How to Not Look Tired  Even If You Are

It's no secret that you'll have trouble sleeping as you get older. And there's nothing like a full plate—work projects due, sick kids, and money worries—to keep you up at night. If you've been tossing and turning in the wee hours, it's probably taking a toll on your appearance. Get rid of your morning drag with these smart ideas:

Start with a clean slate. Give your face a good wash with an exfoliant. This will smooth and brighten your complexion.

Forage in your fridge. There's nothing like under-eye circles to say, "I didn't sleep." If you've got the time, try these good home remedies: Place a slice of potato or cucumber on your closed eyes for as many minutes as you can spare. Soaked and chilled tea bags are a good choice, too. Then wash with lukewarm water, and put on a vitamin E under-eye cream. Or just apply potato or cucumber juice (grate the food first) to your under-eye circles with a cotton ball. Mint leaves ground into a paste will also work, as will several drops of almond oil applied with your finger.

Hide the evidence. If you're like many women and need to get out the door as quickly as possible, you'll need some store-bought help. A good under-eye concealer is a must. Apply from the inside corner of your eyes out, and tap the concealer lightly to make it blend. You can finish off by dusting the area lightly with powder (making sure the powder doesn't settle into any fine lines).

Go light on foundation. Tired skin is often rough skin, says Vidya Tikari, an Indian makeup artist. Heavy foundation won't take well to an uneven skin tone, so choose a lighter foundation with a luminous texture. Mix with a bit of bronzer for a healthy glow.

Color and curl. Eye shadow will brighten your tired eyes and make them sparkle. Frosted shades always work well to wake up your face. And since tired eyes may appear half-closed, curl your eyelashes before applying mascara to make them really stand out.