Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to flatter your face? Look no futher than your eyebrows.

Well-shaped and maintained brows can make you look "younger, thinner, and even well rested," according to eyebrow artist Joey Healy, who runs the Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio in New York City.

If you want to get a timeless effect, an elegant eyebrow is always a safe bet (think Charlize Theron's tailored brows). "Elegant brows have a tighter shape and are very controlled," Healy explains. "What's important is the length of the brow rather than height."

You could go to an expert once a month to design and maintain your elegant brow for a finished, yet effortless, look. But if money is tight, Healy advises a cost-effective alternative: invest in one initial visit with an expert to get your eyebrows professionally shaped, then snap a picture of the results so you can try to mimic the effect on your own.

The general rule is that eyebrows should be groomed about once a month, depending on how fast your hairs grow in and how thick your brows get. Healy cautions against overworking your brows, since this can lead you to remove too much hair and create a sparse effect.

Tricks of the Trade: How to Shape Your Own Brows

Pay attention to your unique facial structure so you can align your brows appropriately, and understand there are three parts to the brow—the head (beginning), arch (the raised part), and the tail (end).

Follow three simple steps from Healy to get your best brow:

1) The head of the brow should start at the bridge of the nose in a clean, squared off manner. Healy recommends trying for a near 90-degree angle.

2) Place the arch about two-thirds of the way out toward the temple. Healy says that the biggest mistake people make is trying to center the arch right over their eye, which gives a rainbow effect.

3) For the tail, envision an imaginary line going from the corner of your nose to the corner or your eye and make sure that the end of your brow extends out at least this far. Healy also suggests having the end of the line taper to a crisp point, since this will help to lift the eye and make you look more alert.

Other Brow-To's

1) Stick with tweezing only and avoid waxing or threading your own brows, since these techniques can be hard to do yourself.

2) Work in an area with good natural light so you can see your brows clearly.

3) Put down the magnifying mirror. The magnification may cause you to focus too closely on one area at a time and encourage over-plucking.

Tools of the Trade: What You'll Need for DIY Brows

Tweezers: Invest in a good pair of stainless steel slanted tweezers, which will give you the best results.

Brow pencil: Select a thinner pencil, which will make it easier to fill in gaps and sparser spots and extend the perimeter of your brows to achieve the best proportions for your face and features.

Brow powder: Look for a thicker powder formulation that you can use to enhance your brows and give them a natural look once they are already well groomed.

Angled brow brush: Select a brush that has stiff bristles to provide you with optimal control.

Spoolie brush: Use this tool to soften your eyebrow pencil or powder lines for a feathered effect that blends with your natural hairs. You can also use this to groom your brows for a well-polished look.

Brow gel: Finish your brows with a sheer gel that will hold the hair in place and provide a healthy shine.

Brow serum: Try a serum for sparse or over-plucked brows to help them to regrow and fill back out for a lush look.

Joey Healy reviewed this article.



Joey Healy, Eyebrow Guru, Email interview Jan. 17, 2014.