancer are probably not what you think. A world-renowned prostate expert tells us why guys have to be proactive to protect their prostates.

The Artificial Kidney Alternative to Transplantation

500,000 Americans suffer from chronic kidney failure each year. An artificial kidney could replace the need for a transplant and get these patients off dialysis for good.

Hip Hop Artists' Lifesaving Move

A talented rapper learns the true meaning of brotherly love when his own brother saves his life by donating what's in short supply in the African American community.

How Kidney Exchange Saved 14 Lives

A young mother is leaving a lasting legacy after her death by donating her organs. See how it set off a chain of events that saved 14 lives.

New Implant to Solve Your Bladder Problems

Bladder control issues may not be part of common conversation, but they are common. Now, a pager-like implant may be able to solve all your problems.

How Different Medications Affect Incontinence

Learn how different incontinence medications treat this condition.

Incision Free Bladder Surgery

A new procedure that requires no trip to the O.R. is helping women with bladder problems start a new life.

Help For Overactive Bladders

This medical video focuses on ways to help those who suffer from over active bladders.

Overactive Bladder Disorder

This health video will focus on the treatments that are available for those who suffer from OBD (overactive bladder disorder).

Botox for Your Bladder

This medical video looks into the advancement of using Botox to help solve bladder problems.

How a Nursing Home Rethinks Alzheimer Care

More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's Disease. Many are cared for in traditional nursing homes, but one facility is turning the rules of Alzheimer's care upside down.

Treating Alzheimer's with a Shake

One in eight older Americans is living with Alzheimer's. While there's no cure, a high powered energy drink could slow Alzheimer's from stealing your memory.

The Challenge of Mapping Alzheimer's Disease

5 million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Researchers across the globe are pulling together to help them out and map all the genes that may cause this memory-robbing disease.

New Risk Test for Alzheimer's

Researchers developed the first test that can see into your future and predict your risk for Alzheimer's. It may help some patients in danger of the disease enroll in trials that could slow the decline.

Physical Activities with Loved One's with Alzheimer's

Some activities that you can share with an Alzheimer's patient. From cooking to gardening, activities you can do with your loved one with Alzheimer's.

Advice for Caring for an Alzheimer's Patient

Ways to communicate, simplify tasks and help your loved one with Alzheimer's navigate through their world. Including advice for caregivers.

Prostate Problem Vaporized

This health video focuses on photoselective vaporization of the prostate, which uses a high-powered laser to vaporize only the problematic prostate tissue.

Vitamin Treatment for Chronic Kidney Failure

This medical video looks into the use of vitamin treatment for chronic kidney failure.

Shrinking Prostate Problems

This health video will focus on what can be done to shrink prostate problems.

Treatments for an Enlarged Prostate

his health video will focus on the wide array of treatments traditional or non for enlarged prostate or BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

Traditional Treatment for an Enlarged Prostate

This health video will focus on the wide array of traditional options to treat an enlarged prostate or BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

Tricks for Traveling When You Have Incontinence

Traveling with incontinence can cause terrible anxiety. Here are some steps you can take to make traveling easier.

Is It Normal to Suffer from Incontinence as You Get Older?

Learn how to prevent incontinence as we age.

Are There Any Devices That Can Help You Manage Incontinence?

Learn how to use devices and special articles of clothing to manage your incontinence.

Risks of Holding Urine In

The Doctors reveal the risks of holding in your urine for too long.