Top 10 Asthma-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Trying to find the perfect gift for someone who suffers from asthma? Many popular items can be off limits, since things like stuffed animals, clothing, food and scented candles can actually be asthma triggers. But that doesn't mean you have to forego giving this year.

Asthma-Friendly Products

Check out the below suggestions for some asthma friendly products that your recipient is sure to appreciate.

1.  Select a cuddly asthma friendly stuffed animal. While traditional stuffed animals collect dust mites, some companies make hypoallergenic versions that can be easily washed and are a safer alternative for asthmatics.

2.  Give a gold fish or two. While many pets are a "no" for people who suffer from asthma, gold fish or other reptiles can be good choices that are unlikely to trigger a reaction.

3. Select a gift certificate to a clothing store or restaurant. This asthma friendly product's a great way to let an asthmatic select something she'll love that won't cause wheezing and is sure to be a perfect fit.

4. Invest in some asthma friendly products for the home, such as a hypoallergenic mattress pad, air purifier or asthma safe bedding. These practical items are sure to be put to good use.

5. Consider selecting a beautiful accessory like a purse, wallet or piece of hypoallergenic jewelry. This is a good alternative to clothing, and is a better choice to avoid the risk of causing allergies and related asthma symptoms.

6. Give a donation to a charitable organization. This can be a meaningful gift for your recipient and at the same time, can also be a great way to support a worthwhile cause.

7. Choose from the array of small electronic items you can find today at a variety of price points. Asthma friendly products like a cell-phone, iPod, portable CD player, mini-computer or electronic personal planner can be very practical choices that are sure to please most people. Or, opt for A CD or DVD carefully selected for your recipient's taste. Any of these choices will likely be very well received.

8. Cooking utensils and other serving pieces such as bowls, platters and silverware can be creative options to give instead of food. This can be particularly welcomed by an asthmatic, since if she suffers from food allergies, she may avoid eating out and prefer to cook most of her meals at home.

9. Passes to a local cinema can be a perfect choice for asthmatics of all ages. Or, if you prefer, send a membership to an online movie rental service so that your recipient can stay current with the latest releases from the comfort of home.

10. Give a subscription to a magazine that appeals to the asthmatic's personal interests. This great gift keeps on giving throughout the year.




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