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11 Natural and Homeopathic Ways to Relieve Diarrhea

Sure, you can reach for pink bismuth, the old standby. But if you're interested in a different approach, keep reading. When diarrhea strikes, you may want to explore some of the natural remedies on the market today. There are a variety of options sold in health food stores, grocery stores, and online that can help you to manage the worst of the discomfort. "But in order...

Which Is Better: Bagged Greens or Bulk?

While some people prefer their spinach or kale unbagged and straight from the ground, others go for the triple-washed, pre-cut types packaged for everyday convenience. Both have their pros and cons. What's the best way to buy leafy green vegetables like lettuce, spinach and kale? While some people prefer their greens unbagged and straight from the ground, others go for the triple-washed, pre-cut brands packaged for everyday convenience. Both have their pros and cons.

Rice With a Side of Arsenic

A new study finds carcinogens in rice. Is there enough detected to cause widespread concern? Consumer Reports tested rice products and found that more than five dozen rice and rice products contained some level of inorganic arsenic—a carcinogen, according to Reuters. "The risks associated with long-term exposure to high levels of arsenic include higher rates of some cancers and heart disease," explains Alison Massey, RD, CDE, of Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore.

Are You at Risk for Histamine Poisoning?

You've heard of histamine when it comes to allergies, but did you know it can also play a role in food poisoning? There are two ways to get histamine poisoning: Histamine toxicity, (or scombroid poisoning) food poisoning caused by an excess of histamine through improper food handling or spoilage, and an allergy to histamine, which causes a mast cell reaction releases histamine and sparks your symptoms.

Taking Your Child to the Hospital?

Care for your child with confidence with these 10 tips. Taking your child to the hospital for treatment can be a confusing and emotionally taxing experience. And as a parent, you're required to serve a dual role, as both loving family member and patient advocate. "Parents are an integral part of their child's health-care team, even in the hospital," says Karen Bergan, parent leader and chairwoman of the Family Advisory Council at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Is It a Super Tonic?

Do you suffer from sinus troubles? Dandruff? Sore throat? Diarrhea? Apple cider vinegar could alleviate all of these conditions. Often used in salad dressings, apple cider vinegar could also be of use to you as a natural remedy. It is reported to help ease a sore throat, relieve sinus congestion, calm intestinal troubles, and rid your scalp of dandruff. Also, if you have diabetes, apple cider vinegar could even help keep your blood sugar balanced.

The Best Way to Store Groceries at Home

Learn how to keep the food you buy fresh and safe to eat. If your kitchen cabinets hold cans dating back to the last century and your freezer is home to unrecognizable lumps of ice-coated leftovers, you may be due for a crash course on food storage. Knowing where and how to store food is tricky. Some produce thrives in the refrigerator, while other types wilt and lose flavor.

What You Should Know About Food Expiration Dates

Should you throw out a container of yogurt if you notice that the date on the package is a few days beyond the date you're planning on eating it? Well, it all depends on these factors. You take a container of yogurt from your refrigerator and notice that the date on the package is a few days beyond the date you're planning on eating it. Should you throw it out? Well, it all depends on the type of date stamped on the container and how well the product was handled, according to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Food Poisoning is on the Rise

Because society depends so heavily on mass food production, we have less insight into our food and how it was handled before it ended up on our plate. Unfortunately, less attention to these rules is resulting in an increase in food poisoning cases. Since we've moved from an agricultural society to a commercial one, we have moved further from harvesting our own food products to relying on mass production to feed our families. And that means we have less insight into what we're eating. The agents that can cause food poisoning are almost too many to count.

How to Prevent Food Poisoning from Ruining Your Barbecue

Read these tips on how to prevent food poisoning from ruining your barbecue. Find out how these precautions can help you avoid food borne illnesses. Eating outdoors as the weather heats up is one of the hallmarks of summertime activity, but before you fire up your barbecue grill or send out invitations to the family picnic, there are some precautions you should take to avoid a common occurrence: food poisoning.

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