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What the Heck Is a Margarita Burnâ€"And How Do You Treat It?

They’re painfully real.

Pinkvilla: Skincare essentials by Bhavika Sharma Feat. St. Ives

Skincare essentials by Bhavika Sharma Feat. St. Ives

Ask Dr. Pimple Popper

Everything you need to know about acne, straight from Dr. Pimple Popper herself.

How to Best Handle and Treat an Ingrown Toenail

The Doctors welcome podiatrist Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi to answer a viewer question about dealing with an ingrown toenail properly. Find out what you can do early on before it becomes infected.

The Breast Implant Changes You Should Be Concerned About

Plastic surgeons Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Leif Rogers help a viewer better understand what may be may be occurring with her older breast implant, which she says is causing her pain. Do they suggest she remove her implants?

What Are Your Options after a Breast Implant Rupture?

Plastic surgeons Dr. Leif Rogers and Dr. Andrew Ordon share what can be done following a breast implant rupture.

Did Device Deliver Sculpted Abs and a Butt Lift?

The Doctors put a device to the test which claims to help shape abs and lift the butt with 4 testers and they return to share the results.

Can You Really Get a Workout without Working Out?

The Doctors welcome plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Kinney to discuss a device which claims it can deliver abs and lift to the butt in a non-invasive way. Plus, find out how much these treatments will cost you.

Drs. Rx: Bust Your Blemishes with Primrose Oil

The Doctors share how you can fight your acne using primrose oil, could this be the answer to your skin issues?

See a 7-Inch Tail on a Teenager!

The Doctors discuss the case of a teenager with the longest recorded human tail. The panel explains why this individual developed this appendage.

Man Gets Excess Skin Removed after Losing 400 Pounds!

Darin lost a mind-blowing 400 pounds and he returns to The Doctors after seeing plastic surgeons Dr. Kelly Killeen, Dr. Lisa Cassileth, Dr. Ben Talei and Dr. Heather Richardson who helped transform his body.

See Man’s Stunning Transformation After 400-Pound Weight Loss

Darin joins The Doctors to show off his amazing body transformation performed by plastic surgeons Dr. Kelly Killeen, Dr. Lisa Cassileth, Dr. Ben Talei and Dr. Heather Richardson.

Darin’s Unexpected Mental Transformation after Major Weight Loss and Skin Removal

After his stunning weight loss, Darin shares that he also experienced a mental transformation and The Doctors surprise him with continued help on his physical and emotional journey.

Are People in Long-Term Partnerships Less Likely to Die of Skin Cancer?

The Doctors discuss how married and long-term couples are less likely to develop melanoma compared to those who are single.

Woman Spends $50K to Look like Animated Character?

A woman spent $50,000 on cosmetic surgery in order for her to look like the animated character Jessica Rabbit, but what do The Doctors think of this dramatic and costly transformation?

The Emotional Toll of a Major Weight Loss

After losing a major amount of weight, Erika shares with The Doctors how her transformation also affected her emotions. Plus, psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow offers to help Erika on her journey.

Woman’s Amazing Skin Removal Surgery after Losing 220 Pounds!

After dropping an amazing 220 pounds (and a bad relationship!), Erika undergoes skin removal surgery with plastic surgeon Dr. Emil Kohan.

Woman Pleads with Drs: Help - I Hate My Nose!

Veronique does not like her nose and feels it reminds her of her father, who she does not have a good relationship with. She desperately wants it to change. Is there anything The Doctors can do to help her?

Can You Floss Away Blackheads?

The Doctors examine a viral beauty trend of using floss to remove blackheads, but is it a beauty buzz or a bust?

How to Whip Your Skin into Shape!

The Doctors welcome Olay principal scientist Dr. Frauke Neuser who shares advice with viewer Marnae, who is concerned about her oily, shiny skin and is looking for a moisturizer.

Woman’s Pimple Turns Out to Be Cancer

Cailin thought she simply had a pimple, but it turned out to be skin cancer. After being left with a large hole in her nose, plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi helped reconstruct the damage.

How Woman’s Nose Was Reconstructed After Skin Cancer

How Woman’s Nose Was Reconstructed after Skin Cancer

Armpit Detox: It Is Possible to Eliminate Toxins from Your Pits?

The Doctors weigh in on claims you can detox your armpits. Plus, should take an “armpit holiday” from time to time?

Your Allergy and Toenail Fungus Questions Answered

The Doctors answer viewer quick-fire questions on allergies and how to deal with yellow toenails.

Medical Tourism Victims Share Their Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Jessica, Loren, Monee, and Brittney were enticed by the promise of inexpensive plastic surgery procedures in Mexico.

How to Avoid a Plastic Surgery Nightmare Abroad?

The Doctors and senior investigative reporter Leslie Marcus share how to research doctors and surgery centers in Mexico and other countries.

Botched Beauty Across the Border

The Doctors and senior investigative reporter Leslie Marcus examine underground plastic surgery taking place in Mexico and reveal how social media is being used to target potential patients.

The Emotional and Financial Consequences of Surgery at an Unaccredited Clinic

Kriss tells The Doctors and senior investigative reporter Leslie Marcus how she was lured into getting a Brazilin butt lift at a surgery clinic in Mexico and details its lasting effects on her body and soul.

How the Body Reacts to a Brazilian Butt Lift

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sej Patel discusses how the body is affected after receiving a fat transfer during a Brazilian Butt Lift. Plus, Dr. Patel shares his advice for people considering the popular procedure.

The Possible Dangers of a Brazilian Butt Lift

The Doctors are joined by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sej Patel, who discusses the risks of undergoing a plastic surgery procedure like a Brazilin Butt Lift.