5 On-the-Go Makeup Bag Essentials

Is your portable makeup bag stuffed to the brim with products you hardly use? Or perhaps it's skimpy and empty-looking—missing the products you actually need?

Organize your makeup bag with these five essentials to keep you looking fresh all day.

1. Foundation

It balances skin tone and revives your complexion. But as the day goes by, this miracle worker can fade away. Keep it with you so you can reapply foundation when needed to bring back the evenness in your skin tone. And as a bonus, make it more beneficial by opting for foundation with SPF 15 or more.

If you use liquid foundation, toss it after six months; powdered foundation can be kept for two years. Because liquid foundation is dipped onto brushes and fingers, it's more vulnerable to contamination thereby causing bacterial growth.

2. Lip Gloss and/or Lipstick

No matter what advertisements say, lip color doesn't last all day. So when you notice your vibrant lip color fading away, reapply. Lipstick has a two year shelf life.

3. Blush

This pop of color can enrich your look, but will dim over time. So go ahead and revive the hue on your cheek bones before you head out the door. Powder blush can last for two years.

4. Eye Shadow

Keep it your bag so that you can refresh your color any time of the day. These fun, colorful palettes have a life expectancy of three years.

5. Eyeliner

It's only necessary to carry with you if you opt for a pencil eyeliner, as it can fade as the day goes on. If you use liquid eyeliner, you won't need to carry it with you as it has staying power. Liquid eyeliner has the same effect as liquid foundation. It can trap bacteria, so give it three months and then dispose it. A pencil eyeliner can last for two years because of the fresh, clean surface it gets when you sharpen it.

Additional Essentials

  • Ponytail elastic or hair band for a bad hair day.
  • A nail file or emory board in case you break a nail.
  • A compact mirror for when you have to refresh your makeup.

Keep the mascara at home. Reapplying mascara can make eyelashes flaky-looking and clumpy. So invest in good quality, long-lasting mascara to give you all-day eyelash coverage.