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Breanna's Challenge: Going For Gold

August 29th was the opening ceremony for the 2012 Paralympic Games. It marks the biggest on record! We'll introduce you to one young lady who won't let her disabilities affect her ability in and out of the swimming pool. You've got to see this little girl to believe her.

A Cure for Baldness

It's an inherited condition affecting hundreds of millions of people: 80 percent of men and 20 percent of women suffer from hair loss in their lifetimes. But have scientists finally found a cure? Recent reports claim that a cure for baldness could be on sale in just two years.

How to Fight Fat By Changing Your Body

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how you can help fight fat by changing your body and changing your genes.

Molluscum Contagiosum

Learn the various treatments for a common and contagious skin condition known as molluscum contagiosum.

New Study Says Free Birth Control Lowers U.S. Abortion Rates

A new study by Washington University in St. Louis concluded that offering free contraception to women will result in both fewer pregnancies and abortions.

Kids Say No Thanks In The Lunch Line

Children across the nation are protesting the new healthy food in their school's lunch line. Now Republicans are trying to save them with a 'No Hungry Kids Act.' Is that the solution? Nancy discusses with guests JoAnne Hammermaster, Keri Wilmot, Tod Howard and Jessica Donze Black.

High Blood Pressure May Affect Babies' IQ

A new study gives moms-to-be another important reason to keep their blood pressure in check. Baby's I.Q. might be at risk.

Angelina Jolie's Surprising Stretch Mark Solution

What does actress Angelina Jolie allegedly use to erase pregnancy stretch marks? Find out.

Devices That Can Help Someone's Eyesight

Here are a few items to help the eyes function at their full capacity.

Marlee Matlin on Motherhood

Oscar-winning actress and national spokesperson for closed captioning, Marlee Matlin, became deaf at 18 months old, but didn't let her lack of hearing slow her down. She and her interpreter of 27 years, Jack Jason, join The Doctors to talk about life as a soccer mom to four kids, her number one show, Switched at Birth, and a non-profit organization called Dogs for the Deaf.

Is There Hope For Dope? - Can Legalizing Pot Help Boost The Economy?

Will legalizing and taxing marijuana kill drug cartel incentives and boost the economy? Author Doug Fine thinks the U.S. should take a page out of the Prohibition book. Guests Kevin Sabet, Leah Maurer, Lou Savelli, and Doug Fine join the discussion.

How Fight or Flight Response Affects the Body

Lauren Kornacki from Glen Allen, Virginia, exhibited superhuman strength when her father became pinned underneath a car. She was miraculously able to lift the car off his trapped body, drag him out, and resuscitate him with CPR. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how the body's fight or flight response can trigger remarkable physical power.

"Go Red for Women" PSA with Elizabeth Banks

Watch a PSA with actress Elizabeth Banks for the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign.

Shame On You, Mom! - To Tackle Child Obesity End Parental Obesity

Dr. Claire McCarthy argues that shaming parents into fighting childhood obesity is a necessary evil. Should the battle against childhood obesity start with parents? Guests Anjali Varma, Dr. Claire McCarthy, Dawn Lerman, Katie Hurley, Nick Preto, and Toni Preto join the discussion.

What You Can Do About Parenting - Dr. Connie Mariano - HER Health Minute

Former White House Doctor, Dr. Connie Mariano, returns to share some simple parenting tactics for parents who need advice about parenting.

New Study Sees Vitamin A as a Cancer Cure

Study on Vitamin A as Cancer Cure from University of York. Vitamin A holds the ability to control the malignant cells and hence could cure several forms of cancer. The experts found that the cancer cells are under control of a derivative of the vitamin and it is known as retinoic acid.

How to Prevent HPV Infection

Dr. Connie Returns in this video to share with you some great tips and advice about what you can do about HPV, the human papillomavirus. Take a look!

What You Need To Know About Cervical Cancer - HER Health Minute - Dr. Connie Mariano

Dr. Connie is back to share with you some tips and advice about what you should know about cervical cancer. Watch the video to find out!

Why Some Ladies Lose Their Locks

Balding -- It's not just for men! 25 million women are losing their hair. We tell you the top reasons and how to fight it.

Digital Mammography Seen as Superior Cancer Screening

Is digital mammography better than screen film mammography for detecting breast cancer?

Being A Male Anorexic

Janet discusses the pain and problems of having been both male and anorexic with guest Matt Wetsel.

Dealing With Grandma's Anorexia

Janet discusses the pain and problems of having an anorexic grandmother with guest Claire Glass.

Elder Anorexia - Eating Disorders Aren't Just Youthful

From 2001 until 2010, the rate of eating disorders among the middle-aged increased by 42 percent. Anorexia isn't just a problem amongst young teen girls anymore. Janet discusses with guests Dr. Kim Dennis, Claire Glass, Matt Wetsel and Laura Discipio.

How an ER Surgeon Analyzes Abdominal Pains

Stomach pains could signal a number of ailments, including appendicitis. E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork performs an abdominal exam on Ashley.

Appendicitis Explained

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains the function of the appendix and what can happen if it ruptures.

Permanent Ingrown Toenail Solution

Sarah says she's been dealing with an ingrown toenail for years and podiatrist Dr. Philip Radovic performs a matrixectomy, a permanent solution that involves removing the offending nail cells. Watch the procedure in action.

What Made You Start Going To Therapy - HER Health Expert - Marilyn Murray

Internationally Recognized Psychotherapist, Theorist, Educator, and Author, Marilyn Murray shares with Michelle King Robson what it was that made her decide to start going to therapy.

Difference Between Trauma And Emotional Abuse - HER Health Minute - Marilyn Murray

Internationally Recognized Psychotherapist, Theorist, Educator, and Author, Marilyn Murray, shares the differences between trauma and emotional abuse.

Can Trauma And Abuse Be Passed On To Future Generations - HER Health Expert - Marilyn Murray

Internationally Recognized Psychotherapist, Theorist, Educator, and Author, Marilyn Murray discusses whether or not trauma and abuse can be passed on to future generations.

How Are You Bringing Emotional Health Studies To Countries Abroad - HER Health Expert - Marilyn Murray

Internationally Recognized Psychotherapist, Theorist, Educator, and Author, Marilyn Murray shares how she is bringing the field of emotional health studies to countries around the world.