When it comes to food allergies and weight gain, there's been increasing attention in recent years to the fact that some people who're overweight may be able to trace the problem back to the way their bodies respond to certain foods they eat.

A 2007 study published in The Journal of the American Diabetes Association explains that when people eat foods that cause an immune system response, this can set off a chain reaction.

How It Works

First, the presence of this food triggers the immune system to respond by creating widespread inflammation. This can then lead to insulin resistance, which prompts the body to store fat. Furthermore, eating foods that are high in sugar and fat and taking certain medications can also exasperate the problem.

Eliminate Food Allergens

Researchers point out that rather than cutting calories to counteract these negative effects, you may need to limit the allergens that had prompted the initial reaction instead. The results of eliminating foods that prompt an allergic reaction may be so effective that you can even overcome obesity and also prevent some other related health risks in the process.

Eliminating allergens seems to work, according to the results of a study that appeared in the Middle East Journal of Family Medicine in April of 2009. In this effort, scientists further explored the effects of eliminating foods that produce immune system sensitivity among obese participants. A total of 27 people who are considered overweight took part and avoided foods that caused an immune system reaction, as measured by a blood test. In the three-month study, participants averaged a weight loss of 37 pounds and a 30 percent decrease in body fat. The researchers say that this is indeed significant, and the findings offer great hope for a variety of metabolic conditions.

What You Can Do

If you think that food allergies are affecting your weight, you may want to see an allergist to explore what things could be triggering the response. Eliminating potential allergens could help you lose those extra pounds.

In addition to rethinking your diet, experts recommend also eating a balanced meal plan. Get plenty of rest and exercise regularly for the best overall health effects.




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